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  1. Bloody hell I remember that place when I was a kid!! Didn’t think it was still going lol... do you ever go that ex site? That looks ok too.. on daddy day care duty today so I’m gona dog out my old paintball gear and get rid put it towards a kit... will post a photo of my mask so you can review it lol... are there any local Facebook groups I can’t find any on there? Do you ever go to any events like that handstands one?? That looks like a right laugh..
  2. That would be an EVIL machine!! Cheers man.. ive looked on you tube etc and most say to get some ex army goggles as they’re designed not to fog or your dead basically... ill see see what the crack is first I reckon... are te there any surplus stores you’d recommend? As the one in Colwyn bay near me is a bit pricey for what he’s got...
  3. Impala nice, low rider? Garage full of bikes ain’t bad, I ain’t even got a garage lol didnt realise you you can get them for real glasses?? Thats handy I have to wear glasses for driving... ill have a look look into that maybe in future... im going to message them and try get to the one on the 15th..
  4. Oh yes definitely proper custom cars that red 32 roadster does a quarter mile faster than a Bugatti... rapid... How often do they play at shock n awe? Did pop in today but they weren’t open... What sort of stuff would you recommend for face protection? I’m deffo gona hire first so I can get my number... I would wear my paintball mask but I’d rather not get ripped for it, I’m a wife enough target as it is lol...
  5. Nor me lol!! Proper custom cars big block Chevys etc... muscle deffo... there’s no substitute for cubic inches!! Id kill myself on a 2 wheeler deffo... want to build a low but long trike but with a black bird or hyabusa engine so I can tear up when I need to... my lads add slightly autistic but loves his shit like modern warfare etc so just want to get him and me out for a bit of man time... deffo be up for coming it’d be a good crack I reckon... That’s not mine it’s my step dads... beast that is...
  6. Haha no nudes though!?!? 😉 i havent got any planning on buiding a trike as i cant be assed doing full licence... been around custom cars and bikes all my life though.... so im probably better off using the hire stuff before I buy a gun then? the start of a beautiful friendship lol 😂
  7. True lol... how owe do I get the licence so I ain’t got to have a blue weapon? When do do they play next? What bikes you got?
  8. Does that mean we can eat ice cream instead of playing??? Need to lose weight not put it on lol Old codger roofer... 39 lol... shock n awe where’s that?
  9. Hey pal... were planning on on going to the Alpha 55 site soon we’re just trying to sort when my step sons off so we can book it... deffo a newbie lol... I’ve done airsoft years ago (I am an old codger now lol) need a hobby n got no garage to build a motorbike in lol... were based in Llandudno. great site this to be fair..
  10. Hi there are there any teams in North Wales my step son and I could tag along with I’m an ex paintballer (many moons ago) he’s slightly autistic and I want to get him into a good hobby we can do together..!! Cheers..
  11. Evening all... I’m an ex paintballer looking at getting into airsoft... are there any clubs or teams around north wales area that my step son and I can tag along with until we get into it properly....🤡

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      Create a new topic in the New Players section for wider audience and better responses https://airsoft-forums.uk/forum/11-new-players-amp-arrivals/

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      Viper Hunter

      Cheers pal.. 👍

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