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  1. Anyone have any suggestions. All three of my kwa vector gas mags seems to be leaking on every shot I take. Now I’ve had to change the cylinder to the carbon fiver printed on due to my original one breaking so unsure if it’s that, that is causing the leak if it’s not sealing correctly to the top of the mag or if it’s the top rubber on the mag that is causing the leak. I’ve just recently bought all new O rings for all of my mags and changed then ruling out the O rings but I’m now at a lose and if I can’t solve it, I’ll probably just have to retire my vector.
  2. This is the gas I use and I put a couple drops of silicon oil in the top before filling
  3. Ok well I glued it reassembled it and it works again but little bit sceptical about how long it will last so might switch it out when that 3D printing one arrives on Monday. And then look at changing from straight propane to green gas
  4. Going to try and plastic weld it now to see if that solves it. I did order that 3D printed one as well. Cheers for all of the help as well
  5. Managed to take it apart. Novice for this so question does it look like it can be salvaged? I run it on propane and it has silicon oil put on the gas bit every 6-8 refills but I honestly don’t know what he did when he borrowed it if he followed my instructions or not so don’t know if he let the gas run dry without the oil or not. I suspect he let it run dry
  6. Photos of what happened to my vector
  7. yeah was pretty upset when my mate broke it, making him feel super guilty hahaha, the white vectors on the early post look mint - been wanting to do like a digital camo pain job on mine for ages just need to get an air brush
  8. sweet doesn't sound to hard, will defiantly look into getting one when this new GBB cylinder comes. scoured through my emails to find out how long I've had the KWA Vector and I got it back in july 2013 😮
  9. yeah that on, looks amazing, feel like I need it for my gun once I fix it lol
  10. quick question, been reading through this topic and I like the look of the Krytac square shape suppressor now my question is will this fit and work on my Gas KWA Vector??
  11. ohh right ok, just checked out the crazy jet one and it sounds pretty great upgrade
  12. oh that is a bit of a down side having the hop fixed then, what do you mean by standard barrels? is that to be able to extend the front of the vector then as well as adding thinks like silencers?
  13. stupid question but what does the upgraded hope do? ive got my hop set up pretty bang on with good range and accuracy, does the upgraded one help improve the range or accuracy
  14. do you guys have any suggestions for parts that are worth getting just to upgrade it and help the gun, im pretty happy with it as it is but im keen to improve it just hard to find any parts for them
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