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  1. wing

    GHK G5

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    Used CQB for half a year, gun works perfectly; 4 mags working+ 1 mag lack of feed lip T1 style aim sight AFG grip Nuprol NX600 short version with element rail pressure pad GHK 12 inch kit without the inner barrel and one rail cover A brand new red gas Nice CQB chosen Winter Red gas: 340-350 (CQB site) Very accuracy


    Leicester, Leicestershire - GB

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    Fully upgrade TM with a pistol case SAI slide/lower/trigger maple leaf hopup guarder enhance spring guide and orginal one inclunding a new trigger very accurate Around 310fps with red gas at indoor site in winter 5 mags, 2 working 200 including PP or swap It's cheap enough to get it, so no offer. And the pistol is sold as a set. No separeate.


  3. Cheers. I do agree what you are saying. However, I feel its accuracy is quite good. I would like pay more attention on ROF, because I played in the indoor/CQB site mostly which means ROF is quite important to me. I don't need ROF like laser gun. Ideally, I wish it could have faster response when I pull the trigger. I did more researches today. So I may find a tech to upgrade the HT motor for me. If it need, I will change lower ratio gears too. Anyway, it is very helpful. I will take your advice and try not to focus too much on ROF.
  4. Hi, all! I jumped into airsoft guns three months ago. I apologize for my questions in advance, if they are kind of stupid questions. I am trying to figure out how to upgrade my rate of fire. Currently, I am useing 7.4V lipo battery and SHS high torque long motor. I am not satisfied with the rate. So I want to upgrade it. I google it and read a lot. But it is still diffcult for me to figure out the connection of upgrading part. Generally, first step will be buy a 11.1v battery which will be the easiest way to increase the rate. However, in partol base website, I thought they are trying to say that using 11.1v battery may cause damage. Higher volt may be a reason to increase afford of motor. But I feel that it is seemed like the MOSFET is not so compulsory to control. So I don't know it is good to buy 11.1v battery for direct use or not. Then, getting a new high speed motor is a good way. This may be the most simple way too? Because except battery and motor, next step will be get new gears. I think if only upgrade gears which may lead to shoot twice under the single shoot mode. So gears will be considered in the end. I am wondering do you have any recommend high speed motor? I hope it can use on M110 spring. And the price may be around £40. I am trying to do researches by my own. Except gears, I could do rest of things by my own. So I don't want to find tech to do this for me. I think it is the best way to upgrade by myself for future consideration. Cheers!
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    ICS M4 metal AFG grip Daniel defence 9 suppressor(metal) Update gear box very strong One more gear box(missing tappet only) New hopup from firesupport Walther torch very bright PEQ15 with laser 7.4V battery x2 (one is new) 5 mags 3 flash mag Gun Bag Nice ACGO with red dot not cheap replica SHS motor 2 bottle BB 0.2 included Very accuracy/0.2g 325Fps work perfectly One for all. You don't need buy anything except you want to upgrade In total £230 Accept swap or resonable offer


  6. wing

    3M peltor XPI

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    Nice headphone good condition Have perfect experince with it £185 with PP


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    Looking for VFC 416 or TM M4 MWS GBB. Only play GBB.



  8. wing

    Umarex Walther PPQ

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    £120 includesPostThis includes PPQ(metal),3mags(2xgreen gas and 1 x co2), a nice case, silencer, and PPQ holster.All working, pretty accurate and nice trigger touch and grip. Response quickly. Nice pistol. No leaking mags. Shoot around 600 BBS in the garden. Silencer is a decoration, look nice through. Sell it for TMP226, looking for swaping TM P226 or other gas pistol from Marui. Any question plz ask.


    Leicester, Leicestershire

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