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  1. https://www.rapidrcmodels.com/skyrc--imax-b6-chargerdischarger-1-6-cells-genuine-2620-p.asp https://www.nitrotek.co.uk/skyrc-imax-b6ac-rapid-digital-li-po-and-nimh-battery-charger.html or mini version? https://www.electricwingman.com/imax-b6-mini-charger
  2. There's also sabotage at swanbourne, freindly smaller site no problems being on your own. game days are getting less frequent though, next games not till the end of november and it's a night game so probably not ideal as a first game.
  3. Have you tried plugging the card into the battery then the Fet to the card?
  4. Says first line of the description that it's VFC manufactured, but the older version was as well, and had mosfet.
  5. should be a cap screwed into the muzzle end of the barrel, to be replaced by ...https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-701-702-silencer-adaptor-14mm-ccw
  6. What makes Titan batteries safer than any other make of battery? tehy seem to carry the same safety warnings as any other Lithium ion battery. As for disabling Lipo protection, why? https://www.gettitanpower.com/pages/lithium-ion-safety
  7. Do you mean that with it disassembled you can see that it doesn't move physically or that no matter how you adjust it doesn't affect the hop up on the BB?
  8. on my Mb03 (vsr10 ish) I just screwed it all the way in and then backed it off till the bottom screw aligned with the cut out and nipped the top and bottom screws up, not too tight or they'll strip. it leaves it slightly wobbly but when it's bolted into the stock it's totally solid.
  9. The legislation makes no mention of the permanance of the modification though.
  10. What gun? what battery? what charger?
  11. I feel the sentiment, but surely giving out wrong information to genuine questions isn't the way forward.
  12. Well it's not going to be totally stock when I first use it, barrel alignment is absolute gash so I got some barrel spacers ordered. When I take it out I'll look at the hop unit as I've heard of uneven hop arms causing swerving off. really not looking to put any more cash in yet or i'd probably just drop a Hop unit and barrel in it. the trouble is where does it end? just being left with the original reciever I suppose lol.
  13. Why does the same defence that allows retailers to sell RIFs (contrary to section 36 of the VCRA) not allow individuals to modify IFs (contrary to section 36 of the VCRA)
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