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  1. Just put a thread pitch gauge on a WE pistol with internal threads and its 11x1, i would assume that's the thread the adapters are for.
  2. Finally, the Hero we deserve...
  3. google "exhaust expander", kits are available for about 20 quid, will need to be very careful in its use though, just enough pressure to straighten the pipe without stretching it or damaging threads etc . It's how i get dings exactly like that one out of roughly handled new exhausts.
  4. There are web pages that can translate text in images, try googling for one of those.
  5. If you pull the bolt back again because it didn't catch you'll load another BB, the bb feed happens close to the start of the bolt cycle, fix problem 2 and 3 will go as well. Problem 1, tune the gun/ spring to the BB weight you intend to use, not .2 for chrono, you're opponents will thank you.
  6. I don't think it's academy, I had one years ago and it had a quite obvious battery door in the bottom of the front handguard, they could have changed that though I suppose.
  7. It's the standard connection for Lipos, you won't need a seperate cable with any lipo charger
  8. I play alot of regular multiplayer but no warzone, but I'd be up for it with a squad Xbox player (keyboard and mouse though) "Herp3ze"
  9. That site also clearly states that you do not need to be 18 to purchase, Even the grafiti version of their blasters are no less IF's than a bright blue scar, if it comes down to it I wouldn't expect these to survive anything that gaets airsoft completely banned. Which body is responsible for enforcing the ruls with regarg to IF/RIF sales rules?
  10. I'm confused by some of these, how is this not covered by the same rules as an airsoft P90? https://gelsoft.co.uk/gelsoft-p90x-56/gelsoft-p90x.html
  11. So you're not into airsoft skirmishing? that being the case you'll not have a UKARA number i assume. While it's not illegal to own a realistic replica, it is illegal to sell someone one without a valid defense (which is pretty much using it for airsoft skirmishing) which UKARA number will confirm to the retailer. you'll have a really hard time buying without one or some other form of proof you're a skirmisher. Maybe consider an Air pistol version instead CO2 powered firing .177 metal bb or pellets, they look just as realistic and aren't regulated the same way. just be 18 and buy it from a shop, fine for looking real and practice on private land as long as you don't intend to shoot people with it.
  12. measure the rsistance on the link wire (in the top part) look at the resistance on the black wire, then see what it is on the red wire ( unplug the wire and probe each end of the wires), with the little fuse holder in, see if there's a difference. if your Mosfet has current protection built in at may be possible to run without the fuse (rewire with no fuse holder) if thats looking ok, try checking across the plug where the two wiring section join (connect the plug and probe into the back of both plugs) to see if ther'es a problem there if there is, rewire with deans connectors.
  13. There's a fuse in that top wiring section, is it ok?
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