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  1. on my Mb03 (vsr10 ish) I just screwed it all the way in and then backed it off till the bottom screw aligned with the cut out and nipped the top and bottom screws up, not too tight or they'll strip. it leaves it slightly wobbly but when it's bolted into the stock it's totally solid.
  2. The legislation makes no mention of the permanance of the modification though.
  3. What gun? what battery? what charger?
  4. I feel the sentiment, but surely giving out wrong information to genuine questions isn't the way forward.
  5. Well it's not going to be totally stock when I first use it, barrel alignment is absolute gash so I got some barrel spacers ordered. When I take it out I'll look at the hop unit as I've heard of uneven hop arms causing swerving off. really not looking to put any more cash in yet or i'd probably just drop a Hop unit and barrel in it. the trouble is where does it end? just being left with the original reciever I suppose lol.
  6. Why does the same defence that allows retailers to sell RIFs (contrary to section 36 of the VCRA) not allow individuals to modify IFs (contrary to section 36 of the VCRA)
  7. Short or long beeps? 2 Short indicates a high current fault, check the motor connection again in case it's shorting out on something
  8. I'm not expecting much, that's why I've gone with such a cheap gun. I want to make sure I even want to use a sniper rifle before I put any real money down. The MB03 seemed to offer a decent platform for Improvement at reasonable costs as I do like to fettle.
  9. Needs a UMP Although He doesn't seem to be looking through it
  10. Some tubes come with the blanking plate included, or they are available seperately, something like this Sling plate Assuming that the ARP9 takes "standard" M4 upograde parts
  11. Thanks, I think I'll start on some .36
  12. I Just ordered an MB03to try sniping, I'll be looking to upgrade it if I get on with it but I'd like to play a few games before I sink any money into it and see what needs improving first. I know the standard advice is heavy .4+ gramme bbs for powerful c500fps guns, but does that hold for standard guns (from what I have found it should be shooting 400fps ish) Minimum engagement distance at the site is 30m if thats influencial.
  13. Played a full day, with these (newer type with the fan in the side cross ventilating), hot humid and sweaty and they didn't fog once. I have a big head so didn't notice any strap problems.
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