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  1. There's about a £80 difference here, so is it worth paying that and getting the Krytac ? Can't go wrong with G&G i.e. you get what you pay for, but Krytac looks really good.... Thoughts anyone ?
  2. I have a raider 2 also. Good starter rifle for CQB. I use a 9.6V 1600mAh Ni-MH Crane Stock Battery, also used a 7.4V Lipo. Try Patrolbase, they have great customer service, but there are many others...
  3. Thanks, I did mean 0.5amps btw. I’ll use 1.5amp going forward. Appreciate the guidance.
  4. I have bought a couple 9.6V NIMH batteries and have a NUPROL smart charger. The Battery rating is 9.6V 1600mA. I set the current charge limit to .05A , however the voltage of the battery goes up to 11.4 V when finished charging, and as a result is causing issues on my Airsoft Rifle, which requires a 9.6V Battery. I have tried this with two batteries and I get the same issue... Question : Surely the number of cells for the battery limits the ultimate battery voltage ? Question: Are both these batteries no good, as I can discharge them on the smart charger, but I do I set a voltage limit Question: what could I being doing wrong ? I also have a 7.4V LIPO for another rifle, which I have no charged yet, but am concerned if I use a smart charger (this charger is a NUPROL NP60W Smart and works with LiPo, NiMh and is selectable as to battery type and charge current etc.) that I damage or over charge another battery... I presume the fact the 9.6V battery has 8 cells, the maximum voltage would be the limit... Any ideas what could be happening ? Should I get a charger just for NiMh and another for LiPo ? Help as I feel I am wasting these batteries......
  5. I have a new ICS L85 which I am really pleased with. It comes with 2 x ICS High cap mags, but I am looking for mid caps. Anyone got an ICS L85 and know what brand of Mid Cap actually fits and works. I here many M4 Mags just won't fit properly, so need advice from someone who actually has an ICS L85. Thanks
  6. Hi folks, new to airsoft and looking at a starter rifle. Done a bit of research on both Rilfles and online stores in UK. Any advise on which of the above would be best.... I read G&G are pretty good, but the Bulldog ST Delta M also look good and around the same price point. Looking at Patrolbase but they don;t appear to have either anyway.,... guidance appreciated as to choice of "platform" thx
  7. Let me know how you get on fitting this. I have the Daniel defence rail for the ICS and adaptor on order, wondered if you managed to fit ok
  8. I tried tightening but didn’t help. It’s new from Patrol Base , so will give them a call. Thx
  9. Do I need to open the top receiver to access the screw? Or is it accessible from the outside ? btw thanks for replying so quickly, new to forum and Airsoft...
  10. Hi folks, new to the forum, and whilst I just bought an ICS L85 which I will contact the shop about, I thought I would see if this is a common issue and if there was a fix that meant I don’t have to send/ship my rifle back for repair. Seems auto fire works fine, however in semi auto it works for a few shots then starts double firing and finally stops firing. Switching back to full auto kind of resets it, but again in semi auto the same will happen. any ideas how this can happen with a brand new rifle ?
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