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  1. _Piz

    Help! IF came as RIF

    I showed her the VCRA and shes chill now. I guess a win-win? I get a RiF and a happy mother I got a but sick and had to redo my 3 games so i deciede to suck it with a two-tone. Not the best option but i guess i got a RIF in the end xP
  2. _Piz

    Help! IF came as RIF

    She just called me a manipulative lier and had a go at me lmao.
  3. _Piz

    Help! IF came as RIF

    Hallo! I Bought a Classic Army M16A1 a few days ago for my 18th The item came about 30 minutes ago and rather than coming Two-toned it came as a RIF. I do not have a UKARA currently and the airsoft store did not ask me for a valid defense. Also my mother is freaking out thinking that i've broken the law and since shes my taxi for going to games, she is refusing to take me (Because I apprently lied to her about it being a IF). Could you guys tell her the facts about my situation and put her mind at ease? Thanks!
  4. Couple of Things 1. M-1956 Compass/First Aid Pouch 2. US DEET Bug Juice 3. TMC Replica M26 Greande (Bought from ZeroOneAirsoft) I'll post some pictures when they arrive.
  5. _Piz

    Spraying two tone

    Alright, thanks for the clarification
  6. _Piz

    Spraying two tone

    Is it legal for a person WITH a UKARA to respray? Just asking, I've heard conflicting sources.
  7. Hahaha 😂 I would If I could but I'm too busy that weekend. I'll see when the next one is on and then you'll be getting some!
  8. US M-1956 Suspenders with 3x Ammo puches and 1 Canteen for £70 (Already have a M56 Backpack and Canteen, Just need a First Aid Pouch, Flashlight and a M1911 Holster and it will be complete!)
  9. Hey I'm looking for a old school M1911A1 For my Vietnam loadout any brands you could recommend?
  10. Handgaurd, Pistol grip, Butt-stock,Top Cover, Back sights, Compensator, ect.
  11. I was wondering if LCT AKs can take real AK parts? I was planning on buying a LCT AIMS and converting it to a MPi-KMS-72 for my East German Loadout. Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! names Rhys and I'm from North Wales, I've had a huge curiosity with Airsoft (Since one of my friends told me about it) and I'm a big collecter of military memorabilia, mainly cold-war eastern block! I don't own a GBB or a AEG yet (The closest thing i've got is my 22.) so, what guns could you recommend a newbie? I would like a AKMS or AIMS that I could eventually put real furniture on! what brand would be good for adding real parts on? Thank you!
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