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  1. Y E E T Motherboard: MSI Z370 A+ (LGA 1151) Processor: I5 8600K Six Core (3.60Ghz) Graphics Card: MSI GTX 1060 (6GB) Power Supply: Corsair Vengeance CX 750w Moduler Storage: 2x 500GB SSD, 4x 1TB HDD RAM: 2x 8GB Corsair (3200MHz) (DDR4) Storage: 2x 250GB SSD & 2x 750GB HDD OS: Windows 10 Pro Monitor: ACER 22" LED 1440p Keyboard: Some generic Dell Mouse: Roccat Kone XTD (Used for like 7 years)
  2. They look really good, I did debate on it. But it was the price & alleged leaky mags that drove me away.
  3. M16! Well the CA M15A1 (Which is actually based off of the XM16E1, the experimental version of the M16) You can see her bottom right of the first picture.
  4. Here is my 1st Air Cavalry Impression (Circa 69/70). Some stuff is offscreen. Kit List -3rd Pattern Jungle Fatigues -Army Towel -Wellco Jungle Boots -M-69 Flak Jacket -M1 Steel Helmet w/ Mitchell Cover -USGI Leather Gloves -M16/M14 Bandolieer -M-1956 Suspenders & Pistol Belt -2x M-1956 1st Pattern Ammo Pouches -2x M-1956 Canteens with Vietnam Dated Canteens -M-1956 Compass/FFD Pouch with Vietnam Dated Bandage -M-1956 Buttpack -70s NATO Poncho -70s US 7.62x51 Ammo Can -Classic Army M15A1 (XM16E1)
  5. _Piz

    Help! IF came as RIF

    I showed her the VCRA and shes chill now. I guess a win-win? I get a RiF and a happy mother I got a but sick and had to redo my 3 games so i deciede to suck it with a two-tone. Not the best option but i guess i got a RIF in the end xP
  6. _Piz

    Help! IF came as RIF

    She just called me a manipulative lier and had a go at me lmao.
  7. _Piz

    Help! IF came as RIF

    Hallo! I Bought a Classic Army M16A1 a few days ago for my 18th The item came about 30 minutes ago and rather than coming Two-toned it came as a RIF. I do not have a UKARA currently and the airsoft store did not ask me for a valid defense. Also my mother is freaking out thinking that i've broken the law and since shes my taxi for going to games, she is refusing to take me (Because I apprently lied to her about it being a IF). Could you guys tell her the facts about my situation and put her mind at ease? Thanks!
  8. Couple of Things 1. M-1956 Compass/First Aid Pouch 2. US DEET Bug Juice 3. TMC Replica M26 Greande (Bought from ZeroOneAirsoft) I'll post some pictures when they arrive.
  9. _Piz

    Spraying two tone

    Alright, thanks for the clarification
  10. _Piz

    Spraying two tone

    Is it legal for a person WITH a UKARA to respray? Just asking, I've heard conflicting sources.
  11. Hahaha 😂 I would If I could but I'm too busy that weekend. I'll see when the next one is on and then you'll be getting some!
  12. US M-1956 Suspenders with 3x Ammo puches and 1 Canteen for £70 (Already have a M56 Backpack and Canteen, Just need a First Aid Pouch, Flashlight and a M1911 Holster and it will be complete!)
  13. Hey I'm looking for a old school M1911A1 For my Vietnam loadout any brands you could recommend?
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