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  1. Thank you. I know they're not to everyone's taste but I like using them. Thank you to everyone else who has replied as well. Assuming things go well, I'll use some of my old equipment while I get the whole UKARA thing sorted and then go from there!
  2. Thank you for the offer, but I have plenty of airsoft guns to use! I was just looking for information on some of the brands I mentioned!
  3. Hi all. Been thinking about getting back into airsoft for a long time now and while financially it's not viable for me at the moment, it will be eventually. I'm one of those people who researches the heck out of everything and I found myself looking at one or two online airsoft shops. Can someone tell me what happened?! I don't recognise a lot of these brands! I quit airsoft shortly after the Western Arms M4 GBB rifle came out, I'm pretty sure I was one of the first, if not the first in the country to own one. I started WAY before the UKARA membership number was a thing and 99% of the time I stuck to urban airsoft. I used to play at Epsom, run by Elite Action Games. I believe EAG are still around, running a woodland site in Dorking. Lately, I've been looking through some of my old gear which brought back some good memories. I was known at my local site for being sneaky, taking people out from the shadows (hence the name; Snake) and I also used to make a lot of my own gear. Magazine pouches, holsters and even my own footwear (you can stop laughing and/ or looking puzzled now). These memories have been poking around in my head for weeks now, and like I said I can't afford to get back into airsoft at the moment, but perhaps next year I will. But I want to know from current players, what the 'good' brands are. I realise that's a relative term however. I own a few rifles, but my passion was always pistols and sometimes shotguns. Spring and electric always was a no no for me. I enjoy gas weapons too much. The thrill of watching someone spray 45 bbs in the direction they thought I might be in, miss, and then declare "HIT!" when I hit them with one bb always made me smile. For a long time I used a TM MK23, but soon switched to a Tanio Koba VP70. I spent a LOT of time and money doing it up and turned it into a nail driver, and an accurate one at that. I also used a full-stock Marushin M500 gas shotgun, 8mm sometimes. As I look through airsoft online shops though, I keep seeing brands such as G&G, Armourer Works, ASG, EMG (I thought they were a type of guitar pickup?) and while I still see TM, KSC etc, I wanted to know people's thoughts on some of these newer brands. Or are they "new" to me only? My UKARA expired a LONG time ago, but I still have all my old gear and assuming I do indeed get back into this, I need to know what sort of weapons are considered 'affordable', 'average', 'pant wettingly amazing' etc in terms of brand. I always liked quirky guns, and I have what some people would say a 'fetish' for suppressors on GBB's. Yes I know they do nothing. But a suppressor on a fixed barrel is just... mmm. Anyways, cheers for reading! Snake
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