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    TM CQBR EBB. G&G M4 Carbine EBB. WE god of war P99alike GBB and ASG M11
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    Chest rig all the way with Lowa Z8's, Helikon SFU Next trousers + boonie hat + ESS goggles.
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  1. Hello all,

    play in Glasgow at The Worx, and The Depot and trying to get to Hammer 2 Operations hopefully at some point.....!

    1. Rogerborg


      Ahoy.  Are you in at the Depot tomorrow?  I'll be in all tan with a suppressed MP5K.


      Next weekend 27/28th is a 2-day 'Nam-sim-lite at H2O which I'm also booked in for.  I haven't actually tried their new site yet, so will be jumping in at the deep end.  Might be a laugh.

    2. ChristianP



      sorry just checked my messages.  Haha, wasn't at the depot, but hoping to head for at least 1 day of the charity event in August.  Was also hoping to get to the H2O Vietnam sim weekend but i've heard it's been postponed untill September.  I even bought black pyjamas and an NVA pith helmet for it! (and an AK, but it's getting sent back as i'm not that keen on it.)


        The old H20 site when they were affiliated with the depot was the old Scottish Paintball Centre, where I made my bones paintballing back in the day!  The new site looks good from the videos though, and Russel and his marshal's are a nice crowd!


        Hopefully catch you at the depot in August, and thanks for the shout out.



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