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  1. Hey hello everyone, I'm in the process of upgrading my gun, and the question is, when is it worth it to do Rhop? I don't want to use BBs heavier than 0.3/0.32g, barrel not over 410mm, and spring about M130 max. Would I notice performance rise with R hop over normal flat hop? Thanks.
  2. Hmm, I will check it when I get back home, but the fit was pretty tight especially the nub could be tad bigger on the sides.
  3. My hop-up unit and arm photos below, stupidly I havent taken photos of nub and buckin before instaling them in 😕
  4. Hey guys, I just finished my homemade flat hop with a 3D printed arm, eraser nub and modified guarder bucking. All and all, it looked horrible when I put it together, but when I did some test shots, they flew pretty straight without any noticeable side deviation. BUT It seems that I cant fine-tune the bb vertical trajectory, especially at the end of the range. It seems that, either, I have too much hop or too few hop, and also I can see properly what the BBs do after the first half of their flight. Any ideas of what to do?
  5. Just saw this test, they did it with M140 spring with a lot of magazines in series and it hold just fine FYI
  6. Fields and games across the Czech Republic, since we have less strict rules concerning FPS limits. FPS upgrade is done, now going to focus on flat hopping the piece.
  7. So just FYI, I have installed M130 spring (same orion gearbox and edge internals) yesterday evening and so far everything works fine. Didn't have much time to test it properly, but I emptied two magazines in the garden without any problem, even fixed the problem with more than one shot on semi. I'm happy . m130test.mp4
  8. Just quick question is it possible to install on this(his/mine) gun (with x-asr gate mosfet) additional active brake? If yes, where and how.
  9. @Will (Bad Boy) Smith Yeah I know, because that was one thing why I bought the gun, they stated it has an inner barrel measuring 390mm but in reality, it has 340mm, see a picture that I took yesterday. Little bit saddening but nothing holds me back of using silencer and buying a longer barrel if I need to. ps. I dont know the rof unfortunately.
  10. @Will (Bad Boy) Smith I must say that at first I was worried a lot, I thought that it stripped after some minor spring change, but now it seems that the whole box/insides are just weird whatever you do. Hope that I will have more luck thank you. I will try the M130 since the M110 goes just fine only tad too fast on rps with 11.1V battery.
  11. What is the rating fo the spring that you were using when the problems occur? I have Specna Arms Edge SA-E06 and it does about 377 fps with 0.2g BBs on M110 spring. But I want to upgrade it to M130 spring, I don't mind to shorten the life expectancy of stock internals since I planned to replace them for something better anyway. But I don't want it to chew itself up after two games, that would be too bad. Also I hope that M130 spirng will help to lessen the problem I have now with 11.1V batter and M110 spring when the gun sometimes does more that one cycle on semi, just runs too fast.
  12. Hello guys, I just bought Specna Arms Edge series gun, particularly SA-E06. It has M110 base spring and it does about 390fmps(120m/s) with 0.2g BBs. Wich is not tragic but it's way underpowered for my usual field limit at 490fps(150m/s). So I want to definitely upgrade the spring, I know that Specna Arms claim that their gearbox(called Orion, yay) can handle M140 spring but I'm not sure if I should rather settle with M130 wich could do according to my calculations about 450fps(138m/s) or try M140 spring that should yield about 490fps(149m/s) but Im not sure if its worth the risk to stress the gearbox and gears too much and maybe go too hot on fps if the powers scales little more than expected. Thanks for the insight.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for budget red dot sight that I can buy cheaply from china (eBay/Aliexpress), I have done my research and found a few that look promising, but, I would like to get one that was at least tested and proved to be at least functioning in airsoft environment. Is there any sight like that? BTW I was looking for these types of sights:
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