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  1. I would love to help, was trying to get mine to just under 400, but just wouldn't happen with my m120 no matter how good an airseal , I have just put mine away, will just be leaving it at 340FPS, which isn't all bad I can keep full auto🙄, I have started a new project now so won't be opening my M14 till something breaks or I add the MOSFET, if you do manage to get it to a nice 400, I would love to hear about the finale hurdles, sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. The air nozzle arrived and as predicted it is to tight, will be fixing that tonight, has an incredible airseal now, but no movement 😂 will update when Im done, thanks a lot
  3. I definitely could have worded my op better, the compression between the Piston, cylinder and cylinder head are great, I didn't even think about the air nozzle the when I first opened it, but there is a huge airleak from it, I'm hoping with the new one I will no longer have the issue, as I would definitely prefer not to shaving bits off 😂 Link for the air nozzle Bellow https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00AAZCU8U?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image
  4. Thanks for responding, I opened her up and went to the hop up, the bucking looked in good condition don't think I need a replacement, I did put ptfe on it, but this didn't improve the fps by much at all( maybe 10fps), I have decided to order a new air nozzle as the stock one doesn't have an o-ring, when this arrives I will install it, I'm looking to get it shooting as close to 400fps as possible, any information or upgrade ideas would be greatly appreciated,
  5. Hello All, I have had a CYMA M14 for around a year now, have only played with it a couple times as I have too many guns, I decided to crono them all the other day and noticed that it was only firing around 260FPS. Since then I have opened it up, and noticed the Piston had lots of wear, so replaced that, I have also put a new m120 in , cleaned and re lubricated everything, new orings, put her back together and even with the improved airseals I was only seeing 290FPS, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Sadly in in Southampton, and I was looking at getting a mosfet fitted, and found a completly upgraded gearbox, so I'm probably just going to buy that and then I can tinker and learn from the gearbox I already have,
  7. Just going to buy a new gearbox, thanks for the help lads
  8. To be honest mate, I don't have any idea how to take this hop up apart, just looks like solid metal to me. Will try that test tomorrow Forgot to attach I managed to take the hop up unit apart and the bucking looks good to me, no noticable wear on it at all
  9. Yeah feels like 300+fps of air ( compared the air flow to my Tommy gun ), so your thought would be that the hop up is the issue,
  10. The spring was a ASG m100, and the Piston seems fine, pushes all the way and then the spring will push it back fine
  11. I can't see any signs of damage, it was pretty easy to get to the box, the hop up looks good and fits right to the nozzle. The fps was around 230 as I accidentally cut to much of my old spring off. I just did a couple test shots as I put it back together, didn't bother cronoing as I could have caught the bbs they were going so slow. I have just noticed that the Piston (maybe) is not going back where it belongs every time, picture will be below as a picture says 1000 words.
  12. Yeah the spring is the only thing I have touched, it's a quick change system too so I didn't even have to open the gearbox to do it, thanks for taking the time to help me out with this mate
  13. I'm a twat 😂😂 have just put the lower receiver back on and as you said it looks fine, I guess I'm just looking for issues now, as I thought that might be the reason the fps has dropped so rapidly since I put the new spring in, the gun is a Spartan Delta SX18 M4, any ideas on why the fps could have dropped would be amazing, thanks for your help mate
  14. To be honest mate, I'm new with internals, so I could be wrong but is this what you mean??
  15. As you can see in the pictures, the spring will pop up or down, sadly I didn't realize this when I first put the gun back together, it only cronoed at around 150fps, the spring is meant to put out 350fps so I'm hoping this is the issue, as the gun was working fine before hand
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