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  1. Ordered a gun fro them over 3 weeks ago. Asked them where it was and their answer was " check with your customs, it's your job to contact them - you left the EU!!!!!!!!!!!. So now its all our fault. This was follwed by a message," do you have a legal UKARA number? Of course I have, you asked for it before you would sell me the gun. Customer Servie gets 0 out if 10. £500 out of pocket and still no gun 4 weeks later and a company that cant be bothered. You can see that from their reply on Trust pilot.
  2. To clarify from Dealer - do not use lipo, although it will work for a while, eventually it will blow the internal MOSFET. Showed me the manual and an email from manufacturer. The price of a new MOSFET is around the £300 Mark for this model. A 1600 NiMH will fit. So I have 3 in total to last the day. All good brands, no rubbish. So I will stick with what the manufacturer recommends as any damage caused by using a lipo is not covered by warranty.
  3. My SGR12 says ONLY use a NIMH battery - do NOT use lipo batteries. So I can just squeeze a 1600 NiMH battery in the stock. Asked the owner/technician at my site why this was and he said it was to do with the internals and built in MOSFET. Prolonged use of a lipo battery will damage it. Must admit fully charged I get 1 game out of it before a battery change. I'd call that a design fault 🤔
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