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  1. Choppers and trikes are my first love,music and plinking come after.
  2. Cancel that.lol,problem sorted,beginning to get a grip on the tech now.edit I will just verify that the complete jgbar10 cylinder and it's internals are a straight drop in swap for the Cyma 701,quieter too as the JG has an air brake piston.Useful to know as the JG cylinder has a stronger construction at its rear end.😎
  3. Bit of a problem,bought an Action pro spring guide but it doesn't catch the Sears with my standard piston.Am I correct in assuming that I will need an Action pro piston and trigger box now?😗
  4. Hi mate,like Samurai said,do the free mods before spending any cash.I have just done the biro pen nub mod on my Cyma 701 and was amazed at the huge improvement in accuracy plus no more wild flyers too.Well worth the time and effort,good luck.😉
  5. Hi all,as you know I bought a complete my Bar10 cylinder assembly few days ago.Its a good quality cylinder and I thought it would just be a straight drop in swap for my crimped end Cyma cylinder assembly,but,on fitting it theres a slamfire problem that I could only fix by using the Cyma piston,spring,etc inside the JG cylinder.Now don't get me wrong as it's a nice silky smooth docking action and I am quite happy with it,but, I can't understand why the JG internals didn't want to work correctly.The only difference I can see is that the Cyma piston is a slightly different dimension at the rear as apposed to the JG piston.The tech of it all is still newish to me but I would like to try and understand where and why there was a problem,appreciate any advice as I still have a long road ahead of me in the upgrades department,thanks in advance😛
  6. New JG Bar10 complete cylinder assembly on the basis of it's better build. Pair of qd sling mounts
  7. Hello mate,bought a cyma 701 last week and found it very easy to work with as it's a vsr,decent power and ease of getting it to your taste.Lots of upgrades out there for decent money too ,but,do yourself a favour and do all the free mods first.Good luck!
  8. It arrived today,every thing silky smooth in operation,clamped my 3x9x40 Pinty on and within 20 mins was on the mark.Im a very happy chappy today.Now on to the fine tuning.........
  9. Today I bought a Cyma cm701 for £66 from the action hobbies boneyard,nearly new condition.Was looking for a good vsr platform on a budget,so now on to sorting the hop up and scouring the forum tech pages.
  10. I like the designs and tech but in the end its all about pipping the ace in the backyard and keeping the neighbors sweet with the relative low noise of the rifle....must be getting considerate in me old age,eh.
  11. Wow!!Ok looks like it will definately going to my brother now,thanks for the heads up.
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