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  1. The TM at this time,the JG is having quality issues lately from what I've read on the net.Worth giving the Cyma 701 consideration too.Good luck.
  2. Wouldn't be a reverse thread would it?Just a stab in the dark🤔
  3. Ok,will put it another way.....the end cap on a mb02 barrel has a recessed thread .I would like to know if this thread will take a silencer or suppressor?
  4. Hi all,anybody using a suppressor on their mb02?Would like a few recommendations on adaptors and suppressors please.Thank you.
  5. Hi,I had a similar problem on my 701,what I did was put a shim(1mm thick washer) between the inside of the stock and the outer barrel body on the long fixing screw in the mid section of the rifle,worked a treat for me but it may well be something else that another member could help you with.Good luck!!
  6. Postman just delivered a Well mb02 stubby barrel,used from the bay.It looks like brand new,no scratches or marks,happy.Supressor next.
  7. Bought a Well mb03 off my son for £30,I know it's a good in as I sold it him last year and as such hes never used it under orders from his other half,lol.Tinker time again!!
  8. Just had new AA vsr10 receiver in the post today,lovely piece of work and dropped straight in.And yes I did strip a thread in the old one!
  9. Can't fucking stand cliques.

  10. No link,it's gone from the sale now mate.It was a Strike systems 1x40,red/green with 5 levels of dot illumination.Pretty much a standard thing,it was supposed to be about £65,jumped on it for £35 reduced.I can say it oozes a bit more quality than my current Pinty !
  11. First class service from ActionHobbies today,bought a Strike systems red/green dot scope which arrived today advertised as 25mm body but was actually a 30mm body for which I didn't have a mount.Found one on eBay at £6.95 which was great but my bargain wasn't really a bargain if you see what I mean.So got on to AH and within 15 minutes a chap named Paul had offered to refund the cost of the 30mm mount which was totally unexpected!I've used AH for a couple of items now and I think that they deserve some kudos for excellent customer service on their part,well done!!
  12. Hello folks,been a while since I posted.Just want to share what I've ended up with from all the knowledge on this forum. Started by buying a used Cyma701 and swapped out the parts for as follows First thing to go was the cylinder,had seen better days,so I got hold of a JG bar10 cylinder in a clearence sale,swapped the bolt over and it works perfectly,kept the standard spring in. Next up was an Action army stainless spring guide,with the nice bearing supplied. Coupled that up with an Airsoft Pro 45 degree piston.Used this because I'm not needing lots of power in the garden shooting 20 meters maximum. Treated the rifle to an Eagle6 ally hop arm which to no surprise needed some filing down to stop it binding in the hop up unit slot,added a Maple leaf 70 degree hop up rubber and that was it for a few months. Last week I bought a 45 degree trigger unit which turned out to be pretty much garbage so Just used the sears from it along with keeping some springs and relevant stuff.Fitted the sears today and of course it didn't work properly.So,scoured the forum to problem solve and ended up filing the sears,added new springs and polished the usual bits and got it reassembled and said a little prayer to the Airsoft god's..lol. My Cyma is now cocking very smoothly and hitting the target with a vengeance and it's thanks to all the guys who have posted help with tech on this forum.One very happy vsr owner,cheers!!!
  13. Choppers and trikes are my first love,music and plinking come after.
  14. Cancel that.lol,problem sorted,beginning to get a grip on the tech now.edit I will just verify that the complete jgbar10 cylinder and it's internals are a straight drop in swap for the Cyma 701,quieter too as the JG has an air brake piston.Useful to know as the JG cylinder has a stronger construction at its rear end.😎
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