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  1. Ok thanks for the advice ill give it a good clean thanks mate.
  2. Yeah i had one of the tech's local to me take a look at it recently as in before my last game and he put some grease and give it a clean and put a new spring in which did help but am i just being greedy?
  3. yeah its funny you say that as when chrono'd on 0.20g's it is hitting 300 consistently. OK so changing the conversation slightly, what do i need to upgrade in order to get that extra 5-10 meters distance out out of my gun? im currently around 40-50 but my friend has that exra few meters on me on 0.2g's so how do i get to where he is on 0.25g's?
  4. Ok great now at least i understand the difference and applications of them. So you mention that the sweet spot is between 300-320, the problem is im hitting 285 consistently with my gun running 0.25g's which for some reason i decided was my preference. have you any idea how i can increase the FPS slightly to reach the so called sweet spot?
  5. Ok Guys, So i'm relatively new to air softing been playing around 4-5 Months and have really enjoyed it. the one issue i am having is the understanding of the different weights of BB's. i currently use 0.25g's and a friend of mine is using 0.20g's but i have no idea what the actual difference is in terms of performance or range or anything really. i ask as i'm thinking of getting into sniping and then there are a whole new range off BB's to consider. Please can someone explain the difference and whats best or just an explanation of the whole different weights of BB's to me please and thank you
  6. Funny you said that as i saw a post about it some guy was asking and you were saying about you and a friend have one of each haha Thanks for the advice really appreciate it. have to be honest and say that none of it really helps but at least now i know how it is in terms of the snipers them selves and what options i have. really torn as to weather to save up and get the ssg or just buy something like a vsr-10 or equivalent and just upgrade the hell out of it Thaks again everyone
  7. Really informative read to be honest. I hear claims from the guys using SSG24's and SRS's at my local site saying that in good conditions 100m is achievable and i have seen people hitting the 80m target on a regular basis with these guns, so on that basis what is the distinguishing difference between the two? and which one would you guys recommend?
  8. Sonofsammo, This is thew reason i want to look into a sniper set is because one of my favourite things to do is flank HARD and pick off the enemy as they try to push the objective but i find i have to get into some dangerous positions in order to be able to hit people, i'm looking for the extra 30-40 meters so i can stay concealed and maybe survive a little longer after spending 10 mins flanking plus nothing better than shooting someone and you hear "where did that come from". Yeah i'm thinking that its possible that i may just have to save up those pennies and go for the out of the box gun as i'm quite impatient, and not sure i can hang around doing all the upgrades haha, Again thanks for the advice
  9. Ok so realistically if I want decent performance and to outclass any decent AEG then basically I haven’t much choice but to spend the extra to get something decent. I think I will take the advice given and see if I can borrow one for the day to see if it suits my style of play before fronting up the cash. Thanks again for everyone’s help
  10. Wow, firstly thanks for all the feedback guys. ok so basically it depends on how far I want to take it but what your saying is if I want out the box performance then front the cash for an ash or srs but if I want to start from the bottom then I’d be looking at getting a nice shell that I like and basically gutting it over a period of time. Great. so far I have recommendations for the vsr-10 or an equivalent and the Bar-10 and be looking between 150-300 on upgrades depending how far I want to go. So realistically your saying that and out the box cheap gun I’ll be getting like 50-60 meters range wise? Hhhhmmmm sounds terrible. My issue is i don’t trust second hand is the sales side of this forum trusty?
  11. Ok so thanks for all the advice, looking at the VSR-10 looks like a really nice gun and easily upgradeable. Does anyone one have any idea what sort of cost I would be looking at to upgrade to the same sort of standard as an SSG24 or SRS?
  12. Thanks Bud, I'm guessing your saying go for ascetics and find something i like the look of and then over time get the necessary upgrades in order to preform as well as the more expensive guns do out of the box? If that is the case do you have any recomendations for newbie friendly snipers?
  13. Well Hello there, So i have been air softing for around 4-5 months and have a decent AEG that i am happy with and have recently purchase a trusty MK23 as a side arm in the eventuality of getting myself a sniper set up. problem is there are 100's if not 1000's on the market and i have no idea what i am looking at. i dont have the kind of budget for an ssg24 (other makes are available haha) but i find myself getting lost constantly trolling through the various retailers just looking at guns with no idea what im actually looking for. wondering if someone can help me out with recommendations for a decent reliable sniper rifle that can teach me the basics of sniping in air soft that is reliable and doesnt weigh a ton to carry around the field. i like the look of a few guns but i have learnt it is nothing to do with whats on the outside (although we like a pretty gun). Thanks in advance for any help or recommendations that can be brought to my attention
  14. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    KWA MP7A1 GBB airsoft gun. Gun is in good condition and shoots very well. Perfect for CQB, bought the gun and used it for two games and realised it really wasn’t my style hence the sale. One previous owner before me. Gun will be sold with 0.25g bbs (approx 3000) and a nearly full bottle of green gas.


    Cwmbran, South wales

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