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  1. Already have mate, numbers do not matter whatsoever, we don’t want to run about taking one side of a game up, that’s not enjoyable for anyone. Correct we haven’t played any sims together, however we have played sims, it is quite literally impossible during lockdown, hence why the advert was made for seeing if anyone wanted to run with us in future reference. we have tried but especially in my area there are limited sites just for skirmishes, I have gotten one lad and that’s about it, all the others aren’t interested in sims (which is understandable) or already running a
  2. Hold on, I never called you a dickhead, I was only getting my point across hahahaha. listen I said I’ll drop it, you play cowboys and Indians how you like it and I’ll do it how I prefer to 😂😂😂
  3. 😂😂😂 What hahahahaha, I don’t even know you? are you referring to me or someone else it’s a bit random.
  4. Yeah sadly ide have to agree, didn’t realise how much flak I would receive for a post. But to answer your question we have 3 members, but I wouldn’t say the group is made yet as I wouldn’t call us a proper group until we got to a Battlesim/MilSim though all together in my opinion. We have had multiple people come and go though, mainly due to COVID 🙂
  5. Right? Where did you get the whole whining that you don’t have a souped up TM recoil. We don’t complain about how others play the game. I go to skirmishes every Sunday and I haven’t heard anyone complain at all, different sites attract different people so I can only speak from my own experience. Everyone is there to have there own kind of fun, And clearly by the way you are talking to me you don’t like that. You want everyone to play how you want to play. Judging people from stereotypes and insulting them online isn’t the most mature thing to do, which most
  6. Yeah i saw it under the fraud legislation. and I thought the name that it goes under in that is stolen valour. regardless I am dropping this whole thing now, and starting fresh.
  7. Oookay. you just prompting a reply now. have a good day. Yeah I've just got back from work and on my PC now so im gonna jump on and change it up. Looking at it now, its very confusing to some people who never saw the last post, very idiotic/lazy on my part. Also that picture is just a reference picture for what the team is aiming for, now i realize that even after the long chain of comments its still not clear. Im going to update it all now, thanks for being level headed on the situation. Hopefully it will all drop and we will g
  8. Yeah after seeing the first few comments causing confusion I was going to type it out to shed light on the people that didn’t recognise the name after my shift. however hitman did leave a rather patronising message for quite a simple mistake. hence the replies. i agree this had completely spiralled out of control however I don’t feel that Im all at fault here, Just because of lack of information on a post doesnt mean I should be accused of being a Walter Mitty. Possibly a new post without the dickhead at the start who tried to shoot down the last recrui
  9. Hahahahhahahaha that old chestnut. probably have mate wouldn’t put it past you being that old and senile making initial comments like that. go to bed grandad and take your ‘slanderous’ claims with you Hahahahah. muppet
  10. Made enough, certainly not looking for people like yourself, who accuse others things they have no intention of taking part of or doing. also, don’t come at me for misusing words lad. def for slander make false and damaging statements about (someone). fucking dope...
  11. Always something to say aye? “The future is now old man”
  12. I’m sorry, but this has to be a troll. there is no way you called me a Walter Mitty for making a new post basically saying PM me if the title interests you. Also due to some weird an unnecessary controversy regarding the explanation of the group the last time I made a post, I decided to save it this time around and only explain what’s going on to people in the area who want to talk and get things going. There’s no intention to make the post ‘secretive’ and ‘iykyk’ your over analysing it, so from that there is two ways I’m looking at your reply. 1.
  13. Nah no drama, just I’ve made about 3 different posts for the same thing, but group focus keeps changing and I can’t be arsed describing what the group is for in another post, so the people interested can PM me and I’ll tell them there. i don’t know what the first guy’s problem is, maybe he’s got something against recruitment posts idk?? Strange either way 😂😂
  14. Kingfisher Clique Before I start (again) just to shed light on the comment thread, I originally put something that was awfully vague and prompted an argument based off assumptions due to the lack of information I provided. So I have edited it to be a bit more informative. Who we are and what we want to do. Kingfisher Clique, is a small group of people with similar interests and mindsets. We are trying to play battlesims and milsims differently and with more of an impact on the side that we are playing on, and we want to do this under a kit based off the 75th R
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