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  1. Yeah i saw it under the fraud legislation. and I thought the name that it goes under in that is stolen valour. regardless I am dropping this whole thing now, and starting fresh.
  2. Oookay. you just prompting a reply now. have a good day. Yeah I've just got back from work and on my PC now so im gonna jump on and change it up. Looking at it now, its very confusing to some people who never saw the last post, very idiotic/lazy on my part. Also that picture is just a reference picture for what the team is aiming for, now i realize that even after the long chain of comments its still not clear. Im going to update it all now, thanks for being level headed on the situation. Hopefully it will all drop and we will get some new people who are interested in joining what we love! Cheers man, Have a gooden.
  3. Yeah after seeing the first few comments causing confusion I was going to type it out to shed light on the people that didn’t recognise the name after my shift. however hitman did leave a rather patronising message for quite a simple mistake. hence the replies. i agree this had completely spiralled out of control however I don’t feel that Im all at fault here, Just because of lack of information on a post doesnt mean I should be accused of being a Walter Mitty. Possibly a new post without the dickhead at the start who tried to shoot down the last recruitment post I did could be a good alternative. Well maybe... you shouldn’t assume I am commuting a very real crime which is stolen valour based on no real evidence and assumption. due to the confusion the original post made I am going to repost this with a proper description. And I ask politely this time that you don’t comment on it. but only time will tell on whether you do or not.
  4. Hahahahhahahaha that old chestnut. probably have mate wouldn’t put it past you being that old and senile making initial comments like that. go to bed grandad and take your ‘slanderous’ claims with you Hahahahah. muppet
  5. Made enough, certainly not looking for people like yourself, who accuse others things they have no intention of taking part of or doing. also, don’t come at me for misusing words lad. def for slander make false and damaging statements about (someone). fucking dope...
  6. Always something to say aye? “The future is now old man”
  7. I’m sorry, but this has to be a troll. there is no way you called me a Walter Mitty for making a new post basically saying PM me if the title interests you. Also due to some weird an unnecessary controversy regarding the explanation of the group the last time I made a post, I decided to save it this time around and only explain what’s going on to people in the area who want to talk and get things going. There’s no intention to make the post ‘secretive’ and ‘iykyk’ your over analysing it, so from that there is two ways I’m looking at your reply. 1. you have way to much time on your hands and trolling, in that case well played. 2. you are genuinely stupid and looking to slander the name myself/the group for making a post without giving an explanation. Also nothing really secretive about it, it wouldn’t really be a secret if I openly said “PM me if your interested”...
  8. Nah no drama, just I’ve made about 3 different posts for the same thing, but group focus keeps changing and I can’t be arsed describing what the group is for in another post, so the people interested can PM me and I’ll tell them there. i don’t know what the first guy’s problem is, maybe he’s got something against recruitment posts idk?? Strange either way 😂😂
  9. Kingfisher Clique Before I start (again) just to shed light on the comment thread, I originally put something that was awfully vague and prompted an argument based off assumptions due to the lack of information I provided. So I have edited it to be a bit more informative. Who we are and what we want to do. Kingfisher Clique, is a small group of people with similar interests and mindsets. We are trying to play battlesims and milsims differently and with more of an impact on the side that we are playing on, and we want to do this under a kit based off the 75th Ranger Regiment (to clarify, we simply wear the same kit with minor adjustments for things that aren't needed in any application in airsoft, this means no patches and claiming that you know a dude who knows a dude who's in the rangers so it's okay.) this means ACHs/OPS Core Helmets, AVS/CPC/MBAVS and comtacs [see reference image below]. Requirements There aren't a lot of requirements so ill keep it simple. 1. You are in the North West Area, Preferably Merseyside/Lancashire. 2. You are able to get to the Skirmish/Training Days. 3. You actually want to do a 75th Rangers style kit. (We have had a lot of guys that had interest but wanted to do OP-FOR kits which made no sense to me but hey ho). COVID-19 So as of today (31.07.2020) the government have looked at a second wave in Northern England and were looking at the possibility of getting a second lockdown. We wouldn't put anyone in the group at risk so we would be doing anything non contact such as training we wouldn't all meet to develop or look at SOPs, this would probably be done over Zoom or something like that. We are people, not idiots we will follow any and all government guidence. Fingers crossed a second wave doesn't happen however... What we will be doing when there aren't any battlesims or milsims. The main thing we would be doing is a semi monthly meeting to develop new SOPs/Tactics, discuss new ideas etc. If its deemed safe and good to do so we will be training and going to private land such as an airsoft site on an off day. We will also be doing some basic fitness with part of your kit on to get you used to having kit on for extended periods of time whilst doing things. Kit List So as i briefly touched on beforehand, this team will base its kit off of the 75th Rangers (just to state again not an impression). We don't expect anyone to have all the kit from the get-go but this is something that you could work towards before battlesims. Uniforms Field Shirt/ UBAC and Field Pants, as for the brand however whatever is Multicam and you are comfortable with buying. Gear We aren't really that fussed on your plate carrier & belt as long as it works for you. However I recommend that if you are going to hide the receipt for something other than your rifle. Then we recommend you definitely splash the cash a bit and get a solid PC that you like. As they say "Buy Once Cry Once" Helmet We are going to rock ACHs with the Mutlicam covers as seen in the below pictures. However well made Tan Fast Helmets such as the TMC ones are a great alternative if you dont have the cash to be splashing on an ACH. Rifles & Sidearms Here are the rifles that we will use on the team, support roles are an exception. 1. MK18 Block 1~2 2. SCAR 17 3. M110 SASS 4. M249 We don't care for sidearms much so its whatever Once again, this isn't all compulsory from the get-go so don't get think that you will need to fill a shopping list before inquiring. Any other questions, just comment or pm me, have a gooden. Luke.
  10. Great seller, very informative, great price and came as described. 🤙🏼

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      Hi Luke,


      Please leave your feedback for classified sales here:


  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bought this rig for a milsim that was cancelled back in February. Used it once at a skirmish day in March and ran a few drills in it on lockdown, not for me as i didn't like the radio placement options. rig is in as new condition no wear as per pictures. £50 postage included. PM me for sale.


    Liverpool - GB

  12. Yeah the training is done on Private land and/or at our local sites on non game days if we get the chance. Every time I go to airsoft I always keep a little card my site gave me for occasions exactly like the one we are referencing. Never had to use it however that's what I keep. And of course my Instagram account with pictures etc on my phone too This isn't exactly the discussion that was supposed to be made here, it was a recruitment post. But then again there is always one who starts it, thanks for clarifying things regardless.
  13. As someone has already stated, there are work arounds... fudd.
  14. Yeah the main thing we want in the team are people that are willing, not a god at Milsim, we are all here to have fun after all... and hey maybe you will see a few featureless black faces running around and sporting some black flag patches at an event! Hahahaha Lift about a lorry or two and after that inject insane amounts of pre workout into your thighs. on a serious note, we don’t want people who are super fit and good at airsoft (that comes later *wink*) we just want people who are willing and have some drive when needed. If your interested hit me a pm! but if you are just shit posting... respect.
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