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  1. Yeah the training is done on Private land and/or at our local sites on non game days if we get the chance. Every time I go to airsoft I always keep a little card my site gave me for occasions exactly like the one we are referencing. Never had to use it however that's what I keep. And of course my Instagram account with pictures etc on my phone too This isn't exactly the discussion that was supposed to be made here, it was a recruitment post. But then again there is always one who starts it, thanks for clarifying things regardless.
  2. As someone has already stated, there are work arounds... fudd.
  3. Yeah the main thing we want in the team are people that are willing, not a god at Milsim, we are all here to have fun after all... and hey maybe you will see a few featureless black faces running around and sporting some black flag patches at an event! Hahahaha Lift about a lorry or two and after that inject insane amounts of pre workout into your thighs. on a serious note, we don’t want people who are super fit and good at airsoft (that comes later *wink*) we just want people who are willing and have some drive when needed. If your interested hit me a pm! but if you are just shit posting... respect.
  4. *Complete Team Turn Around So Deleted* If you are in the NW area and would like to be part of this group then PM me.
  5. Hi all, Who We Are... Just started a team based in Liverpool, there is about 3 active members (still new). The kit is limited however we aren't completely restrictive, the main kit is a variant of US Rangers (2009-2010) or UK SFSG. We are more of a technical team meaning that we don't focus on what kit you have and if it is 'true to life'. but more on the tactics that are usable in an airsoft environment and give us an edge on the opponent. What We Expect... We aren't going to bust your balls don't worry, however in good fashion some level of fitness is required (however don't go training as if you are trying to impress a juice head) the training sessions that we are planning on doing will be exercises that we believe are helpful in an airsoft scenario so you aren't as fatigued and still remain an effective fighting force on a milsim day/weekend as well as share techniques with the team. We expect you to have your own kit and weapons, rentals cannot work as the training etc will require you to be off site on some days. AGE: We are young ourselves so to keep the team average age to a more familiar age group [16-19]. What We Will Do... We are expecting to attend the next Op Tac The Kingdom Milsim event as a good starter for the team. After this we will look into turning up to a few more of the events and then eventually travelling a bit further to bigger events in the UK. Most weeks we will use the site Bravo 22 in Kirby, Liverpool to do most of the team meetups and casual games to practice teamwork etc... (days are arranged in the group chat). We also love to be gear whores and get some gucci shit so if you are photogenic and want to tag the brand of your plate carrier or something in a cringy instagram post, you've found the right place. Don't let the requirements side of things put you off, most of the stuff on there is just common sense, we just want the right people in the right team. On that bombshell, don't eat yellow snow, and no that man with the green eyes won't give you nods. Don't PM, add @booglahadeen on instagram and send us a message if interested.
  6. No mate I’ve seen it but haven’t given it much attention, figured it just get swept up by keywords when I was googling around. I’ll give a call tomorrow cheers
  7. As the title says lads, I need to find somewhere in the Liverpool area that does HPA tank fillups. I have considered getting a handpump that will work for HPA tank pressures but i dont want to get one if there is somewhere nearby that will do it. also found one on amazon for about £80, will this work https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pressure-Portable-Inflator-3000PSI-Cylinder/dp/B07PBBL1VV/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?dchild=1&keywords=3000psi+stirrup+pump&qid=1578520460&sr=8-1-fkmr0 I've asked around local paintball fields and its a no from all of them. I also asked a fieldsports shop about 15mins away and they said to check something out called 'CTR' in Liverpool i think. Regardless, hopefully some liverpool/wigan hpa users can help me out here.
  8. Yeah, I was just wondering where.
  9. I've been looking at them recently, No sign of it so far, might contact staff there and see if they are. Cheers!
  10. I've searched on many websites and facebook groups for a Milsim that is reasonably close to me, Stirling Airsoft seems great but im based in Liverpool, If there is a site that runs Milsim events occasionally or a dedicated Milsim site could you let me know, Cheers
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