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  1. XukeLho

    M4 to DMR

    My tech level is still fairly low, I've only recently started 'studying' how to upgrade my gun the the direction I want, wich is stealth and range (DMR, not sniper). The quick change spring system is so that I can play as an assault M4 in the fields that don't allow for high powered guns. It really is very important to me having that, I do 30% of my games on a field with those limitations (1.3J) I will try to sell my 515 and buy the 621 as you recomended. A bit more specific questions about internal upgrades to the M4 platform: Is this hopup chamber compatible with the above mentioned M4: https://combatevirtual.biz/pt/camara-de-hop-up/12876-maxx-model-me-sport-cnc-hop-up-unit-for-m4-aeg-2060000003621.html And what about all other M4? Are they compatible with this as well? Same question for this inner barrel: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/precision-inner-barrels/410mm-6-02-inner-barrel-for-aeg-maple-leaf?from=listing&campaign-id=14&q=mapple+leaf This is so that I can understand how compatible the internals of an M4 are. Compared to snipers you have to very very carefull with the platform you chose, like you either go VSR or you have to dig the internet for the upgrades you want.
  2. XukeLho

    M4 to DMR

    I've edited my post with my gun. What AEG from https://www.taiwangun.com/ would you recomend as a good base starter gun that I can upgrade later (must have quick spring change)
  3. XukeLho

    M4 to DMR

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new to the gun upgrading scene and I'd like to know if all M4 platforms are compatible with each other (interalswise) I'm familiar with the internals on an AEG M4 but not too familiar. I have a cheap Cyma and I'd like to upgrade it to an DMR but I don't know if it is just purchasing top of the line internals and they all fit perfectly or if they have compatibility problems and I have to be very carefull with what I buy. Edit: This is my current gun: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-515-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 I'm considering selling it as it doesn't have a quick spring change mecanism wich would be very helpfull because of the different fields I play in, and if it would be advantageous to switch to a more upgradeable M4 platform (if there is such a thing)
  4. These sure are alot more affordable. Are they upgradeable?
  5. They can be eletric, HPA, or gás. Doesn't matter. Could you give a link to that A&K?
  6. I'd like to have a Kriss Vector, but they are expensive as hell, going for 500€+. Are there any (cheaper) clone alternatives? I've searched but haven't found any
  7. Are these the ones you recomended? https://combatevirtual.biz/en/gbb/3502-tokyo-marui-hi-capa-51-gold-match-4952839142672.html?search_query=hi+capa+tm&results=49 https://combatevirtual.biz/en/gbb/3619-tokyo-marui-hi-capa-51-govermment-model-4952839142177.html?search_query=hi+capa&results=200
  8. I've read on a forum post somewhere (searched for it, but can't find it. Sorry) that there are 4 versions of the TM Hi Capa but only 1 is worth the trouble. Can anyone tell me wich one to go for (since I can't find the forum that said that. Sorry again)
  9. I want to change from my AEP to a GBB pistol. The main contender is obviously the Hi Capa, but the Novrish SSP1 also has some good mentions. My question is, how compatible is the SSP1 with the Hi Capa upgrades? I don't plan on tinkering with my sidearm much, will probably leave it as is, and for that, I'm leaning towards the SSP1. But before commiting, I'd like to know how much of an upgradeability it has with the TM parts if I later decide I want to improve on it.
  10. You guys are right, I did not specify my problem. I will do that here and on the original post. My sniper currently fires at 250fps with .2 bbs (and I will upgrade the spring soon, but first the hopup) My main problem with it its the hopup (I think). Sometimes my shots fly straight (correctly hoped) and sometimes they are way too hoped and half way to the target they climb too much. I am assuming this is a hopup problem. This happens 1 in every 4 or 5 shots. Too frequently for my taste.
  11. I have a stock JG Bar10. I've done a couple of games with it and I'm having some trouble hitting this past 20m so far. I'm going to upgrade the Barrel, hopup and bucking as well, and this is where I need help. As a novice, I really dont know what parts I should go for. My budget is around 100€ (flexible if worth it). If possible I'd like to make the sniper shorter, but I don't know how far I can really shorten it. My main problem with it its the hopup (I think). Sometimes my shots fly straight (correctly hoped) and sometimes they are way too hoped and half way to the target they climb too much. I am assuming this is a hopup problem. This happens 1 in every 4 or 5 shots. Too frequently for my taste. This is what I am considering getting so far: HopUp: https://combatevirtual.biz/en/sniper-hop-up-chamber/6846-action-army-vsr10-hop-up-chamber-4928862548767.html?search_query=vsr+10+hop+up+army&results=4 Bucking: https://combatevirtual.biz/en/borracha-de-hop-up/11657-maple-leaf-wonder-hop-up-bucking-80-marui-gbbvsr-type-5254848311117.html?search_query=vsr+10+bucking&results=28 Inner Barrel: https://combatevirtual.biz/en/sniper-precision-barrel/5875-first-factory-pss10-603mm-430mm-inner-barrel-for-marui-vsr-10-4928862542628.html?search_query=vsr+10+inner+barrel&results=34 Note: Stores need to be European.
  12. TBH, I haven't even considered HPA. But will take a further look at it. Thanks. I will start with the HopUp, as sugested. Thank you
  13. I can (and will) change the spring according to where I'll be playing. If I play with friends, or on the field in a country next door, I'll use a more powerfull spring. If I play in a 'normal' field, I'll use the legal less powerfull spring.
  14. Yep. I am aware of the legality problem.
  15. I see what you mean. But I'm considering upgrading my spring to somewhere between 450-550fps.
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