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  1. I thought people would assume the masks would be tested before, but I'll clarify it here. Masks will be tested. And I highly double they would shatter from a bb contact. Even at 700fps. Or paintball ball even. They would only shatter if thrown to the ground with some degree of force, dropping them would not shatter them in any way. Fiberglass + resin = very very durable shit
  2. No worries. I don't know the customer and me would communicate, haven't got that far yet, maybe through a ticket system or email only. I dunno. I'll figure that out if my idea ever goes forward and has the potential of being a good product and profitable.
  3. In my previous work with fiberglass car parts, I'd cut them with a rotary saw (don't know the exact terminology in english). Since masks are considerably smaller then a car part, I'm planning on cutting them with a dremmel saw (and also do alot of edge sanding). Future plans, like I said before, would be to add more color options, add art options, add full face options, buy better tools (pistol painter, instead of brush, etc), hire artists for some video game or movie masks, etc.
  4. Because they are to be custom made to each face, making them in bulk is probably impossible, and the 50€ price tag reflects that more premium price. In terms of capital, it isn't really that much, just a roll of fiberglass, some resin galons, a bit of paint, etc. With a total bellow 500€ most likely, and since I already own alot of this material, even less. I'm not convinced with thermoplastics, I don't think they would offer the same resistances as the fiberglass, and I don't have any experience with that. If you are asking in general? None. 34.
  5. That is a pretty cool ideia. I'll research that option. Would have to buy a 3d printer to print the face molds but if it works, would probably be the least anoying way to get the client face mold. Updating the OP.
  6. This would not be a diy kit. You would send me the mold of your face (still working on the best way to do this) with eye pro, and I would then send you back the lower mask, ready to use. Sanding would be done, yes, specially on the interior, so it doesn't scratch your face with movement, the exterior would be sanded enough to give a polish look, but not a smooth surface. For painting I was thinking of black only for starters, but later adding cammo and tan.
  7. I'm not selling anything yet, just asking around to see if there is a market for it. I'd like to know if you guys would buy a LOWER face protection, made from fiberglass, from a mold of your face. The idea is to replace the old lower face pro mesh mask. It would fit better in your face (because it would be made from a mold of your face) and it would also fit better around face pro (because you would have the face pro on you when you make the mold). This would take some work on your part, because of the mold. I haven't yet figured out the best way on how to do this, to keep your work
  8. Hi guys, lately I've wanted to switch from AEG to HPA and I got the crazyest ideia: why don't I literally build my own gun by cherry picking every single part that goes into it. No doner gun. Totally from strach! I understand alot of people will recommend something like an MTW or to upgrade an doner gun, but I feel like by doing this, not only will it be super instructional, I would also get a sense of fulfillment when I've completed the project and everytime I'd take the gun to a game! Not to mention I'd have something completely mine. What do you guys think? Is this too much of a crazy ideia
  9. I'm leaning over to the TM MP7, with the cost-benefic relationship for now. Can the MP7 run a drum mag? I'm only finding for HPA tapped guns. Also, what gas do you recomend runnig on it? And same gas all year round or different gases according to temperature?
  10. expected price range? And why wait for next year? Is it not out yet?
  11. Ah that is damn ugly XD But thanks for the thought
  12. What about used GBBRs? Are they worth it or more likely than not, I'll be buying trouble (because I'm unexperienced and don't know what to search for)? Will I find a used MWS?
  13. Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS is a bit on the expensive side indeed. Is this considered mid or high tier? I was aiming for something more on the range of the 300-450€
  14. Hi guys, I've been rocking an AEG for the last year and I feel now is the time to 'upgrade' to a more realistic form factor. I've done my research on how they work, worth upgrades and so on, but what I'm missing is the gun itself. I'd like a recomendation from you guys for an entry level GBBR and a mid tier GBBR as well please. Recomandations so far: High Tier: TM MWS MK18 MWS Mid Tier: TM MP7, WE Apache mp5 ghk g5 Entry Tier: KWA MP9 WE G36 KJW KC-02 (Won't buy this one. Coolness factor too low)
  15. Awesome! That means I can use the same gun on summer and winter, just by 'swaping magazines'! Assuming I maintain my gun the day before and the day after each game, how many rounds can I put through it before it starts getting damaged? Can it handle a milsim weekend?
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