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  1. Im looking to change the handguard on my sa-e07 for a shorter mlok one and I was just wondering if anyones actually done it before? How hard is it to do? is it even possible?
  2. whats a good brand of hop up chamber replacement for an m4? So my specna edge has finally had its first fault and I think its the bucking so while im getting that fixed I thought I might aswell replace the hop up chamber as people have said the stock specna one is rubbish. any recommendations would be really appreciated
  3. ive broken a nozzle on my adaptive armament sbr and Ive bought 2 replacements and none have locked in like they should and just come straight off causing feeding issues and basically a gun that doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated I have had it turned into a dmr so maybe its something to do with that I dont know I didnt do the upgrade
  4. Its an ASG 30k one I believe? The spring is an ASG M125 Im going to try that when im paid theres a tech on my team that could help me install them. He fitted the motor and the spring.
  5. HAHA its deffo not that because my specna is firing so fast and smooth and this just feels like clunk clunk
  6. Its got a burst wizard in it but I dunno if thats absolutely useless the gun is the gears are or what but my specna is so much better in general and it cost a fair bit less. Its annoying the life out of me.
  7. Im on turning my adaptive armament sbr into a dmr build but the semi trigger response is so sluggish. im using a 11.1 lipo ive added a high torque motor still hasn't made much difference at all? any suggestions welcome
  8. Thanks man. Its only really 30/40 quid difference so it probably is worth it. I just want one as a backup thats all so I didnt want to spend loads.
  9. is the edge and its mosfet/ metal construction worth the extra £££? anyone got the core? how do you find it?
  10. anyone got one? good or a lemon?
  11. anyone had experience with them? any issues?
  12. im thinking about making one of these my first gun when I get my Ukara what batteries do people recommend to get with them? also what mags run well?
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