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  1. No bb comes out of the barrel despite the gearbox turning I'll have to disassemble it again and have a look into it
  2. bought a cyma p90 from the guy I buy my guns off, said if I wanted to play indoors I had to change the spring in the gearbox out for it to lower the fps to be safer, so instead of spending the money I took it apart and put in the new one and the gears popped out, luckily I managed to put it all back together and everything works bar one thing... Semi works every other time !!!! To describe it the best way possible I can hear the gearbox turn when I initially pull the trigger but nothing happens, when I pull the trigger again however I end up with 2 bbs flying out with one dropping incredibly quick, which makes me think it's getting fed after the first and second pulls. Any ideas how to rectify the problem?. Thank you
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