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  1. Are these selector deletes still available?
  2. I’m short stroked 4 teeth combined on a m130 spring and now all works as it should
  3. Not sure sensors may have been dirty from lube and grease possibly. Once put all back together it all works fine. May go back to M120 spring & 3 teeth short stroke as m130 may be overkill
  4. Yes I built this gun from scratch as wanted a high ROF for CQB, used a 130 To eliminate the risk of PME so fitted it then short stroked the sector to bring FPS down to 340. As on a m100 with 13.1 and a 11.1 I would def have got it. Surprised you haven’t to be honest? Fixed it now. Took apart and cleaned all the sensors and now works fine again.
  5. I’m getting overspin problems I think. As gun double, triples fires on semi. Not all the time but every 3 or 4 shots. And I can’t figure out why. spec is as follows gate Titan advanced mosfet 229mm 6.02mm barrel M130 Spring 13.1 SHS gears, short stroked 4 teeth (340 FPS) SHS HT motor 11.1v LiPo. even with active braking on 100% just to see what would do it is still double firing on semi. any ideas on what to do would be much appreciated.
  6. Looking for some information on what settings to run on my gate Titan. Spec is as follows g&g Wildhog 9” m120 guarder spring asg 30k boost motor shs/ra 13.1 gears short stroked shs piston & piston head Aoe corrected 340FPS always ran on giant power 1000mah 11.1v lipos i no most of the settings come down to personal preference but looking for some info. thanks
  7. Put in the M100 spring, G&G ifrit motor, 18.1 gears and was doing 300 FPS on .20. Put in the m110 and it’s going 340 so going to leave it on that setup. Is there any pre engagement worry’s with a 110 spring?
  8. Nah I didn’t mean it to sound like you told me to do that sorry if it came across like that. It was another guy who was at my local site when I was there and it wasn’t going through chrono which I was going to accept but he then took my gun and tried which I mentioned above Yea that’s what I’m going to fit back in the gun, oem G&G 18.1 gears, 25k G&G ifrit motor, M100 spring, aoe corrected and leave it as is.
  9. Yes at the time it had 16.1 gears. Thinking about it Guy I let look at it did have the hop wound right up to try get it to shoot lower FPS as was way over when I went to local site to have it chronod. After speaking with sitting duck im going to refit the stock 18.1 G&G gears and the 25k G&G ifrit motor and leave it at that and build a better gearbox at a later date. As I was told to wound hop right up and fully auto a mag thru it to lower the FPS. At which point it then went boom which is when I suspect the teeth sheered and jammed up. I have a new cylinder, piston, Piston head, cylinder head to fit and have a couple set of new gears so all damaged parts will be replaced. Just didn’t no which configuration to fit.
  10. Good morning all this is my first post, own a G&G wildhog 9” version which I have changed a few internal parts such as 16.1 gears, M100 spring, SHS/RA MOTOR, Prometheus 205mm inner barrel, 11.1 Lipo, used it a few weeks ago and it sheered all the teeth off the piston? I have replaced the piston with a metal teeth version and corrected the aoe but I’m worried it may happen again. Is the setup I’m running no good? Am I getting PME? looking for advice on where to go from here. thanks
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