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  1. U say 51%. Can it be different parts and places of the gun that adds up to 51%
  2. that hurts but ill check them out
  3. you have one right? do you like it? is it good?
  4. but do u think its worth it? the vector? or is there something better can i get it tan and black?
  5. i want something like an smg, has a burst option, good range and accuracy and sexy looking. Originally every video i searched about the best smg spoke about the krytac vector limited edition or the normal one so i looked into and now im attached. is there anything better?
  6. but apparently those guns are really common. and i dont really care about the price
  7. never played. im going in head first
  8. Im under 18, i want to get into airsoft and its kind of overwhelming seeing so many rules and laws. i was wondering if i can buy an RIF and then paint it. (BTW what gun should i get, i want an smg, preferably with burst and pretty good range and accuracy) the krytac vector looks pretty cool thanks :)
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