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  1. thank you! Il give this a try. It does tend to just sit naturally as per the pictures. I will try adjusting straps.
  2. haha! good point lol - edited But I was hoping to get an idea of whether in general the helmet looks too big.
  3. Hello guys, no sexual jokes please! Haha 😂 I purchased a helmet on amazon, and I liked it because it had pads on the inside that can be removed, repositioned and washed if needed. Also, I hate having the bike helmet type helmets which the black foam on the inside as it makes my head sweat. The helmet is larger than most others I see and does come out further around my head than most others. My question is, does it look too long big for a helmet?
  4. Hello all, in currently running a Evolution-Dytac MK5 SMR 14.5" Lone Star Edition. I currently have a small red dot sight but want something with a bit of magnification. I’ve seen a few flip sights and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on product and setup. as I starting point I was looking at: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/ppt-outdoor-3x-magnifier-with-flip-to-side-mount
  5. Thanks all for the replies guys really appreciate it! Can anyone recommend a good Mk23 and knee holster harness? Ive seen a few different types online but all require a harness for it. Are the injection molded ones sturdy?
  6. Hello all, been looking at pistols for a while now and cannot decide what I want. i played against a guy a few weeks ago who was using a silent pistol. It was crazy as I couldn’t hear anything even when he was in the bush next to me *facepalm* unfortuately I was unable to speak to him to find out what he was using. can anyone advise or recommend on a silent pistol or what my options are at least. a friend told me electric pistols are quieter than gas, but I have an AEG and that is a lot louder than what this guy was using so don’t just want to go a buy an electric pistol.
  7. So are you guys telling me i should plug in as + - | | | | XXX As opposed to: + - | | | | XXX
  8. Can you recommend any other chargers? This was one recommended to me by my friend. So, like this? (Nothing plugged into the - pin)
  9. Hello all, just to provide an update. The gun appears to have a lip on one side of the inside of the mag input which makes inserting a standard m4 mag very tight. The mag does fit but it rubs against the lip which removes the paint from the mag. It it looks like the lip shouldn’t be there as one side is totally smooth, the other has the lip overhang. not sure if I should take it back to the shop (I have used it a few times to test it all) or just carry on using hexmags
  10. Hello all, i got my first airsoft gun and some li-po batteries. The instructions tell me “plug 1S~3S battery pack into the charge port of charger: Ensure that +/- polarity is correct or the charger will not work. the problem is, my batteries have 3 holes, the charger has 4 pins and the connector seems to fit both the + and the - side. I am unsure whether the battery should be on the + pin or on the - pin. Can someone help me understand how I work this out.
  11. Hello, Thanks for the advice. I have ordered 2 from there. However i need some for next week so i ordered 2 from O&T: https://outdoorandtactical.co.uk/product/hexmag-style-120rd-m4m16-magazine-mid-cap-bk/ I will let you know how these are.
  12. Hello guys, I need some hexmags for my AEG. Everyone I look the going rate seems to be around £15, amazon had 5 for sale for £40. Anyone got any feedback for me on these? too good to be true? https://www.amazon.co.uk/120rds-Magazine-Airsoft-5pcs-Black/dp/B07PXQDT9G/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=hexmag&qid=1559341386&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  13. Thats a shame. Thanks for your help Nick.
  14. Yes its that rib on each side thats causing the problem. The hex mag has the indent which allows the front to slide in. The hex mag fits perfectly. I just dont know if this means i can only use hex mags, or if im missing something.
  15. Hello Nick, thank you for the quick reply. See the below pictures. it looks like the hex hag is slightly indented at the front which allows it to slide into the gun. Yeah Looks like the top one to me
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