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  1. I found at my last game that I was not shooting far at all with my .32s. i had to take out my barrel and check my hop up and I noticed that my barrel was not aligned with the hop up making my hop do nothing, now I can reach those 70-75 meters again thank you god, id throw a pic in there hehe.🙏🏼
  2. Thanks for the answer! will look it up
  3. Im thinking about continueing my project on my well mb03, its been sitting for a good while on my wall so i cant remember what i did to upgrade it but i got a 70m with a spread of about 50 cm so i guess its in a decent shape. Im thinking about these upgrades. -PPS CNC Zero Trigger VSR -Big Dragon WELL MB03 510mm -AirsoftPro Stealcylinder TM AWS -Action Army Hop Up Chamber VSR-10 im not sure about spring guide and what spring i should get, and am i forgetting something? im not really on a thight budget so any suggestions should be fine! Thank you in advance.
  4. Thank you for the reply! i did take of the top and i saw that there was a HUGE gap between the barrelcup and the ris, i screwed it back on as much as i can, could probably get it on harder if i had the right tools but for now it works and the feeding issue was that the barrel was not stabel at all in the maghouse, doing this i also noticed that i have to add something in my maghouse in the front-top because the mags wont feed properly if i dont hold it back. It now shoots like a charm (i cant see the bbs because its dark) but i used a metalplate and could hit it from atleast 60 meters, i did reset the hopup though so i will have to fix that when its bright outside. And thank you again for the reply, this was just a rookiemistake haha.
  5. Hello guys! Im from sweden and i couln´t find any help at the swedish forums so i came looking for answers here. Last saturday a rock and my foot became enemies and i fell. Hard. and my weapon hit the ground even harder. Now to the problem, Since then ive noticed that my barrel and hopup house is lose, i bought this AEG a couple of years ago and im back playing again and this happends during my first game back, it sucks but happends.. i dont have the guts to open up the gun and fix it since i cant trust myself to get it togheter again. it was shooting easy 70-80 meters before the fall now i can max get it to 30-40 meters. what could be the issue? my gutfeeling is telling me i just have to take it apart and switch the whole hopup house because i guess it got lose from the force of the fall? Idk, but if you have any tips tell me! Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English.
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