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  1. hahaha indeed. It was pretty obvious since the start HAHA
  2. Sorry, I'm new around here. Haven't familiarised myself with the features on this forum yet. Thank you so much for helping out! I was worried about my feedback ratings on here for a second. I will keep an eye out.
  3. civil for the first 3 times yes. Lastly today, I asked him why wouldnt he just sell his HK416 and then come to me after the fact. Imho, I don't see how that might be rude. Now he's deleted his message. I can't find it in the inbox anymore. But I'll contact the mod for sure. Thanks!
  4. haha this lad has repeatedly offered me various guns to trade with my JW3 2011 Combat Master. Even though I have said I'm not interested in trading. In fact, he just sent me a message today asking to trade a HK416 lol. And the lot just left me negative feedback for telling him no. WTF
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    Base gun WE G17 Gen 4 Ace1 Arms Tier 1 Salient Arms RMR slide kit (RMR doesn't come with it) Original Ace1 Arms fluted outer barrel GOLD GunsModify BLACK Threaded Outer Barrel with thread protector 150% springs on Hammer and Recoil Brand new trigger spring Salient Arms real steel magwell Comes with two mags. One has wear, the other brand new Ace1 Arms Gen 2 RMR sight included Just wrapped up a shoot recently. Don't need it anymore. Edit: adjusted the price. Need it gone this week. Optional: Brand new Ace1 Arms Streamlight TLR-1HL for 10 quid. (bought this for my personal Hi Capa but never used it)



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    This is one of the first JW3 kits that landed in my hands long before any retailers in the UK have these. Wolf Armouries just added these in store for 500 quid a pop just for the kit and 150 for the lower frame. All of those doesnt include a base gun or the labor fees to be concurred. This is a damn good deal if you ask me. Parts list as follows: Brand new TM Hi Capa 5.1 JW3 Taran Tactical Innovations slide kit Custom CNC steel slide stop, thumb safety, hammer and grip safety Cow cow grip tape style lower frame Bomber Airsoft STI magwell for the TTI 2011 Cheers!


    - GB

  7. oh man. Forgive me. I am not from around here. I was just trying to blend in. Day 1 and my cover has been blown. :c
  8. not everybody out for a fight innit. I just want to get it sold. I have more shoots to fund haha.
  9. thanks for the insight. Price dropped accordingly. Magwell on mine is a Gen 3. But hey thanks for the price breakdown. Peeps will know how much they are saving with the new price. Cheers!
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    Brand new specna arms M4 Wrapped up a shoot recently and never used it on set as none of the actors bonded with it. Comes with a spring that shoots either lower or higher FPS. Not sure which. But new in its box. Sold as seen. £100 ONO



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    Looking for a TM 5.1 High Capa Used or new.



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    skirmished it once. Didn't like it. It has some marks on it. bought originally from patrol base about a week ago. royal mail next day delivery within the UK.



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