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  1. Bolle X800, problem solved. They don't have foam that stays wet and holds moisture in the googles, rather a full rubber top seal that stops sweat running into the goggles an a huge 2mm air gap all the way around top and bottom for flow, that isn't sealed by a helmet or face mask Want a fan. £1o gets you a small battery powered fish tank air pump with silicon hose on ebay, just route hose over helmet and into any pair pf goggles. Instant ventilation (But not needed on the Bolle's) Other option is close eyes and spray antiperspirant over your face in morning
  2. Under £100 Army Armanent R85 from the breakers yard. 10 mins and a couple of grub screws to repair, gets you one of the most accurate EBB rifles today. disconnect the BB mech, Warfet, tight barrel, hop up, rewire for electric braking rather than physical back emf brake, and you get an excellent, bullpup thats great for long distance accuracy and CQB spraying and cheaper than most starter M4's
  3. Love my SSP1, almost as good as my £500 build hi-capa from Elite. Lube and tighten the gas valves, use black gas at todays temperatures and make sure the router rubber is sat correctly and lubed. Check the hammer spring is installed correctly Give me a shout if you want more help, but its a great gun. But like all hi-capa's can need setting up correctly or a few tweaks
  4. 4 Acetechs, 2 x BT, 1 x S, and the tracker system, no issues with any. Love being able to see fps and eps in real time and hence any issues developing
  5. Fortunately not, accident when young with a stick. but even a slight scratch to the cornea and a bit of infection from dirt can do it. I take no chances now, either wear a dye 4 or normally Bolle X800's and a mesh face mask. Neither steam up at all for me, I prefer the Bolle's
  6. Adolf, I'm blind in my right eye, but right handed so have to use my left eye to sight, therefore I need to stack my risers to get that sight high enough to use the high eye My pet hate, folks that think only shielding 50% of your eye's is OK. Mesh and Shooting glasses are NOT eye protection. Trust me loosing an eye isn't fun and it doesn't take much. Make sure there is absolutely no way a BB, dust, branch, or bits of rusty mesh, paint is getting in directly or indirectly. After all if your technique is good your face is the only area you should be getting shot in
  7. PTFE wrap on the Hop rubber to seal it to barrel
  8. Mike Crips runs black Nuprol 4 in his TM's including plastic TM slides ones and thats what he recommends. Put a rubber O ring on with the return spring to soften the impact and don't worry about the gas (cut down lego tyres are perfect for this)
  9. Just stick with a hi-Capa and get Mike to build it for you http://www.eliteshootingcentre.co.uk/Gas%20Guns/Gas%20Pistols/Items/5.1%20Hi%20Capa.htm His guns are great and he gives good advice. I own 2 from him, very happy
  10. MadMole

    leaky raven mags

    Its almost always the bottom seal as its the largest and weakest. Push out pin, pop it all out, clean and re-silicon grease the O ring/Gasket normally fixes things. Even getter a bit of blue Hylomarn (Silicon gasket) around the O ring and re-asemble, leave 24 hours and its fixed permanently
  11. MadMole

    tm Mk23

    Hate to mention the N word, but Novritsch has them in US for sale. I have one and its working very well for me (Added a Hadron TDC)
  12. Went on KETO diet, lost 3 stones, never felt better and can outrun half of the youngsters on a skirmish. plus with 55 years of experience I can out tactic them as well!
  13. I have a bay B6, it heats up batteries while charging, then I have a top of the range SKYRC charger that does 2 at once and batteries charge as fast but never even warm up. Get the SKYRC chargers, your batteries will thank you and long term it will be cheaper. Never really rated the B6, had several for RC cars and always had issues
  14. I had a mental picture of you throwing a fully loaded uzi into the enemy ranks where it span and went off in full auto 8-)
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