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  1. TM MK23. As its non Blow back doesn't even waste gas pushing the slide back
  2. Nothing wrong with that gun. Short range far too little to show any affect from hop up, needs 20m plus to even start to see differences, unless you almost block the path by over hoping Grouping normal, the slight flyers will be down to BB inconsistency (bet their Blasters!) Low left is due to jerking the trigger and perfectly normal for most people. Can be trained out seems they are sending you a new hop rubber
  3. If the NiMh haven't been used for a long while they will have discharged fully and be pretty much toast anyway. Council tips will dispose of them or do you not have a small electrical collection with your refuse who will also take them
  4. Loads of videos on you tube on fixing the seals on mags. Normally a good silicon grease will sort them. A Always leave gas in mags, Good gas has silicon lube in it to stop the O rings drying out
  5. I run two G36's as lend to my mates rif's, dependable, easy to use, easy(ish) to fix, can take drum mags easily to field as a semi LMG I run an ICS L85 and L86 as my mains (much easier to wield than my M4's). great feel, very accurate, piece of P## to service and tweak, and the easiest battery compartment out there. also have an Army L85 but its nowhere near as good as the ICS's Sometimes carry an KWC mini Uzi as a back up for fun Occasionally use my Umarex G3 GBB, but basically for our site with very intense short battles any GBB is a waste of time as you n
  6. Something wrong there, never seen a depression there on any barrel before. Looks like BB's are injecting low and have worn an groove, or too much hop pushing them hard against that side
  7. Here are my 3, Top is a full on Mike Cripps build, based on his recommendations and a TM 5.1. snappy, shoots very accurately, 340fps on Black, Virtually all internals are custom as is Slide. This is my Plinking gun Middle is a medium Mike build, again based on a TM 5.1. Barrel, Hop, Nozzle upgraded. 80% of the above for half its price. 330fps on Black gas, Slide is original TM. Notice the MantisX unit , this is my dry fire training gun Bottom is 2 year old Novritsch SSP1 with cutaway slide and short stroke kit, all else is standard. Main Skirmish Side arm, its survived,
  8. I have 2 high end High capa's from Mike at Elite, both fantastic pistols and highly recommend, but I still skirmish with a near standard SSP1 (cutaway slide and short stoke kit). Its dependable, accurate enough and survives being sat on, dragged in mud etc for the last 2 years
  9. Go Titan battery, Double (at least) the capacity over the lipo's
  10. If only! £65 for my WE G3 GBB each, ridiculous!. Need a few as 30 round and therefore the mags cost more than the rifle (good thing I won it from Airsoft Competitions)
  11. Also seems top be no lubricant of any description in there, hence the wear and metal particles
  12. ASG blasters have loads or random voids in them when I investigated. Move to something better. Valkyrie, G&G, Novritsch
  13. File the feed lips a little to make a circle in the middle. will let the BB's sit a fraction higher andn centered. Common issue on Mk23 and Hi-capa's as well
  14. I have a speadsheet and work the odds, I am just under £1000 up at the moment. At the start there were less players and the odds were better. Its getting harder to win. for most of the games I've won I have reduce the odds to around 1 in 25 Well done 8-) I won the last one, its is a superb pistol and has become my fav. Stuck a maple leaf crazy jet in mine and autobot 50, for 2" group at 20m
  15. Definitely not a scam as I've won 4 times from them so far 8-) L86a2 M&P 9L (brilliant pistol) TM Glock 17 V3 Umarex G3 GBB Sometimes the draws can be 15-30 mins late on a Saturday as they also run Airsoft Plantation games and do the draw during the Lunch break I'm not affiliated in any way with them, never played at AP or shopped at ROE airsoft. But prizes have been shipped within 3 days normally and its all above board and legit
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