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    DPM mixed camp with simple cross drawn holster carrier. 3 Hi Cap mags, 4 Pistol Mags.
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  1. I just broke the top arm off as it wouldn't go in the gap, the 2 side ones did and hold it on fine
  2. lucky you, still waiting for mine
  3. I'd still get them seen by someone, if the rotators are torn and its not just arthritis, then it can be improved, movement increased and pain stopped I wouldn't worry about certification. Guedel's are great, easy to use and pretty foolproof. My certs run out 25 years ago (were only valid for 4 months at a time anyway), but in UK law you can't get sued if what you are doing is in your belief best for the patient and not causing harm. A good compromise on weight and space (I'm not carrying a full intubation kit around!). That, eye wash and the good old fallback, a couple of triangular bandages will cover most things.
  4. Get your rotators repaired. I've had both mine done. It's a long recovery taking up to a year for FULL return to functionality, but you will see improvement after 3 months and after 6 they will be far better than before the op. Yes, obviously there is some pain and a lot of physio work involved. but literally after 2 month post app they are less painful than living with the tear. I was skiing 4 month post both ops and my arm mobility is now far better than before. Added advantage is I had a load of arthritis removed at the same time. I'm an ex paramedic for LAS and SJA so I have quite an extensive FA kit on my back, just in case. Lots of scope for bramble lacerations, eye injuries and sprains . I carry 10 saline eye washes, as my experience is gunk in eyes is quite likely in the environments we play in. I also carry airway management, getting a person out of a forest to a road could be quite an effort and got to maintain an airway during the carry. I carry 3x470rrnd hi coat for my G36, on right, Sidearm and 4 mags on left (I like playing with my sidearm so can often use the 120 rounds carried). I have a spare battery and penknife in a small pocket left strap, and a pouch on right that my phone and car keys are secure in. On my back I have FA kit and radio pouch, and a dump bag on left and rubber tanto on right. I have a fitting on the belt to the right to clip in a thigh holster. Sometimes I run a high power non auto pistol for longer distances
  5. My toy SRC Gen 3, full metal Madbull 6.03, Gate Titan, SHS hi torque motor, 16:1 gears, shimmed, Prom purple bucking on airsoft pro hop up. 110 spring, bearing guide, double O rings all round etc 327fps at 17rps on 0.2 bb's with 8.6v. 1" group at 16m I'm blind in my right eye, so have sights on a riser so I can use left eye on red dot on right shoulder and both sights on left Other g36 was a broken one I got cheap. Idiot had over springed it and gears jumping, plus magazine broken. easy fix, now 367fps at 11rps. need to put lower spring it. horribly plastic CYMA. The SRC is leagues better quality
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