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    DPM mixed camp with simple cross drawn holster carrier. 4 Hi Cap mags, 4 Pistol Mags.
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  1. PTFE wrap on the Hop rubber to seal it to barrel
  2. Mike Crips runs black Nuprol 4 in his TM's including plastic TM slides ones and thats what he recommends. Put a rubber O ring on with the return spring to soften the impact and don't worry about the gas (cut down lego tyres are perfect for this)
  3. Just stick with a hi-Capa and get Mike to build it for you http://www.eliteshootingcentre.co.uk/Gas%20Guns/Gas%20Pistols/Items/5.1%20Hi%20Capa.htm His guns are great and he gives good advice. I own 2 from him, very happy
  4. MadMole

    leaky raven mags

    Its almost always the bottom seal as its the largest and weakest. Push out pin, pop it all out, clean and re-silicon grease the O ring/Gasket normally fixes things. Even getter a bit of blue Hylomarn (Silicon gasket) around the O ring and re-asemble, leave 24 hours and its fixed permanently
  5. MadMole

    tm Mk23

    Hate to mention the N word, but Novritsch has them in US for sale. I have one and its working very well for me (Added a Hadron TDC)
  6. Went on KETO diet, lost 3 stones, never felt better and can outrun half of the youngsters on a skirmish. plus with 55 years of experience I can out tactic them as well!
  7. I have a bay B6, it heats up batteries while charging, then I have a top of the range SKYRC charger that does 2 at once and batteries charge as fast but never even warm up. Get the SKYRC chargers, your batteries will thank you and long term it will be cheaper. Never really rated the B6, had several for RC cars and always had issues
  8. I had a mental picture of you throwing a fully loaded uzi into the enemy ranks where it span and went off in full auto 8-)
  9. We have a game at Longmoor (Airborne Airsoft) where the defenders are at the top of a steep hill and entrenched, and the attackers assault from a landing craft at the base. Defenders get 3 lives and have to fall back a trench row each hit. Offence get infinite lives respawning at the LC. Great scenario. Its all standard UK woodland, brambles and ferns. active area is only 200 ft wide with marked minefields at either side Either scenario is do-able but requires some coordination from the teams Defence best tactic, a LMG set up on either flank with a couple of folks with assault rifles either side to defend them. ie a kill zone across the front of the LC. just keep spraying the LC once the front door drops. We kept 1 team in that LC for 30 mins once. I got through an electric 2500 round drum mag on my G36C set up as a LMG on full auto. they were to tired from keep having to run up hill and go back to respawn Attack: I take my SSG24 sniper and hang back out of range while the team split in 2 and push either flank. I then pick off anyone who exposes themselves to hit the flankers, then we rush the middle. cover fire while moving up a tree works a little if you can get the newbies to cover you, but you'll soon get hit. Hanging back and picking targets seems to work better. You also want to avoid getting hit as keep respawning and having to run up the hill is knackering. So stealthy monkey works best
  10. unfortunately cant tell full range as only been shooting in my garden which is quite short. 3" cluster at 20m on a red dot
  11. Well, around 1000 rounds through my SSX23 now with 4 diiferrent mags and absolutely no probs what so ever. there are about 20 people reporting feeding issues (very easy fix) v thousands who have no issues. I've personally found Novritsch's customer support very helpful indeed. Do those saying its bad even have Novritsch products or is it all third party heresay? Oh and yes the mag springs are bleeding stiff and hard to hold down unless you have the printed gadget off ebay to hold it down. Quiet, accurate, impressed with mine
  12. I've imported 3 guns from Austria recently with just a BAC number, no issues at all
  13. Ive used Icoms and many other makes at work. The baofengs are just as reliable to be honest. Normally its antenna connectors etc that go. Just put a decent big aerial on and leave it and you should be good. The actual electronics very rarely fail. Batteries are the second weak point, keep em charged and don't run em down
  14. Baofeng do plenty of fully waterproof cheapens. I run a R760 and its fine, Just need a 2 pin adapter for it
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