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  1. I checked on Brit-Tac but I only find old past games. Where did you see that they announced a new one ? Nvm I found it sorry haha
  2. I mean I can drive for like an hour or worst case just take the train. But all of them don’t really seem to have any milsim events going on except Stirling.
  3. Hey everybody, im in the uk rn and wanted to ask if anybody knows any milsim games going on around May or early June. I’m in the West Midlands and would be best if around here is anything since I don’t have a car. I searched everything in google and only found Stirling’s event anything besides that ? thank you very muvh David
  4. Do the Rebels or opfor forces need to have an ak‘ish Style gun. Or is it ok to use an m4 or mk18 as rebel if you don’t have anything else ?
  5. Thank you really much for that offer. That’s really awesome ichecked the ukara in the company firefly they said it’s okay. So I sent it i get my ukara around 24th of may but thank you very very much The only thing I didn’t to Payne was shipment and that was only 20€ so not too bad for all my stuff
  6. Thank you so much for all the answers. This community is awesome and helped me so much with the laws in the uk. im a German living in Germany. But I’m staying rn in the uk for a few months and was thinking of buying a cheap gun and use it and leave it here. can I use my girlfriends adresse as she is British ? Thank you
  7. Would it be actually legal to use my airsoft gun after the repair. ? Or do I need a ukara ? And can I get ukara as german ? I played one game two months ago on one site and now I’m gonna play again two games at the same. Would that be enough ?
  8. thank you very much. Do the Package don’t get checked ? Or why does it go barely wrong ?
  9. In case something goes wrong with the ukara what would happen then ?
  10. I met the owner and he is a great guy. Invited me to a shoot and I asked him if I could send him my gun so it can get repaired and afterwards just use it Ns he was fine with to.
  11. Ok Quick question again. The guy from the shop gave me his gfs ukara And Name If i send it to that shop is that ok or doesn’t it need to be a particular adresse ?
  12. Ok thank you. im gonna print name, name of the shop and ukara number on there. I hope it gets through
  13. I don’t have a warranty number. Or anything. Just Ukara is that enough too ?
  14. Hey, So I got the ukara number. Do I just print it on the box ? And that’s it ?
  15. Thank You 🙂. Yea I will try to call the airport and I tried to call that number. I waited 10 mins and nobody picked up.
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