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  1. Good point I didn't think about that. He saw me playing on Sunday so hopefully thats piece of mind on his behalf.....
  2. Bang! Taken the plunge. Gone for the CXP16. Managed to get it for £160 with 6000 bbs too. So thats got to be at least a tenners worth lol. Picking up tonight. Am I not a tentative newbie now if I have a gun lol
  3. Ok thank you. Just seeing what was out there. Might just go down the new route as mentioned before and get the Combat machine
  4. Guys. I've just been offered a ICS CXP 16 short. With 2 mags, Charger, battery, sling and a load of BBs for £200? Pretty much looks brand new. Would it be worth it? Or an APS AUG Steyr which I prefer the look of. With 3 batteries, charger and 6 mags for £155....
  5. Hi all just to say thanks for all your advice. i played my first game Sunday just gone and really enjoyed it. Everybody there was spot on and all went smoothly. I now near enough have all my kit except a rifle. I'm trying to keep prices down as much as I can and thinking about getting a G&G CM16 Raider to begin with and eventually get something a little better built etc. Onwards and upwards :-)
  6. Cheers guys. Just ordered up some MTP trousers, UBACS top, gloves, boonie hat and a relatively cheap Tactical vest. Stopping short of adding all the Union jack patches etc. Nearly went down the C95 route but it aint much cheaper than the newer MTP stuff. Still looking in to eye wear etc. What I might do is wait until the weekend and see what people have and have a chat about their set up and perhaps have a little closer look. Anybody ever played down Bloxworth before?
  7. Ok cool. Just looking at some videos of other peoples set ups and some on them you'd need a trolley to caryy it around in lol I think I have enough info to at least get some basic kit together and then it will be on to what Rifle etc in the not too distant future 🙂
  8. Haha. I wasn't going down the helmet route. Just thought I'd use a Maroon Beret instead 😉 Cool i'll look into the full face mask instead then 🙂 WHilst chatting about iron sights. Do most use some kind of magnified sight or anybody rocking just old school iron sights?
  9. Cheers Musica for the crazy in depth reply. Pretty much answered everything I think. I'll have a look at some eye protection. The Dyi5 looks pretty cool though. Like something out of Halo lol I didn't even consider my teeth, it'll probably make them more straight if I did get shot 🙂 I might take you up on your tips of getting one. Ive done paintball and as you said, the full masks fog up and makes things much more difficult. Might go down the gogs and lower face mask. The I-Force goggs look pretty compact and pretty cheap for what they are..... I'll have a look into it all many thanks
  10. Thanks guys for your replies. I have booked on to have a go on the 5th of May. I'll be hiring a rifle but thought I could get some kit together in the mean time until I've done enough visits to get a RIF. Will BA MTP trousers and a UBACS shirt, with Black Lowa's be a bit.....frowned upon?? IE will I look like a Walt hahaha. (I thought you could rock up in jeans and a T shirt but it is a woodland area, i'll stick out surely.....Plus what is the norm for eye protection? Gogg's? Full face mask? Plus for a tactical vest is it best to grab a MOLLE and buy the bits i'll need? I promise not to write my blood group on it and stick British flags on my kit. I'm guessing I'll eventually need 2 or 3 mags? Room for another battery depending on how long they last? Plus a pocket for a Mars bar of course:-) Generally any kit knowledge thrown my way would be more than appreciated. Thanks again.
  11. Cool. Many thanks guys much appreciated. I knew there would be the odd few but it sounds like sites are not inundated with them 🙂 Pretend war.....I like that haha
  12. Haha. I was thinking the same about camo lol. But I suppose rocking up in jeans and t shirt might not be appropriate. Still got my old Lowa's knocking about and I dont think i'll fit into anything else now 🙂 So might get some old C95 kit as its cheap as chips.....jobs a gooden. Might not sew on the SAS wings though 😉
  13. Thanks for that pal. Good to hear. I suppose being new and not knowing you tend to build up a pciture of what you think it'll be like compared to what it actually is. Hence I suppose asking the initial question. Much appreciated
  14. Haha. brilliant. Trust me i'll be keeping my mouth closed about what I done, not because i've done anything bad may I add but like you said, people will expect more from you. I've always been crap at paintball and I am guessing it will be similar🙂 Really appreciate you taking the time to post. It has put me at ease. I've just messaged the nearest place to me for some more details. I'll give it a whirl and then I hope the fun bit starts.....collecting some Gucci kit 🙂
  15. Thanks for the honest reply. I thought that might be the case. I know people probably wouldn't take the BS but I find it a little difficult when someone tells me they went over the top at the Battle of the Somme 🙂
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