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    Krytac Mk2 CRB Project gun, a very old Echo 1 Scar L, Ares Amoeba Am-013, VFC PPQ
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    Desert Colors(I'm not good with camo) Forest Camo of sorts
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  1. Rifle I use is a modded krytac crb mk2 with a 45k motor and Prometheus bucking and inner barrel. I use it with a three cell 11.1 lipo. By the way you are describing the issue it seems like the cut off lever is having issues because I’ve had moments where in semi it went full auto. Do you know how much it would cost for a new cut off lever I’ll try with a 9.6
  2. So recently I was at the field and while in semi I noticed that instead of single shot I was getting two round burst. I was told that this was a gearbox issue. Any other possible reasons behind the
  3. Is there any part that is highly recommended when or just after purchasing the gun, or in the long term?
  4. I've heard that a LCT guns need a new motor pretty desperately when you get them. Is that true?
  5. I can understand turning down the ROF and trigger response, but what is the advantage to precocking
  6. I've seen the Matrix Level 1 plate carrier as a good base if you're going to buy the mag pouches separately amongst other admin pouches and whatnot.
  7. Doesn't the Gate Titan have the ability to boost fire rate and whatnot from your phone? I've heard somethings about that. The only reason I ask about this is I'd be turning the scar into a higher RPS build. Thanks, Veni
  8. I'm looking to buy a new mosfet for my ancient Echo 1 Scar-L for under 120$. Does anyone have any recommendations, I wasn't able to find anything through any other threads. Thanks, Veni
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent quality cheap Russian Camouflage and Vests with 3-4 mag pouches preferably. I'm hoping maybe to assemble a russian loadout for a Milsim I'm going to during the summer
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