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  1. Welcome, I've just got back into airsoft after a near 20 year break. TMs were the daddies back then (not that we were spoilt for choice!) and although there is some stiff competition they are still up there as the ones to beat in my eyes, if I could just decide which recoil shock to get....
  2. Yes I can confirm that they do, I use them for my P90 and Vector, arguabley they work better with the vector mags than P90. There is a built in seperator to hold each mag.
  3. I tried the evo and vector before I got the vector, but I had a tough time deciding. The evo had a much better trigger as already stated but performance to me seemed very similar (only fired it in shop shooting range, and I've not had huge experience as only got back into airsoft 6 months ago) but the vector did have higher rof but as you've said that isn't important if only using single shot. What sold the vector for me were it's ergonomics, mag capacity and it's feel, it felt sturdier and better made to me. I had no intention of getting a vector, I personally aren't all that bothered about the spacegun looks and I was intending to get a Krytac PDW or an evo but I made the mistake of holding the vector and it just felt ergonically fantastic. Ergonomics and feel are subjective though so, if you can, see and feel them in the flesh. I had a look at the limited edition vector and it's great but I wanted one for CQB so went standard and used what I'd save on extra mags. As for mag pouches I use P90/MP5/UMP pouches which are easy enough to find. Those KWAs sound awesome, wish I knew about them before as they would have been contenders. As would the VFC MP7 AEG had it been out.
  4. Yeah I've heard about the TM fairy dust! Other than mod for batteries I would be leaving it untouched until something goes then look at the possibility of upgrading. My TM P90, which is standard and is about 285 fps out ranges my krytacs which are about 330-340 fps, I don't know what witch craft they put into them but the last thing I want to do is loose any of it! Thanks for your input, nice to hear about how much you get out of the batteries, I use those batteries (albeit without deans) in my Vector and was planning on using them for the recoil shock I get. I do like the look of the Devgru but I'm leaning more towards the 416D. One is cost but I also like attachments to have functionality so a mock suppresser is a bit pointless for me. I do like the QD aspect of it on the Devgru though and I have wondered if a tracer unit could be installed in it, that could sway me.
  5. I really appreciate your input guys, I'm gonna go TM but you've reopened the SCAR/416 debate in my head again! I'm in no rush so I'm going to take the time and scope out both versions in the flesh, I've got to be sure if I'm considering spending £600 with extra mags. The lower cost of the SCAR plus the fact that it doesn't require mod for the battery is attractive, as is the folding stock. Can I just double check something: is it just the TM M4s, 416/7 and SCARs that have the empty stop function and the rest just have the recoil function?
  6. I really appreciate this, thanks. I'm thinking that if I did get a VFC I would doubtless end up getting a TM at some point as well anyway so should probably go TM first. Before deciding on the 416/7 I was also considering the SCAR L/H as well. I was thinking 416/7 due to familiarity with the platform but SCARs seem very similar. I know it is obviously subjective but which between the 416 and SCAR do you find has the better handling qualities and general ergonomics?
  7. Thanks this is really helpful, like mentioned the recoil system is not of much interest to me but it's good to know that it doesn't have a lot of weight to it and I can see how stop on empty is useful, I just don't like the idea of shelling out for a set of new mags! Other than the lipo mod I can't imagine I would need to do anything to the TM for a long time as you've mentioned whilst the VFC might need tinkering so I am now more leaning towards TM, I really need to see them in the flesh.
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure I would not be bothered about the recoil shock features of the TMs, but I'm pretty sure it would be a great gun due to previous TM experiences. I suppose it is 'fear of the unknown' when it comes to VFC or G&G
  9. Hi guys So I'm giving some serious thought into getting either a HK 416 or 417 but the question is which brand. I'm probably leaning more towards a 416 due to not having to get extra M4 mags but I prefer the look of the 417 so I need to make a decision. Either way I'll be looking at the shorter versions available (but not the HK416c, not a fan of the lack of battery storage/PEQ box battery) I've researched TMs, VFCs and also came across the G&G TR4-18. I prefer the TM and VFC models but wondered if anyone has had any experience with the G&G? I understand the TM requires propriety mags (or those recoil shock PTS ones) and batteries (unless I convert for lipo) so this would be the more expensive option however, from my so far quite limited experience, I love the quality and performance of the TMs I own and others that I've have had the chance try out. Another thing about TMs that I'm not sure about is the whole recoil shock system, I'm just not a fan of it. I can understand why people do like it for realism and it is quite cool but I just see it as something that could go wrong, uses more power and is not really necessary for airsoft. I'm aware there is a device you can install so the TM 416 can use normal M4 mags (I run normal PTS EPM mags) but you loose the stop fire on empty fuction but I'm not too concerned about that. How easy is it to disable the recoil shock feature and does this impact the performance? I'm unfamiliar with VFCs but from what I can gather they are well built, look excellent but I've read conflicting information about the quality of their internals. I've not had any experience with VFCs personally but a few people I've spoken to who have and some say they are fantastic and others say meh so not sure what to think - this may be down to speaking to some who are more experienced and technically minded and have a better understanding of internals and others who are comparing it to the rentals they had been using before getting their own! Although I haven't owned a G&G I have tried a few out as they seem to be everywhere and I have been surprisingly impressed by a few models (such as ARP9/556) for what they cost. Having said that though I much prefer quality over quantity and would hate to waste £300 odd quid on the G&G and then find that I should have bought the TM or VFC. I have no immediate plans to upgrade so I want to know which will offer the best balance of quality, performance and reliability straight out of the box. Any help or advice would be much appreciated, and if there are any other brands that I should consider please let me know
  10. +1 this speedloader, granted I've got a clone that broke and I bodge fixed like other folk, but I'll pick up a proper Odin when it next pops, saves so much time and energy
  11. Thanks for the links, really helpful. Especially as I've just ordered the gun😀
  12. I’m based in West Yorkshire and so far I’ve tried Kill House and Halo Mill, really looking forward to getting to some outdoor places but it seems a lot of them advertise through Facebook. I don’t do social media at all (other than hobby forums like this) so it can be a bit frustrating trying to find out what’s available and when. I’ve been to Urban Airsoft a few times and they advertise Fear Masters so hoping to give that a go soon.
  13. Thanks, that looks great and with a nice low profile. Can the angle at which it sits be adjusted as I'm considering a chest holster set up?
  14. Hi Can anyone point in me in the right direction for the above? I'm giving some serious thought on picking up a TM USP compact but I like to get a whole package if I do. Mags are easy to come by but I'm struggling finding a holster that will definitely work so any help and advice would be great. (as would opinions on the TM USP compact, I've had a search through the forum and it seems to be a good choice?)
  15. Like many it seems I've been checking this forum out for a while and now I'm thoroughly commited to this amazing new hobby I thought I'd join up and get more involved! I got back into airsoft in November and this site has been an invaluable resource. When I say back into airsoft, I'm talking 20 years so you could imagine my amazement in how thing have developed since. I have been a bit daft and spent a small fortune but it's been worth it so far.
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