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  1. Holy crap it is that charger! I can't believe they're still selling them and it's 6 months ago when mine went tits up. If this is happening with cheap NiMH chargers then I'd be terrified to think what could potentially happen with cheap lipo chargers, OP was lucky that he was there to stop a dangerous situation turning into a potentially disastrous one if the lipo went up.
  2. D'oh! God dammit you're right 😂 Might have also been able to get my house rewired too😉 They did seem genuinely mortified and they sorted it out straight away but not a whiff of compo. I've had a fair bit of experience with dodgy electrical items (who hasn't) but this has taught me to not go for the cheapest option and test everything before you leave the shop. Many moons ago I used to work in the reptile/aquarium trade and we used to test everything before it left the shop, even if the customer wasn't bothered, and lo and behold I'd say we had issues with 20-30% of the lower priced equipment we stocked. In fact I left that job due to the manager insisting we still stocked said items even though we all knew they were crap and could end up causing a disaster.
  3. I had an ASG NiMH charger from Patrol Base do a similar thing, plugged it in, puff of smoke and tripped power off in the whole house but thankfully no further smoke/fire. I'm local to Patrol Base so I took it back and I cannot fault their service. They were very apologetic and asked if there was any harm done by it tripping the power (thankfully there wasn’t) and provided me with a new one which they checked in the shop to make sure it was working. What it did teach me was not to cheap out on chargers and I’ve since replaced it with a higher quality charger for my own peace of mind. Also taught me to check any electrical item in shop before purchase but obviously this is not possible when purchasing online.
  4. It's a bad day when DS Spares don't have it! What has the world come to?!😂 Yeah I was considering an FTS as it appears a lot of them are well suited to eotechs but just can't justify going RS, although it's interesting to hear some can work, does yours keep good alignment or does it require frequent adjustment?
  5. Yeah it's a real bugger that, especially as Honda always say they have all parts for all their bikes available, they don't mention that said part could be on the other side of the world! That's good to know, thanks. I just need to make sure I order from China!
  6. Great stuff, thank you. Are their any HMRC charges to consider before ordering? I'm always a bit hesitant about ordering outside the EU after buying a motorcycle part for £40 then having to pay HMRC another £30 for them to release it!
  7. I must admit to assuming that any prescription eyepro would be prohibitively expensive but £85 all in is very reasonable, though the lack of full seal is a concern for me. I'm still trying to find the right eyepro for the right situation, I've got a warq for CQB and its amazing but difficult to get a decent weld, even with a riser, so I've ordered a onetigris and some Bolle goggles for outdoor. That scope looks great, as do many others they sell, totally forgot about AliExpress so thanks for reminding me. I've never ordered from them before, do you know roughly how long it takes for delivery?
  8. This is really helpful, thanks for your response, I am after a ACOG type scope and some of these are great, if a tad pricey but they certainly fulfil my remit, now the research begins! Could not agree more and the exact reason I want a scope, I struggle to identify targets over approx 40 foot due to dodgy eyesight so need to make sure I'm targeting the opposition and not a friendly, a ref, or, in one case, a funny looking branch swaying in the breeze! Ideally I am after x3 but seems there are more options at x4. Like mentioned I've never had to consider magnification before so this is a whole new world for me to learn about. Thanks again for everyone's responses, really helpful and insightful, I'd hate to think what useless/pointless tat I would have bought without the help I've got from this forum!
  9. Thanks for your replies guys, I'm gonna go down the ACOG type route. I had a feeling that at this price point FTS magnifiers just aren’t up to snuff and you’ve confirmed that. The whole ‘flip to side cool factor’ is not something I’m bothered about as such but just thought it was a good way of ensuring the eotech was not wasted so I’ll probably use ACOG type for outdoor and eotech for pure CQB. Thanks for these suggestions, I'm going to research them further. I've absolutely no experience with magnification so I've got to admit I haven't got a clue what features I should be looking for! Is it possible to get a decent ACOG type scope with a decent attached red dot within my budget of £100 or would I be better possibly spending a bit more? I know I could get a decent scope for £100 or less and a decent red dot for well under £100 but I'm concerned that a scope with both for £100 or less might have a crap scope and crap red dot due to the compromise in price.
  10. I’ve been looking at scopes for my 416, I have an eotech clone on it at the moment so I am considering a FTS magnifier. I have never really seen any sort of magnified scope as necessary in airsoft before (except for sniping) but my eyesight is not what it used to be and I’m yet to find an eyepro setup that can incorporate glasses that work comfortably for me (can’t do contact lenses). So I’m possibly looking for a x3 or x4 scope but as I have the eotech I was wondering if an FTS could be the solution. Anyone had any experience with FTS magnifiers and whether they are worth it? Any FTSs that anyone would recommend? Or would it be better to get a standard scope like an ACOG clone or similar? I don’t want to go crazy and have set a budget of no more than £100 (cheaper the better obviously but I don’t want to buy crap) so if I can get a better scope than FTS for the money then that’s what I’d do and stick my eotech on something else. Cheers
  11. I'd be very interested in an update regarding those mods as I'm thinking of going down that route, I just have the standard version so it won't obviously reflect what you're getting for the limited edition but yeah keep us informed! (plus a direct comparison with the TM416 would be nice, I picked one up last week 😉)
  12. Thanks for clearing that up for me guys, much appreciated, I did not know the M45A1s had better mags so this is really useful.
  13. Hey all I've been hearing some conflicting information that I'm hoping someone can help clear up. I've been told by some that a lot of 1911s cannot clear an entire mag on one gas fill, I'm talking your classic 1911s and MEUs with the standard slim mags, not the extended mags or hi capas etc. I understand that weather conditions can be a factor with this. The reason I ask is that I was quite interested in a couple of models in the TM warrior series but having been informed of this potential issue I played it safe and got a hi capa (which turned out to be probably my best decision in airsoft so far) I've since been told and read that this isn't an issue but more of an urban myth and is more likely due to poor maintenance, faults, low quality brand or misuse in terms of correct gas for the conditions. So can anyone help clear this up for me? Thanks
  14. Apologies for resurrecting this thread but I just wanted to thank everyone for your help and advice. I checked out the 416 and SCARs and after making a tough decision I am now the proud owner of a 416 Devgru. I wasn't intending on getting the Devgru as I wasn't all that fussed about the attachments and thought I would get the 416D but I was mightily impressed with the overall quality and once I shot it I was sold. I loved the ergonomics of the SCAR and I would have got one if I was thinking with my head but my heart took over and I just couldn't ignore the fantastic looks of the Devgru and I know I made the right decision. I had it converted for lipos and now I've just got to track down the elusive PTS EPM recoil mags...
  15. Welcome, I've just got back into airsoft after a near 20 year break. TMs were the daddies back then (not that we were spoilt for choice!) and although there is some stiff competition they are still up there as the ones to beat in my eyes, if I could just decide which recoil shock to get....
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