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  1. Hi folks Can anyone advise what floating rail system I can fit to my ics m4a1. Thanks
  2. Thanks Nick i guess it seems to be the case. I was just worried about the battery wire still being in the buffer tube when i pop the gear box out.
  3. Hi All. So i am planing to change my spring in my HK416A5 AEG due to unhappy fps and i have noticed on many sales sites it says do not under any circumstance remove the buffer tube. I was wondering how (if anyone knows) I am able to access the quick spring change system? I have tried to google it and looked on you tube with no success and thought maybe someone on here has successfully changed one? Thanks folks. Lee
  4. Thanks Musica. They do seem to very rare to find just now.
  5. Hi Folks. Turns out my gun didnt come with a cleaning rod and it seems that trying to find one online is like trying to fine rocking horse **** Anyone able to help? Thanks 🙌
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