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  1. So aim for 340ish and I’d be good?
  2. Thanks for the guys. 👍
  3. I take it the majority probably don’t calibrate?
  4. Thanks for that so what does 350 FPS equate to energy joules?
  5. Question guys & girls 350FPS limit tested with 0.20’s is that with the hop fully off so gun is only capable of shooting 350 or less with some hop on or using 0.25’ for example? thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Come on you know you’ll be hanging in the morning and won’t go!! make some ££ out of it!?!? 🤪😂😂
  7. Or sell your spot for a small profit ££?
  8. Hi all I’m new to the forum 👋 I’m hoping to get in at Drakelow this Sunday but it’s fully booked. If anyone can’t make it I can refund you your deposit. Need two spots ideally. Thanks. 🤞
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