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  1. Hey mate ,don't get me wrong, would love a recoil ,I think they've got the balance and feel just right ,but let's be honest there's a lot of snobbery in airsoft ,from someone on the outside looking in , you've got two groups of players ,the tiny group of peacocks that drape themselves in crye and wouldn't be seen with nothing less than a TM recoil ,buying respect, loving the attention they get from kids and the rest who just want a good looking gun that shoots long and straight lol
  2. TBH , the balance and build quality of a TM is evident ,but its swings and roundabouts, you could take the gamble and put all your money into buying a 2nd hand TM ( depending on how it’s been looked after )that may or may not shoot good or buy a solid cheaper gun upgrade it ,that shoots great and keeps up with the big boys but won’t impress the geardos/fanboys . I’ve personally upgraded an Arthurian mk18 with Prometheus parts shoots better than most AEGs on my field including the boys with the TM’s
  3. I'm kinda confused ( in context of this thread ) by this buy TM argument ,yes best around quality out of the box ,but every serious Airsofter i know who buys one upgrades theirs with Prometheus parts , if you was on a budget and brought a good solid budget gun ( IE a specna ) and used it as a base gun and then upgraded the internal parts with some Prometheus parts surely you would have a gun ,that performs on the same par as an upgraded TM,costs a lot less , but without the fanboy kudos ..
  4. I've got a MK 18 Athurian ( pimped up specna ) , great little gun ,absolutely solid metal construction, shoots great out of the box , ( believe it or not shoots better than a Modded TM M16 I owned) ,quick change Spring is awesome,obviously for the purists the balance and finish isn't in the same league as some of the bigger brands but if you want a good base gun ,something you want to upgrade slowly ,I think it's a good little buy for the money .lots of snobbery in airsoft ,these get bad press from players who haven't even owned one ,have shown my gun to two local Techs and they've been really surprised by the quality and how well it shoots ,have a couple of honest gripes though ,on semi yes it feels snappy but on auto is wanting a little and the trigger Spring is weak and would suggest changing it up the first chance you can ,change up the bucking too and you won't be disappointed.
  5. Cheers for your help,not the best when it comes to airsoft guns, Have had the following upgrades done ,has made it a lot more snappier and cured the " lock up problem ,fires around 335 FPS " know I'm never gonna get anything back money wise for this old girl but this is gonna be a keeper ,so would like to pop it into my local Tech one last time and give it one last going over, maybe something to improve consistency and durability Ie new spring guide ect ,interested in previous owners thoughts and knowing best TM compatible upgrade parts so I don't feel stupid taking to the tech lol madball python v2 purple pommy Merf Mosfet Deans converted metel Bushs ASG 19:1 gear set ? G&G one piece outer barrel
  6. On impulse brought a TM M733 ,too be honest a bag of nails ,old,slow,locked up regularly,loose outer barrel and had a horrible "black Hawk Down " paint job .and yes I've fallen in love with it. Have in slow time been slowly upgrading her - my question is for you " old timers" ,could you please help and give me some advice on any proven performance improving internal upgrades for a m16a2 so those guys draped in crye stop looking at me nastily lmao ,many thanx
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