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  1. Hi all! I say old git, I'm 29 from Bracknell near Reading. Maybe not as old as a few here 😂. I played airsoft quite regularly about a decade ago for a few years on and off. Had myself a few decent loadouts too. The reason I stopped playing and it all ended so abruptly was because the woman I was seeing at the time didn't take a break up too well and decided that my AEG's and all equipment was better off being sold to compensate her broken heart. Still stings to this day. Anyway, I've been lurking the forums for about a week to try and gauge the atmosphere and what the state of the sport currently is. You all seem extremely friendly, mature and very knowledgeable so it's good to know I've joined the company of some decent folks. Obviously I'm here because I want to get back in the sport. The scars have somewhat healed and I'm getting the itch. I think the first course of action will be to understand what decent sites are around me, if any forums members here know the reading and surrounding areas and what they'd recommend? How is solo players seen and are there often meetup from the forum? I abruptly and impatiently booked Tuesday night at Bristol airsoft and almost cringe at knowing I'm going to be one of the "rentals" again 😅. Though the site looks really cool, I'm not 100% I'll be able to visit there regularly. Cheers!
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