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    Only used once, never dropped, I'm just too much of a trigger spammer, so gonna get some hi caps. £25 each delivered £80 for all 4 delivered



  2. TM Mk18. Sorted Gonna eventually switch to a Magpul CTR stock and want a decent suppressor as well but not sure which to get
  3. My first airaoft gun. I’ll update a new image when all the attachments arrive but for now I think it looks cool out of the box
  4. Looks sweet that mate. I can’t be bothered messing with the insides for now is just want to take it out of the box and crack on. The new Umarex A5’s are more true to the real steal ones though, definitely. I’ve just heard mixed reviews about them. Whereas TM’s seem to have better reviews on them ‘out the box’ etc
  5. VFC aren’t as good as TM though?
  6. I get that we’re all playing army with our friends using toy guns but for £600 I want my toy to be spot on and if someone’s scratched off a logo before I’ve even opened the box then I’d rather get one thqt hadn’t been fiddled with prior to me getting it
  7. Yea I like the realism I think the HK stuff looks cool
  8. Sweet. Coz I was swaying toward the Mk18 that’s just come out even though I’ve always loved the look of the 416s but thought they’d be no point if it didn’t have trades. So that kind of settles it. Now... do I go Tan or Black 🤔🤔🤔
  9. Looking at getting a new TM416 but looks like some are getting their trades taken off - does anyone know of or had any delivered recently still with the trades on? Really like the look of the HK tradesand stuff so wouldn’t want to open my brand new shiny black 416 Delta and find it looking blank and plain and a little bit shoddy
  10. Ah right got it. Thanks for that. So the CQBR is a cheaper option. Having said that, I do I’ve the look of Mk18’s or the tan Delta so prob will end up go with one of those. Now.. next topic... sights/grips/stocks/lights/mags ......
  11. Thanks for the helps guys. So I’m gonna get a new one. Only thing I’m gonna change is the battery and I like the CTR stocks so I’ll get the thicker pad and shave put out a space for the battery in that. so if they’re pretty much the same inside, why would you spend £600 on a Mk18 when you can get a CQB-R for £430 new? Is it purely looks?
  12. Hey guys, new to this but like everything I do I always go all in. So looking at getting a TM, AEG. I assume they’re all pretty much the same internally and just look different in the outside? Looking at one of the various 416’s available or the Mk18 that’s due out soon. Am I best getting new or are they reliable enough to get used? I’m coming from the guitar world, so used to dropping daft amounts of money on my toys, but I’ve had 20 years experience so know what I’m buying if it’s used or new etc. any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks, Lewis
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