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  1. Here’s my MTR, all finished for now mainly cosmetic stuff done to it, with just a modify tan bucking and sixG nub internally. Replaced broken MTR stock with a MFT Battlelink, fitted Magpul K2 grip, PTS Radian Raptor charging handle, BCM stubby grip and MLOK rail grips up front. UTG scope mount with vision king VPO on top.
  2. It’s just from use. Noticed it after the third time out with the MTR Great looking stock but the plastic isn’t really up to holding the guns weight from the QD point. I’ve added a pic of the damage below. Thanks for the tips, I’ll take a look on YouTube for that. Where’s the best place to get a receiver tap from? UBR 2 is definitely nicer, I’m just looking to see if I can get it cheaper than £260 though!
  3. Thanks for the info! I’m looking to replace my mtr stock as it’s cracking around the sling mount so was thinking of the pts stock as I wasn’t sure the RS buffer tube would work. Did you have to tap the thread to get it to fit the receiver? I notice you didn’t fit it to the MTR lower- is this because the QD mount gets in the way of the stock?
  4. I take it that's the PTS gas version of the magpul UBR stock? Does it fit and operate ok? Does it affect the buffer operation at all? Looks awesome!
  5. Is the RA Tech npas that also fits we rifles the one t o get for MWS?
  6. No I haven't, I've heard mixed views on whether the mag tubes should be cut down one inch, removed altogether or not modified at all! Are there any downsides to the high speed buffer? I'd like to fiddle as little as possible really. If I can get the snappy response using high power gas and lower the fps via the npas this might be better. I've never fitted one of these before as it's my first gas rifle, are they tricky to do?
  7. Ok so used my MTR for the first time on a hot day today, and found it was shooting too hot on abbey predator and nuprol 2.0, so I used abbey 144a. With all gases however I found the bolt lock had stopped working, maybe due to the temp also, but I fixed this but unscrewing the buffer tube one rotation. So far so good. Trouble is I’ve found the gun sluggish on 144a and some mags barely fired every round before running out of gas. Would I be better using more powerful gas with an Npas in hot weather? Any other options?
  8. I do mine after every game, always a bit grubby in there. I have a modify tan hop rubber which shows the dirt up easily and the gas I'm using is a little dirty so I just clean the hop rubber and barrel with isopropyl alcohol, then degrease the receiver and bolt, then re-lube all the bits that touch with two different dry lubes, thinner wd40 dry on the bolt outer, with thicker teflon dry lube made by finish line for bicycle chains on the firing mechanism and on the groove the cocking handle runs in to make it smoother action.
  9. I emailed from the page linked in this thread but didn't get a response! Not sure who Dave is?!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm just working on my first gas gun, an MTR-16 and have installed a modify tan hop rubber. My gun is sitting around in bits waiting on a upgraded nub however as I've been unable to source a SixG Super Nub, and have been looking at the Laylax strike hop up arm as a possible alternative. Has anybody tried one out?
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