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  1. That is one good looking gun imo!!! 😍
  2. Ahhh that’s cool to know!! Thanks
  3. What time does the shop at mpa close? It says 10pm on google but nothing on their website. And didn’t know if that was just the arena or not.
  4. Well just meant any in general lol
  5. Does anyone know if there are any decent indoor cqb sites in Essex?
  6. I done the same thing haha 😂 Wishful thinking ay
  7. Sweet. Will have a look next weekend I think!
  8. Thanks for the info Bert. Didnt know of the other 2 shops apart from Battlezone. Will have to give them a visit. Yeah i I want to start playing new fields. Only kept playing at Skirmish to get my ukara.
  9. Thanks for the info. Yeah planning on going there to have a look. Would rather buy one in a shop than online so I can see/hold it in the flesh
  10. Hi guys! Im Sam, I’ve been a member on the site for a couple weeks now but this is my first post. New to airsoft only been 3 times so far and have been using borrowed gear. Only played at Skirmish Billericay so far. Im waiting on my Ukara and am looking for my first RIF. Just seen this and think it is a new range of Specna Arms rifles already upgraded. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-sa-e06-edge-carbine Just wondered on people’s thoughts and advice? Thanks in advance.
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