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  1. The zci is good same as the g&g rotary unit I got the maxx so if I want to I can turn it to a tracer for a few quid
  2. I've done the same bud got all the stuff from bullseye airsoft madbull piston .piston head .cylinder head .air nozzle. spring guide .all by maxx plus the maxx adjustable trigger Hope this helps
  3. Just picked up the maxx oo5 pro hop unit just waiting on a few more parts but from what I've read it should fit and feed a lot of different mags after that I read a lot about prowin and came across a lot of issues hope this helps just have 2 send it all off 2 a tech next I'll let you know when its done
  4. Yeah I saw there is a lot of types to pick form and sometimes just reading everyone blows my head but I would order through a shop to get the right unit
  5. hey guys so on Sunday I was having some feed issues on full auto so I'm going to do some upgrades starting with the hopup chamber not sure what the best one will be think I've got it down to a prowin or maxx hop unit just want to know what's going 2 best fit the predator any help would be good thanks
  6. Ricoone982


    Thanks bud there is a grub screw I couldn't see might have to take the rail off to get to!it tho thanks for your help bud
  7. Ricoone982


    Hey guys need a bit of help how do I take the flash hider off a g&g predator to attach a acetech lighter s to it any help would be good
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