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    Currently on the hunt for new aeg, preferably an m4 variant but all things considered.
    G18c -
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    Previously UCAP sites, now ready to see what's around Leeds.
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    Rugby, powerlifting and shooting.

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  1. Downrange

    Re-kitting up

    Thanks for the replies so far gents, I'll start having a browse through some of the recommendations. Hoping to get my return game in asap when I find a solid site close to Leeds. Definitley keener on having good guns than kit, used to just run a light belt kit crye trousers and softshell most of the time. Cheers
  2. Downrange

    Re-kitting up

    Id probably be looking for around £500 all in if that's do able, I'd mostly be looking at indoors but do enjoy the odd woodland game. I've got enough issued kit to tide me over untill I can build a budget for some new gear.
  3. Downrange

    Re-kitting up

    Hi guys, I sold all my guns and kit about 5 years back before joining the forces, but looking to get back into it now I've got more time. So wondering what's changed and what's good to look out for? I'll probably be looking for an m4 variant, glock and some sort of blank greande once I've got a valid defense again so has anyone got any recommendations or warnings? Cheers