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  1. Not sure if you have made your purchase, but just to add my two cents here, I am left handed and had huge trouble finding something for the multitude of pistols I own and getting them holstered securely. Drop legs really are not my thing as they are too 'floppy' so I bought a Blackhawk Omnivore with a 3'' low ride adapter taking the pistol grip below the level of the belt. There are three types of Omnivore you can purchase, as they secure via the frame mounted weaver rail either by a Surefire 300 style pistol light, or a special weaver rail attachment if you don't want to use a light. Unfortunately, the main way this system works is by using an attachment either a light or a special adapter connected to the weaver rail, but it does work pretty well, is very versatile and a lot more reasonably priced than Safariland. You can purchase all this from Tactical-Kit if you need too. I hope that helps?
  2. Hi All My first post on here. I am looking for some advice, I am interested to build a Guarder based 1911 slide and frame kit with TM internals (which are fully compatible). However, I want to use CO2 as the power source rather than green gas. Can anyone please advise on which CO2 magazines would be compatible with TM internals please. Many thanks in advance.
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