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  1. Hi Lads, Rather than moan about a company I have a positive story. I have no connection with Airsoft Would just a customer. I ordered some bits from Airsoft World , two of the items I received were not the correct items. After initially contacting Airsoft World the situation from my point of view was not getting sorted BUT after Steve the MD applied a large amount of common sense it all got sorted. This has been said many times over, the issue is not if a company makes a mistake it's how they deal with it. I'd have no problem recommending Airsoft World or dealing with them again in the future.
  2. Thanks for the info. really helpful ๐Ÿ‘
  3. Great, really appreciate you posting the links for me. Ok, do you know if the output valves from the KWA G17/18/34 mags will fit the KWA G19 mags? just want to be sure but will the KWA G17/18/34 mags fit the ASG G19? Iโ€™ll pm you about price๐Ÿ‘
  4. Thanks for the reply, Iโ€™ll start Googling!!
  5. Hi, Apart from ASG mags, what other brand of mags are compatible with the ASG G19? I think WE are not compatible, is there a mod you can do to get them to work? looking for the cheapest mags that will work Any advice appreciated
  6. Hi Lads, Looking for a 11.1v lipo battery that will fit into the rear stock tube on a G&G Wild Hog. I've searched this & other forums but haven't come across any recomendations other than run a 11.1v lipo that fits! I've got one recommendation of a crane stock battery: https://www.vapextech.co.uk/airsoft-11-1v-1300mah-30c-lipo-battery-with-case-lp304-vapextech/ anybody using this battery? I've been told it will fit with a bit of 'fettling'!๐Ÿ™„ Ideally I'm looking for a one piece battery, I think this might fit but it has a low capacity: https://www.vapextech.co.uk/airsoft-11-1v-800mah-30c-lipo-battery-with-case-lp103a-vapextech/ Appreciate any recommendations ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Will this Vapex lipo fit into the stock of a G&G Wild Hog? https://www.vapextech.co.uk/airsoft-11-1v-1300mah-30c-lipo-battery-with-case-lp303-vapextech/
  8. Thanks lads ๐Ÿ‘ mahoosive, that made me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚ Good to know ๐Ÿ‘, 'dust off'? must be a typo, if not where do I get a mahoosive tin of dust off๐Ÿ˜
  9. Thanks for the reply. The G&G ARP9 get's really good reviews. One question for you since you've put a lot of BB's down the barrel! Have you had any issues with the ETU regarding battery voltage? I've come across some lads saying you 'must' run 11.1v with the G&G ETU's as the Mosfet cut-off they use is quite high & unless you have a fairly new 7.4v lipo it can sometimes just stop running after a hundred rounds or so but with a 11.1v it just keeps running & running. My concern with a 11.1v pack is the strain it could/will put on the gearbox/moving parts? What do you use, 7.4v or higher? what's the biggest capacity battery you can fit in the ARP9 stock?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yep, the research I'm doing is pointing towards the G&G brand, solid & reliable which is what I'm looking for. I do like the ICS split gearbox, just seems like a much better engineered solution, it pushes my budget a bit. Any disadvantages to the split gearbox?
  11. Thanks for the reply. Don't really care what it looks like, just want good, acurate performance. The reason I asked about Classic Army is that they seem to have broken a price point by supplying an AEG rifle with programmable trigger/mosfet + 6.03 bore, reasonable interal bits. I understand that all of this is built down to a price! I was just wondering if any other makers are offering something similar or better. I'll have a look at the G&G's as they seem to have a good reputation.
  12. Thinking of investing in an AEG, I was going to get a CYMA CM.520, I know, I know!!! I was going to upgrade it over time but when I totted up the cost it would end up more expensive than a more decent entry level or intermediate rifle. OK, I'm aware Classic Army have a range of out of the box electronic trigger, tight bore (6.03) AEG's which seem OK? Is any other manufacturer offering similar/better spec. for under 150new? I was looking at the Specna Arms CORE range but can't seem to find anything about the trigger mech., is it just a normal contact type?
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