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    Only just got back into it so I’m very new and just bought the basics 3 mags , 18 shells for dan W
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  1. Tis but a stones throw lol ,....if only ,...thanks for the offer though buddy 👊
  2. Sorry for the confusion buddy , when I made the the initial install of those parts advised everything fitted fine except the Tappet plate , I just chucked the original one back in as it didn’t seem to bad and allowed me to check the other parts and low and behold it fired awesome on the first home tear down after the site fix I decided to get the problem Tappet plate fitted , this is when I noticed the chop outs needed , fitted the new bucking and new spring and this is where the problem started Iv found a lovely little countersunk screw and nut perfect for the repair so I’m going to do no. 2,00056 tear down lol and check the movement of the Tappet plate get that perfect and then check the piston movement but I’m pretty sure it’s all down to the Tappet plate . thats very kind to offer sitting down with me mate im in pontnewynydd in southwales where are you ?
  3. Yeah I bought it along with the other parts you suggested I buy from ak2m4 in my previous posts (huge loss of FPS ) iv only just switched it because I noticed it needed slight adjustment in terms of chop outs on either side of it just before the air nozzle connection which I did with my makita cordless angle grinder and slitting disc then tided up with a nice flat file , This is something which I thought was a simple “fit and forget” part but it’s probably the cause of it all now you mention it I recon , even when I’d got the gears perfect and would check the movement of it the air nozzle and it doesn’t move as freely as say my sons arp9 . im going to take it all back apart fix the snapped screw and check the width of the Tappet with some callipers and I might aswell check the movement of the piston even though I have used it and it has been firing fine ,...until now ,... However ,..i have noticed small shiny patches of polished aluminium along the piston wings which I put down to the spring bouncing round . And no I haven’t changed the air nozzle just the Tappet plate .
  4. The other thing I have noticed is that the new Tappet plate that I got from ak2m4 that’s in there now isn’t a perfect right angle from the “back bone “up to the air nozzle “bridle/yolk “ section it’s not a huge amount but I’m desperate to fathom this out . excuse the crap drawing but you get the gist hopefully , im thinking this might cause the air nozzle to twist and leak it’s all Iv got now lol 😆 Cool , I’ll do that then as I can’t find my tapping kit at the moment lol yeah the new piston it was fitted prior to my game day when it was firing hot , I have not done the piston slide check though which is a good point !!!
  5. No the spring is on there nice and tight,.. it’s stuck on with a red silicon glue of some sort and has never been taken off , this is the part part that has snapped , no stripping of screws in shell I was thinking of how to fix the snapped off post and it shouldn’t be a massive job to grind flat , drill through and then countersink from the outside Iv got loads of good quality high tensile small screws from the rc hobby . this is an old picture before the piston change but it serves the purpose of showing the post in question. Could you see the video I posted it’s not showing on my feed ????
  6. 2nd update : the tiny post that retracts the firing contacts has now snapped off ,so now it fires on full auto when I pull the trigger ,... I want to drill and tap a 2.5 x10 mm counter sunk screw but I’m wondering if I’m trying to polish a turd here , iv just looked online and theres there’s a full g and g gearbox that I could slip straight in there . i like modding but I’m not a sadomasochist lol and wished I’d chucked another £150 into the pot and got the KRYTAC trident ,.. live and learn I suppose !!! Just for the record aswell it’s still not working , just before it went into full auto the chrono was saying it was at 245 FPS
  7. Update : The air seal is good , so good in fact that it pops the cylinder head off as I compress the piston and so is the air nozzle . I think I can feel a tiny little uneven bump on the o ring of piston though but it seems to be ok , Iv re done the shimming totally and feeling pretty confident and also set the bevel to pinion again , Iv attached a video of my piston compression test this is without the air nozzle attached ,...see what you think . 6E1FAC5A-8E4C-4DD4-907A-D9F661DABF96.MOV
  8. Cool I’ll do another stripdown later this evening and check the air seal again Iv just watched a you tube vids that discusses the point of having the air nozzle set forward which is something I haven’t taken into account at all thanks again Iceni 👍
  9. Awesome yeah I have quite a bit of the tool list already as I was quite hooked on rc crawling for a while , iv just switched the bucking and it was in actual fact a maple leaf blue god knows why I thought it was pink !!!??? anyhow it been changed back to stock and it’s now firing 245 FPS so an increase of 25 approx,... iv just ordered the promy purple though ,.. I did notice a tiny lean in the post that receives trigger spring and attaches in the same manner as the Tappet plate spring , it hooks onto the top of trigger contacts and pulls the fire contact back to the non firing position , Here’s a straight forward question when I reposition the sector gear I always place all the sector teeth from about 3-9 o’clock this is right isn’t it ? I have pirchased the xort chrono mk3 I think about £50 which I use and it’s ok
  10. Ahhh ok I see your not only correcting my Airsoft mistakes but also correcting my grammar 😂 . Thank you sir 👌
  11. Yep ok , the mesh between motor to pinion is fine , I haven’t touched the motor adjustment , all Iv done it switched a few shims round mainly on the sector and spur not much on the bevel gear , Iv just woken up so I’m gonna feed my son then make a coffee then change the bucking back to the previous stock bucking fingers crossed that’ll be all that’s been messing it up god I hope your right Iceni and I’m not even religious 👍
  12. Hahaha yep , I can’t help myself , I have done a lot of research ,but I didn’t do any on the bucking to be honest ,..I bought it in a shop and the owner said it would be fine for a aeg so I just trusted him , obviously a bad move , since making the initial post this evening I stripped it back down and got the sector gear down and the taper plate now moves freely , and the gears spin freely ,... absolutly no pissing chance in hell am I sending it off, I enjoy it too much lol and I will fix it eventually with the help of you Iceni 😁 what do you mean by “dog up the motor “ ? sorry to be a bit lame with all this and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me 👍 Also what does TL:DR crowd mean ?
  13. Ok guys , so after getting the gun working perfectly and I thought I’d got it perfect for game day it was actually quite hot around 365-370 FPS i was pretty sure it was close to 350 it fires 340 , 337, then a few 351, 355, but majority was under so I was quite happy that it would settle ,...well I ended up stripping 3 times at the site on game day practically losing most of the day but eventually getting down to 345,348,347,348,355,351,349 but when doing the strip downs I noticed the shims got a bit mixed up so me being me I didced to do another strip down a few weeks later to put the shims back in correct order and switch out the stock bucking to a pinky’ish maple leaf bucking and also some nice ball bearing bushing and now it’s firing 220 FPS booooo when I did the home strip down and fitted the new bucking and bearings and sorted out the shims I did the compression test with the cylinder and it seemed pretty good but when I hooked the battery up to make sure it cycled correctly with a few semi auto shots I hear a gear slipping noise when my finger is pressed over the air nozzle , Iv also noticed the Tappet plate doesn’t want to move freely when the gear box is assembled??? Is that normal ?? I’m going to strip it back down again and re-do the cylinder and piston air seal with silicone oil , oh and Iv just fitted a new spring which was a 105 which I thought I wouldn’t need to cut anything and possibly give a more consistent FPS ,which was fitted today with the new bearing and bucking as I’m typing this I’m wondering if it had to of been the piston seal what does everyone else think ? Could it be a case of the motor needing to be wound in a hair giving a bit more torque ?
  14. Yes all sorted thank you aK2m4 all thanks to your incredibly swift dispatch and high quality parts , all installed in record time ,...however that wasn’t the end of it because it was then back to a huge amount ncrease in FPS firing consistently 370fps !!! Which meant a 3x strip down at dragon valley site the first and second strip down I was cutting coils from the spring and not noticing any real change and then Geoff (the owner of dragon valley ) informed me I was not cutting any from the power section of the spring and only the tightly sprung section which is designed for the spring guid .....durrrrr he then proceeded to cut about an inch into the spring and after the refit it was around 340 :)))) perfect 👌 thank for everyone’s help
  15. Awesome thank you once again Iceni 👍
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