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    Hi there Second sale on this forum! 1 successful sale already of my GHK. ** PROMOTION PERIOD OVER! THIS IS NOW £125 AGAIN - THIS GUN IS BASICALLY NEW, FIRED ONLY ONCE FOR FUN - PERFECT "AS NEW" CONDITION ** Selling my basically new G&G Firehawk - this is the upgraded option which fires at super high rate of fire, but in order to achieve this, semi-auto function is removed, so it fires FULL AUTO ONLY. So even if you turn the fire-selector switch to semi, it will still fire full auto. It is loud as Hell (which is why I wanted to try it) and I heard it at a skirmish and asked the guy what it was. It's totally perfect for CQB, really fast ROF and loud. It's meant to be used, not fondled! I am more of a collector of high end guns rather than a regular skirmisher, so... I'm selling it. Had a bit of fun shooting it from kitchen window once into the garden - that's it. Bought new in 2019. So yes, probably 50 BBs put through it max (there might be a few BBs left in the magazine on arrival to you) It's a high cap mag (polymer - rattle/wind type) Description from a retailer website: "The High Speed version of the G&G FIREHAWK FHK HC05 AEG HIGH CYCLE STUBBY AEG RIFLE has undergone modifications that allow it to achieve a rate of fire of 29 shots per second! This gives a clear advantage not only when it comes to performance but also on a psychological level. This characteristic “drill” sows fear among enemies forcing them to stay behind cover." Will post to UK only (no time to do "meet ups" etc) and cannot send abroad, even to Europe. (P.O. restrictions) FREE POSTAGE FOR QUICK SALE (UK ONLY) IT DOES NOT COME WITH BATTERY OR CHARGER. (Takes a very small mini type LiPo 7.4 V which fits tightly into the tube)



  2. The CYMA P90 out of the box is awesome - prob don't even need upgrades. Just shoot and have fun!
  3. John who runs the skirmishes at Bunker 51?
  4. Howdy Have a VFC SCAR-H GBBR that needs the nozzle replacing - have the part, can't do it myself. Anyone know the best man for the job in London area? Thanks!
  5. Hi Anyone know of replacement internal parts for the VFC SCAR-H GBB? These parts seem to exist for the WE version but not for the VFC version. I'm talking reinforced nozzle/bolt/bolt carrier, basically all the parts that would also need upgrading (I'm not a tech with airsoft) Thanks
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Howdy folks Here is my GHK AK AIMS (Romanian folding stock) GBBR I have listed this as "new" because I have never loaded a BB into it or fired it! It has been in its box since I bought it, in my Big Yellow storage facility along with all my other possessions while I've been living abroad. Selling some unused and unwanted items now. I bought it directly from Milspec in 2013 - gave it an overall inspection, rocked the magazine into the receiver a few times, all is good. As you see, it has everything in the box, inc instructions and original receipt. Currently Milspec have one for £484.95, so I'll offer mine at £384.95. That's a £100 saving! I have been an eBay seller since 2002 and have a 100% seller rating there, my profile name there is Malthus101 so please check. I will include free postage within the UK ONLY! I'm based in London but would rather send it than meet (time etc) No returns please, only buy if you know about these rifles - thanks.


    London - GB

  7. What is an Orga WBB? Thanks.
  8. Maximum Velocity Limits BB Weight Single/Semi-Auto (2.5 Joules) Full-Auto (1.3 Joules) 0.18 grams 547 fps 394 fps 0.20 grams 519 fps 374 fps 0.25 grams 464 fps 334 fps 0.30 grams 423 fps 305 fps 0.35 grams 392 fps 283 fps 0.40 grams 367 fps 265 fps So this chart basically says (despite formatting error here) That an AEG firing .20g BBs over 374fps is a "lethal" weapon I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that MANY airsoft guns shoot over 400fps with .20g BBs So they are all LETHAL weapons now? and if it was never shot at (or intended to be shot at) a person or animal... Anyway.. you didn't write these laws. And an AIR RIFLE (which no UKARA defense is needed for) is allowed to fire 16 Joules in the UK. Just nonsense. So... LAW ASIDE... can we keep the discussion "purely hypothetical" and just discuss motors and gears and currents etc! Last I heard that was still legal, to DISCUSS ideas. Thanks!
  9. The UK lol..... so many silly laws! But thanks anyway... I'll look into it.
  10. Oh really? Don't some sniper rifles have 150 springs? I mean, it seems many are for sale in the UK (150 springs) Thanks.
  11. Howdy folks! Was searching around Google for some knowledge (I don't know much about internals at all) and this thread seemed the best. So here is the situation: I'm wanting a Krytac for the collection. I like the Alpha SDP. I'm in the UK but want to beef it up a bit. I believe it fires around 280fps out of the box here with .20g. Firstly, was thinking of swapping the 20 motor for a high torque SHS. Then using a 11.1 LiPo: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232139712267 Then a company who sells the gun recommended a Slong18:1 gear set (CNC parts), all steel cylinder and a Slong piston. I asked them if we could put in a 150 spring to get some ridiculous fps but they point blank refused, saying the 150 spring needs 35A to be pulled and that the battery I showed only provides 20A constant, so.... Sadly I'm no electrician so don't understand it much. Are they speaking the truth? The battery says 20-40... others have said they get constant 30 on 10 second discharges - I doubt I'd be using the gun in full auto for 10 second bursts! Never in fact. Any experts on here can give me some advice? The gun is not intended for CQB games ever, just for awesome fun at home. Thanks.
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