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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 3 hours

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    Here I have for sale a lightly used g&g gpm92 with a gas tight mag, original box with speed loader and paper work And a ksc 'glock', it's the full auto version so switchable between semi and full... new in packaging with an extra mag and mag plate Would like £70 each postage and fees included or £120 the pair postage and fees included


    , Essex - GB

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    Vortex strike eagle and mount for sale. Going down a different route for the rifle now so not needed, had on the rifle for a day and used for a few hours only, no signs of wear and as new condition. Price is posted parcelforce. Thanks for looking.


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    Have a surefire scout for sale, Used but great condition as you can see from the photos, Comes with everything that originally came with it. Price is posted through parcelforce as I no longer trust royal mail. Thanks for looking



    • Wanted
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    As title states I'm looking for a GHK AK system ready to go with mags if anyone has anything they are willing to sell or know of anyone that is, I have cash waiting... Thanks in advance


  5. I got the mnvd qs brand new in the end for the same price as a new demon (had talks with cobra and they have stopped trying to get tubes now as its hopeless and they have no clue as to when they will be getting more... hopefully 6 months but could be years I was told) and I'm pretty pleased with how it performs... I know everyone hates on flir and I know they are 50/50 but if you do get one of the good ones then I think your pretty sorted for the money too... just a couple quick shots in the garden and in the field (why I had ir on I have no idea) 😂
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    I am selling my beloved delta custom.The time has come to say goodbye as it is never used anymore as I've turned to the dark side of gas...The rif has had everything internally changed to prometheus with the exception of gears as this was to be the next thing I paid for but didnt get round to doing... it has an enhanced spring and enhanced recoil spring too.So to quickly go over the pictures,- the picture of the gearbox was pre btc spectre installation- the first picture is exactly how it looks at the moment bar the muzzle as this has gone back to the stock muzzle/flash hider. - The prometheus trigger was removed as I did not have a rounded trigger guard so the trigger could not be used, it now has a magpul rounded trigger guard and could be installed as the prometheus trigger will be included in the sale along with the stock flat trigger guard.The rif has a BTC spectre mk2 inside so you can easily alter your settings on the go using any smart phone or similar device with bluetooth.In this package i will include 6 tokyo marui recoil magazines, all of the original parts to go with it other than the stock as this was damaged. And will all be sent in the original tokyo marui hk416 delta custom box.It will also come with the genuine BCM gunfighter foregrip The last time this was chrono'd it came in with a deviation of 327 - 329 fps for 7 shots shooting .3s accurately for 65/70mAny other questions dont hesitate to ask.WOULD CONSIDER SWAPS ONLY FOR GHK AK SYSTEMSI can post everything for an additional £15 - parcelforce service



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    Looking for a set of tiger stripe in medium if not then large... If you've got some you want rid of or know someone else I'm desperately looking for a set.. Thanks for any help


  8. Hey bud just wondering if your tiger stripe set is available still?



    Thanks in advance 

  9. Good morning Apex.  Have you sent the osprey as still not received it yet 


    Many thanks 



  10. Messaged you a good few times about your osprey silencer

    is it still for sale?


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    As new condition, never worn and never will so for sale it goes


  12. Apex06

    Osprey suppressor

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    Here I have an osprey suppressor been used for one event. Looking for £45 / £47 posted May trade for other goodies depending what


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    Sprinter Custom Ghillie long sleeved hood with cape £80 posted Please add fees if paying goods


    , Essex

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    Glock Pacakge Fires perfect every time. Keep it for yourself as a Gucci glock or break it back and sell everything for profit I neither have time to sell separately or use it for that matter so if not sold will just sit in the case. price I'm looking for is £380 (postage and fees included) I think this is reasonable for way over £600 worth in parts Fully functioning custom G17 Jagerwerks slide Guarder lower with professional stippling Taran Tactical Mag well Taran Tactical mag extensions So what's included.... Ready Fighter Jagerwerks Tan / Bronze slide - £182.87 Maple Leaf hop up, bucking and barrel - £30.82 extended iron sights - £50.34 Guarder Metal threaded barrel - £29.79 Guarder lower - £77.05 Ready Fighter Blow back housing - £33.90 Extra guarder housing included - £11.30 Guarder steel trigger lever - £12.84 Guarder steel mag release - £6.99 Guarder G18 loading nozzle - £17.99 Guarder Reinforced Nozzle Valve Set £10.07 CowCow Guide rod and buffers - £13.36 Tti mag base rare to find these - £32.99 each Tti mag well - £30.82 Extras Guarder high output valve - £16.99 Taran Tactical Trigger - - £20.25 Loading nozzle springs x3 - £4.70 Aip reinforced loading nozzle - £9.25 leak free TM G17 mag - £24.99 With Taran Tactical Base Plates (one is perfect one has slight cosmetic damage) Original TM Mag base plates Comes with complete original tm upper g17 slide set (slide, outter barrel, inner barrel hop etc) And original lower A Foam Hard case A Glock holster Anymore pictures or videos firing just let me know.. So £124.99 average for a new tm g17 24.99 average for a second mag And with the extras totalling £651.30 I have priced everything at current prices online, think the price is reasonable but will take anything on board. This can be seen shooting I can get as many pictures and videos as needed/wanted. Will be posted via 48hour parcelforce to be covered.


    - GB

  15. Apex06

    THE TM MWS thread

    Yeah that's what ik like too.. although when it comes to that I'll be leaving the sport I like the mws too much for selling 😂 I ordered the grip a couple of years ago when I was just starting airsoft and purchased the wrong one not knowing... RS on an aeg dont work.... But for the mws I just undid the bolt grip off put the new one on and bolted it up... it was just a tighter fit over the stock grip and yes also agree to the thin side but I always wear gloves.. bb to the fingers and hands in cqb building clearance isn't so nice think I'll wait it out until I get some proper wear on her the I'll give her a tidy up spray 👌🏻 cheers guys
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