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  1. Thanks for the help, can you recommend any good barrels and stockists? I’ve been looking about and everywhere I’ve looked is sold out or doesn’t offer barrels of that size
  2. Thanks for the info, can you recommend any hop units or places to look for them?
  3. Hi all, I recently purchased a cyma M40A3 and am looking at upgrading it a bit, I can find a hop unit that will work but I’m not sure which rubber I’ll need for it, I’m also having trouble finding a new barrel for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated This is the hop I found https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/sniper-rifles-parts/for-cyma-sws-m24/cnc-hopup-komora-pro-m24-gen.2-detail the barrel is 380 mm long.
  4. ups have a weird way of working, you cant change delivery adress straight away because it needs a signature but after the first attempt you can tell them to take it to any adress
  5. no, ups have a way of getting it delivered to an alternate adress after the first delivery attempt so i got it sent to work, beyond pleased with it though.
  6. thanks for your help and info everyone, i ordered and got my guns last week and cant wait to use them soon
  7. I think there’s one of those about ten minutes away so that’s actually worked out, thanks for the help guys
  8. Thanks for the advice, I’ll ring them and some other stores tomorrow. If I can’t get a certain date then I’ll just have to take a sick day.
  9. Do you know any other places I could get an lct other than firesupport, my friend recommended them quite highly
  10. thanks for the heads up, the closest depot for me is quite a drive so i might have to find a different seller
  11. thanks, im not sure what postal service fire support use but hopefully theyll have a local depot
  12. Im looking to order my first rif from online and am wondering whether i need to sign for it or not as no onein my house is at home during the day and neither are my neighbours. any replies would be greatly appreciated.
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