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Status Updates posted by Musica

  1. my local is doing the right thing and cancelling games after tomorrow



    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Mine is staying open it seems. And im thinking one last hurrah before everything gets locked down might be fun.


      Its not like my playstyle lets them get close enough to infect me anyway.

    2. Rogerborg


      It's going to be months before we get to TK each other. 😢

  2. Leaky mag, apply silicone to o ring still leaking. Apply silicone to all o rings and extra to the one I think at fault. Still leaking. Order new o rings. Go to take the mag apart to install new o ring and realise it's gas tight and not leaking any more ffs.

    1. rocketdogbert


      Standard lol

    2. Rogerborg


      Same, it just took a while for the silicone to seal up the o-rings.


      Took the thing apart anyway, because I was emotionally invested by that point. ;)


  3. Trying to get dates, prices and times out of sites feels like getting blood from a stone some times.


    Do they even want my money?

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    2. Musica


      Biohazard. Messaged last night nothing by 6PM today so I posted on their player page asking the questions the post needed approved by an admin and then got some people replying then finally an admin replies on it.

    3. Rogerborg


      Oh, I just love how they hide the events listing on the players page.  And why oh why don't sites just list all the info that prospective players will actually need, rather than having to keep repeating it over and over to everyone who has to ask?


      Also, why are those darn kids on my lawn, playing their hippy-hop music too darn loud?

    4. Musica


      The page you need to apply to be a member of and be approved as well.


      Hey maybe their site is so hot that they are turning people away so don't feel the need to advertise.

  4. Made it through a day without friendly fire killing @Rogerborg


    He is PRETTY easier to spot now to be fair even just his silhouette is unmistakeable.

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    2. L3wisD


      *Pulls trigger*


      "Ow! Gettifah Y'BASA!"


      *Wry Smile*

    3. Asomodai


      So... you failed?

    4. Rogerborg


      Fun times, fun times, much Guarding was done, and surprisingly little dying for the Emperor.


      And I do actually seem to be getting TK'd less now that I'm sticking a lasgun barrel or a helmet with an Aquila on it round corners.

  5. Santa was kind to me. Got some MTP  kit, a combat shirt and trousers. If somehow my camo isn't effective I have  3 new evo magazines to return fire with as well.



    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      "somehow not effective"


      Shoulda got flecktarn :P

  6. Any basic maintenance supplies you guys can recommend? Putting together a small gift kit for xmas. Maybe even some cheap tools? They have an m4 AEG and hicapa GBBP. Here is what I have so far.


    Barrel cleaning patches

    Rubbing alcohol

    Silicon oil

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    2. AK47frizzle
    3. ryaw


      'Abbey 144a Maintenance Gas' (£6) for storing in gas mags when not in use. Saves the seals from drying out. I swear by it after leaving all sorts of other gases inside for weeks. Eventually they've given out across all manner of gas mags......but not since I've been using the 144aMG after every game.

    4. Steveocee


      Roll of PTFE tape. Literally costs 70p

  7. Why don't people in ghillies get tapped around their arms like everyone else? 


    It's just not fair in my opinion.

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    2. Albiscuit


      If unsure, shoot em anyway!!


      I went rogue on my last game as it was night they asked us to take off the arm bands and use colour challenges, the colour challenge didnt work so I stopped answering and started shooting. Worked for me :D  

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      if in doubt just shoot them, if they complain about freindly fire just point out that you couldn't identify their team.


      it's the hubris you should expect for not being identifiable to your team, and freindly fire is very much part of airsoft mainly because how do you know it ain't freindly?

    4. sonofsammo


      They do, depending on the site. I play at six different sites normally.
      There's only one out of those where Ghillies don't get taped/banded.
      At that site, all snipers are shown at the start and made known to all players. There is the understanding that you will probably shoot your own snipers at some point. nowt wrong with that as far as I can see - and all the players are fine with it.
      The team that runs the site are working on the logic - what's the point of a ghillie suit if you're wearing a neon arm band...

      p.s. If the rule is that annoying to you, get yourself a ghillie - there's nothing to say what weapon you have to use with it 😄 

  8. anyone know how to fit these to a dye i5 mask? 



    want to glue a ear piece to one but be able to swap it out if I don't want communication /prefer comfort. I can't figure out how to get mine off and the manual isn't helpful.

  9. Could be good for airsofters since we don't have big batteries. Seems it clamps on the cables the original had  grommet for the cables to go in bit disappointing if that is the case but as long as it doesn't damage them it will do the job.



  10. Anyone used abbey vertex gas on their TM pistol magazines? The nozzle seems too fat  I can't get it to fill mine. 🤔 Was stuck using 2.0 nuprol at 220-230 FPS.

    1. rocketdogbert


      They’re too short for the FNX, but generally I think they’re nozzles are a bit hit and miss, sometimes OK, sometimes not

    2. Musica


      Length wasn't my issue here's side by side with my nuprol 2.0


  11. Had one of my mags end up in a situation like the bottom one in the image. It was a full magazine and all but 4-5 bbs fed and when I pulled it out after I realised my red bb justice wasn't firing out the end I took the magazine out and I noticed it was jammed at the convergence point. 




    It cost me dearly as you can see the tracers stop in the video but my gun keep cycling because the empty mag catch doesn't make it up. I pull it out to check and see it still has bbs left so put it back in but still no red justice. When I inspected it later I realised it was jammed up like the picture. 


    I have dropped my magazines 3 times ( separate occasions and I don't mark my magazines to know which one took the drops)  but I am pretty careful with them usually. I read this can happen if the magazine gets a bend or dent in from dropping so I hope that isn't the case but it's possible. 


    I'm going to clean the track with cotton buds and rubbing alcohol hoping it's just dirt. Anyone got any other suggestions? 



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    2. Musica


      @Yukarin0 gaps. I load 1 by 1 usually. I start the stack on the right.

      @Lozart had plenty of games with these mags and bbs before without noticing it and I have emptied all 3 magazines a few times in games.

    3. Musica


      Dirty magazine tracks 


    4. Musica


      All 3 magazines emptied today no issues. 


      I start the stack on the right and make sure the follow is on the bottom left bb. Duno if it makes a difference but I like consistency 


  12. Don't you make me buy an m4! 



    1. Rogerborg


      Did somebody burn his patch?

    2. CES_williamson


      wait a few more days, cheaper M4's will be around ;) 

  13. When editing footage and you realise how shit of a shot you are at times 🤔



    1. Rogerborg


      You managed to light me up a treat. :P


  14. My evo is pretty consitent even between bb weights. Shame anothet 30fps would put me too hot as I am running a m95 mil spec the m105 should be 33~ fps more. Can't have it all.





  15. At this rate by the time  I get a mulishot base for my trmr my site will have banned them 😭

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    2. Musica


      what have I done. I posted it as a joke and everyone wants one. 🤣

    3. EvilMonkee


      This fails at Rule 1 of Airsoft.


      Don't be a cunt

    4. Skara


      Now, we ranted about blind firing and you come up with this? xD

  16. Spent my evening cutting foam out of my evo case so I can put it away with my torch on. Set up and tear down on the day should just be batteries and bbs now.

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    2. Musica


      No beer for me. Kinda wish I didn't have this case anymore but as long as it doesnt  mean any extra set up than the standard batteries on fun day it's not like it cost a lot for a high level of protection. Really puts me off getting another case as every accessory, scope grip , light and even sling required modification not sure how the egg shell cases work with these accessories and taking them on and off is hassle. 



    3. Albiscuit


      I have cut all sorts of shapes out of mine to get the accessories inside it too :) 

      Going to buy another evo bag for my MP7 and get a mate to attach clips and a shoulder strap so I can carry them both together easily. 

    4. RMDavis


      I just bung all my rif's into a dirty great pelicase, but I do need to get round to cutting out the foam to secure them better. 

  17. When I get my first camo clothing then my friend links me a video destroying it 😂



    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      Were you expecting it to outperform the flecktarn master race?


      Because if so that was your first mistake ;)

    2. Rogerborg


      Er, notorious for being equally conspicuous in every environment.


      Every environment but one.



    3. Musica


      I just wanted something cheap with long sleeves and a collar to give a bit of protection from the bbs I went with grade 2 delivered for £13~




      Slight issue is they aren't supposed to be tucked in but my battle belt goes through my trousers. Hopefully it's long enough to tuck in without coming out all day.  

  18. I check almost every day for a TRMR multishot base in stock :(


    I'm starting to think they never existed and it was all a dream. 

    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      JD Airsoft will have them soon, sign up to their email notifications

    2. Musica


      I have been signed up since  February.😭


      I messaged them in March and they said they would get stock in late April none appeared, Messaged them in August no ETA :(



    3. Robert James

      Robert James

      I messaged them and got a near instant reply and they said soon

  19. Just got my spell checker working in Firefox finally after swapping from chrome a few months ago. Hopefully my content improves. Sorry for all the poor English used.

  20. know what really grinds my gears?!


    people who take a hit but moan about it like they are taking it but it never really happened they are just feeling sorry for you. They either got hit or they didn't! Master Yoda was very clear.

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    2. Rogerborg


      Silly hobbits.  Why ensure that two people are unhappy by moaning?


      I regularly call "hits" on myself despite not feeling them when someone opens fire at a range where they should have hit me. 


      They're not going to believe that they missed / misfired, and I can't effect that.  All I can do is ensure that at least one of us is happy.


      I'm basically the Jesus of airsoft.

    3. Musica


      I will ask Johno if we can get you a crucifix installed on one of the sangers 🤣

    4. Druid799


      If not just crucify him ! 😈

  21. Thanks to @Rogerborg for pointing out my magazines were empty of gas 😂


    I'm starting to think my BBU never had any issues at all.........



    1. Rogerborg


      Well, when I nudged your button and nothing spurted out...

  22. Put my pyramex i-force goggles on yesterday for the chrono only to find out there is moisture between the inner and outer lenses 😢


    Only had them 8 months. I have my dye i5 but now but I don't really have a backup :( 


    Anyone had this happen to theirs? 

    1. Rogerborg


      Well, that's a bag of wank.  Mine are still OK, but you're not the first to report this, or some sort of crazy starring on the inner lens.


      I'm kind of assuming that at some point I'll need to disassemble mine and clean them, or replace the inner lens with bits of PETG.

    2. Musica


      I inspected the other lens too and found star shapes as well


      Never taken them apart before but they are useless now so found they are pretty easy to pop apart. Was a gift for my xmas and 20 quid isn't expensive but used less than 10 times I am disappointed.


      I read some guff about drying them out then sealing with silicone. Fek that




    3. Rogerborg




      You can replace those inner lenses with any clear plastic.  I'd go with 0.75mm thickness of PETG. A5 will be more than sufficient for one pair:




      If you need to replace the tape, I'd suggest 2mm thick double sided black foam tape.  Just cut it into a thin strip and run it round the edge, being sure to butt it up against itself at the join so as not to leave a gap.




  23. Today in a CQB scenario my TRMR decided to deploy its self as I was hit. So I jumped up hand up yelled hit like a good hit taker as I go around a corner and get shot. My trmr twists and jumps out of my holder and lands at the guys feet and goes off. Hes asking if he has to take it and I have no answers to give him. I never armed it or threw it 🤣 It was my jumping up to call my hit that loosed it from its holster.  Opinions? He took it I never said he should or shouldn't I honestly don't know feels a bit like matrydom from  COD Also for anyone wanting to avoid this POS holster do not buy this. https://jdairsoft.net/trmr/trmr-e2/trmr-kydex-carrier2

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