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  1. So in terms of keeping the mag and piston seals from drying out what do you recommend i do when using Coleman's? I have Abbey 35 heavy oil as well for the pistol.
  2. Aawww, mate! That's even worse! Because i at least know mine was taken out by the enemy
  3. Aaaaand the Eotech got shot through 😕 the worst part? The lense facing the enemy was protected, the bb destroyed the sight through the rear... Needless to say i am mighty upset about that
  4. I know they make their own AEGs, i nearly bought one (instead i got a Classic Army as it was more available that the CM16 Raider 2.0 or the ASG M15). I've had better luck with their BBs than i did the Ares BBs.
  5. Now, i don't know anything about their gas, but i use their BBs (ASG Blasters), and i've not had a single issue with them in my mags. But i'll be sure to avoid their gas if it causes issues in consumption. P.s. i don't know what butane would do in a GBB.
  6. My beauties are ready for tomorrow's game. Batteries charged and ammo loaded in the mags.
  7. In his defense he had a really bad experience with their gas. But i've seen loads use it without issue so maybe he had a bad batch.
  8. Abbey's oil is fantastic, i swear by them. But i've heard that Abbey Predator is too powerful for a pistol.
  9. So Nuprol is okay to use? Okay, i'll get some when i finally order my pistol Thank you.
  10. I've been told to stay away from Nuprol gas like the plague, but i'm not sure what green gas to buy for my pistol (i am buying a G&G GPM92). I've seen a few brands like Elite Force, ASG, and Abbey. But while Abbey does great gun oils i am worried about the power of their predator gas, i know ASG does great BBs (i've had a lot less issue with them in my guns), and Elite Force stuff seems to be extremely hard to find in the UK. Which gas do you guys use and how long have you used it? Also i would love this to be open to anybody else who is new to GBB weapons like myself or airsoft in general.
  11. That's really cool! What brands do you recommend 2nd what websites? I tend to gravitate towards clear lenses.
  12. Holy shit! Does that actually work? Did you do that with your goggles?
  13. I should have clarified, by 'fogging' i mean condensation buildup. The end goal is to get the humidity vented out. Unless there is a way to increase the safety of the FMA goggles? I do have an X-acto knife so i could do it.
  14. Hi, all. In the picture i have a pair of Bolle x1000 goggles and a pair of FMA regulator 2r fan goggles. My plan is to get the fan onto my Bollé goggles as they are great for protection, but the goggles fog up badly and i want to clear the humidity easily. The fan is a 20mm fan. Is there a way to do this? I can't afford the milspec turbofan goggles.
  15. True, i'll look at returning them and save up for a pair of Smith optics or something...
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