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  1. I just read this and that is exactly why i started. I have made the decision that around December i will be returning to Airsoft. I'm keeping my MTP gear but i will rarely use it. Instead i am going with my old loadout and putting khaki BDU trousers on, i tried to patch things up with my former team mate and he ignored me so i've let go of that aspect. I still have friends and i will continue to take younger players under my wing when i play, and just link up with random people as i go. It took a while, but i'm here in the end.
  2. I just want to say sorry if i cam across as defensive. I agree with what you are saying entirely. It's why i will never go down the competitive route with this sport. After having this happen i have said that i will never join or start another team, i got rid of my team patch and now i only rock full MTP if i do a milsim op (which i don't have the money for anyway). When i find the balls to go back to it i'll stick my normal way of helping new players and meetkng new people. I think i lost my way when i started the teams anyway.
  3. I'll shed some light on the topic. The team started off as us wanting to do the milsim side of airsoft. But then a couple guys decided that they would go to the competitive side and took the whole team with them. That is the jist of it and it left me feeling really bitter because of the way it happened, i won't say anymore on it other than this. I always oromoted helping new players, and good sportsmanship among team mates, we weren't perfect by any means but we didn't stand around barking orders at everyone. I hope this helps in some way.
  4. I'll keep the camo gear, guns, and other stuff. But i think i will sell my comms, i don't need them and it is one less thing to worry about when setting up.
  5. I've taken a long hiatus from airsoft since my team dissolved (I'm not on speaking terms with them, but I am not going to talk about that as I don't want to badmouth anyone) I feel as though my passion died for the sport following that. Has this happened to anyone on here? How do you get up from that? P.s. I may be selling all my comms equipment as I do not want to be a part of or start another team in this game. I feel like a fucking idiot for having the team anyway.
  6. I put a new scope on my baby! This ACOG scope was by far the most useful scope i have ever used, even if it is on an AEG. I think i may buy an SR25 for my next gun.
  7. G&G got back to me, they are sending me a replacement magazine. Hopefully it is from a new batch that doesn't have such a prominent release valve. I will be buying the tool kit so i can take the other apart, if the old valve is collapsed like i think it is, then i will see about buying a new release valve from G&G and then i'll hopefully have two mags.
  8. Is a noob i am running pure propane, i put a but of abbey 35 into the port and that's it.
  9. How easy are they to get in the UK? also, what is the price like for one?
  10. Hi, all. My G&G GPM92 that i bought a few weeks back is basically a 1.5lb paperweight. The magazine just vents whenever i fill it and dispite fixing it is fucked again. I will be seeking a refund on that gun so in the meantime: Does anybody know of a reliable brand or anybody on here selling a Baretta 92FS that uses green gas? It must be reliable and in working condition. Thank you in advance for any help you give.
  11. Hi, i regret to inform you that i took the batteries out and threw it away, i felt that since it was destroyed i felt there was no point to keeping it. Sorry, dude.
  12. Just bought a bottle of Coleman propane and a Madbull adapter for this beauty.
  13. It's a g&g gpm92, it only cost me £120! It feels great to hold despite the weight. I can't wait, first gbb and i am going to run propane through it.
  15. That's a good idea, now all i have to worry about is if the mags i get for this gun work (proprietary mags for the GPM92)
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