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  1. Paulburks

    Paintball Anyone?

    It's OK guys all sold now, I just wanted to see if anyone had interest as I know some people use HPA and I had alot of kit which could have been used or kit somone could have used to make there own, all good now tho please delete
  2. Paulburks

    Paintball Anyone?

    Hi all is anyone interested in paintball or know anyone as I have loads of kit to sell due to leaving the sport
  3. Paulburks

    Gunman or absolute airsoft berkshire

    Going to Absolute tomorrow if anyone fancys it?
  4. So going this weekend but anyone know which is better? And anyone going?
  5. Paulburks

    M&P9 L issue

    Cheers mate worked a treat, filled mags allowed to settle 5,10 mins then fired without issue, just didn't like being filled and fired
  6. Paulburks

    M&P9 L issue

    Evening all, pistol question, so I have a tm M&P9L new got it out the box today to set up in garden large area with no one on back of garden, I filled the mag with bbs filled it with green gas loaded the mag pulled back the slide, Bang 1bb Bang nothing Bang nothing Bang nothing Bang 1bb Bang bang bang bang nothing Gas empty Mag still full mag freezing Any ideas? Now the outside temp was cold, the mag was cold after filling loaded into gun straight away a fired, what that the problem?
  7. Paulburks

    Airsoft team in Berkshire?

    I'm definitely going on the 30th so who's in?
  8. Paulburks

    Airsoft team in Berkshire?

    I believe there is a game on the 30th if you guys fancy a meet up?
  9. Paulburks

    Airsoft team in Berkshire?

    Yes guys definitely up for it, don't mind giving lifts ect, be good not to go alone and always good to have people to chat with. P13 if your mates would be interested then sounds like we could have a few players wanting to meet up. Coming from yrs of paintball I was in a team and it was fantastic odd weekend away bbq beers balling, so if this hobby has anything similar then can't wait! @Rusty_1664 keep an eye on here fella
  10. Paulburks

    Airsoft team in Berkshire?

    Think it would be good to get a team going, if we are all local and there is already 5 of you, do you go to large events cqb events ect?
  11. Paulburks

    Airsoft team in Berkshire?

    Hi all had a search but last post was a few yrs back, does anyone know if there is a team in Berkshire? I live in Bracknell and seen a few post from local guys wondering if anything like this is about? If if not would anyone in the Berkshire area be interested in joining a team?
  12. Paulburks

    Newbie from Bracknell berkshire

    Saturday 22nd December - Santasoft Event are you playing in this?
  13. Paulburks

    Eotech setup

    Wow didn't know it was a cheap copy, bloody cost enough lol, well I guess 10mm isn't to bad then just aim higher lol taken note of the glass protector will get that sorted
  14. Paulburks

    Eotech setup

    Anyone using this set up? Eotech I've tried setting it up but it's about 10mm to high from where the bb hits I've tried adjusting the spin wheel on the side but it's at the limit I think. When lining up the centre dot is out, any ideas?
  15. Paulburks

    Pistol sorted holster needed

    So the tm226 would be a good buy,