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  1. Those, I think, are IR sensors used to detect movement rather than a specific vehicle. They'll be used for timing lights.
  2. Regardless of muscle memory, pushing the catch up is just harder.
  3. I think you do, because none of my settings (notification for reply, quote, mention) were on!
  4. Which magazine? I remember your post/status update about getting the pistol and you said it didn't like WE mags - are you still using them?
  5. Chap has a Portuguese username and Portugal has a fair few no-rules sites.
  6. Look into paintball gear. Lots of places sell padded shirts, padded shorts with thigh protection etc. E: As for the neck area... No clue really, maybe a shemagh style scarf on the outside, with some foam padding stitched in.
  7. Fair play, though I doubt you'll be able to find one with a suppressor, RMR, folding stock etc. for lower - although I'm not too sure if those accessories come as standard, but I'm assuming they do for now. Also as Alpha says, R&D can justify a higher price tag to an extent; this isn't just another clone
  8. http://info.westberks.gov.uk/article/29707/Newbury-Kennet-Centre-Multi-Storey-Car-Park I don't think it's free on a Sunday
  9. Yeah, thought so. They had so many stipulations on FA there that I genuinely got confused a few times. I'm not the smartest but they seriously need to rework their rules imo - especially because I could recognise the site just from that!
  10. Depends on the game itself really. If there's a well defined objective like "Escort VIP from A to B" then it's really fun playing for that objective - acting as close protection for the VIP etc. and it's the same for attack/defend - it's the most fun when you're staying focused on the objective, to me at least. Whenever there's a game like "There are 20 fake cocaine bricks dotted around the site, go and find them!" I just treat it like team deathmatch. If I spot one I'll grab it but I never feel like a standard sunday skirmish has the teamwork or communications required
  11. Good to hear! It was definitely closer to steam instead of mist on my pair, but as I said there were a few contributing issues I reckon. I'm going to go over mine with a microfibre cloth very carefully, to make sure there are no nucleation points etc. for moisture to grab onto.
  12. If you can kick your walk distance to 0.5 miles, Queen's Road always has plenty of on-street parking imo as well as the area around it. E: Also the Burger King/Halfords car park is 2 hours max - but no ANPR and I've left my car there all day quite a few times
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