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  1. I think it's quite clearly bollocks, as I'm sure people here would agree! BBs are BBs, weights are weights, the size of your RIF makes no difference in how they fly ultimately. At the same time, considering how most pistols are gas and pistols are (imo) the RIFs that most often overshoot - I could see why they chose to restrict weights if they saw really hot readings on a warm day, if people complained etc.
  2. Anyone know how I can claim lost property from a train station near Ashford, Kent?


    Asking for a friend

    1. Philby21


      Tell your "friend":


      If it was left at the station then try there first, if it has an office or ticket counter then they might have the item there.  If not there then try the website for whoever operates the network down that way, they should have advice on what to do.


      Otherwise, if it was left on a train then check the website for the train company (if not the local network operator).


      Left a Samsung tablet on a train to Perth, managed to collect it from the station the following day without a problem.  After checking online I expected it to have ended up at a lost property office in Glasgow but thankfully not.


      Just found the article, that'll teach me to read the status section before the rest of the site! 🙄🤣

    2. Nick G

      Nick G

      Hope it wasn't a RIF, that would be an interesting conversation, 'Hello I left my assault rifle on the train yesterday, could I have it back please ? ' 😂

      Lol, should have looked over the updates first......Doh ! 🤣

  3. I wouldn't overthink it - use the gas you have at the very least because keeping them pressurised is what's important. Pressure pushes the o-rings against the gaps they're sealing, which helps prevent the o-rings from drying out.
  4. That RIF uses a standard Version 2 Gearbox so you should be able to get by with looking at any diagram you can find for that - what are you trying to fix?
  5. Thanks so much for your help (including @Skara) You're right, it was something incredibly simple. The backplate was solid after I tightened the screws, but with everything together things weren't playing nice still! Then I realised what it was, tested and confirmed. Like a good boy, safety conscious, I've been doing all of my troubleshooting without a magazine in the RIF. I realised the magazine is probably exerting some form of rearward pressure on the magazine feed assembly. As soon as I inserted a mag things are working perfectly. I'm so, so happy to have this G2G for a game tomorrow - thanks again!
  6. Big shoutout to Nick @ FireSupport for graciously sending out my NDD package yesterday, despite me being clearly over the cutoff for NDD. One reason why I keep coming back to FireSupport.
  7. It's worth noting that Arnies held off from changing this for years - once the restriction was lifted there was an uptick in new members, sorely needed for a declining forum. Sadly too little, too late. Not that I'm implying the sales section is key for forum survival - there are much bigger things in play, like Facebook - but it's something to consider all the same.
  8. Cheers again Skara! The reason I was asking about superglue specifically is because the wiring sheath tears are in a position where I would have to remove the GB from the body completely to access them - the wires are trapped between the gearbox and the rear trunion, if that makes sense. I have a game tomorrow morning and thus don't want to take apart my main weapon (whilst the AUG is out of use as well), risking being unable to play! Hot glue is a really good idea and I've got some of that already - will give it a shot. Thanks once again.
  9. Did you get this in Youtube's Autoplay/Recommended as well?
  10. Thanks Skara, that's pretty much where I'm at with it as well - the difficulty I have is the more I reassemble it the more cluttered the inside gets and it gets harder to spot any snagging points. I'll go slow and steady and see what I can do. The one thing I was worrying about vis a vis padding would be overheating - GB position means the padding I'd put in would be right against the motor cage, which might affect things but I'm not really an expert there. Will keep this thread updated 👍 E: Actually putting the gun together without the GB is a bloody good idea, I'll definitely do that as well!
  11. Hi chaps, Got an interesting one for you. It's hard to troubleshoot owing to the nature of the problem. When fully assembled my HiCycle will fire, but I have to press extremely hard on the trigger. Originally I suspected corrosion on the trigger contacts after a rainy day, but the GB fires fine when out of the AUG body. When the GB is *inside* the body, without being reassembled (front end off, back plate unscrewed, takedown pin out) the trigger works fine. Reassembled, the problem returns. Disassembling it to its original state, the problem disappears after I shake the gun a little. So my thoughts are that the trigger bar might possibly be getting caught on something but it's really difficult to figure out where! I'm going to upload a video so you can roughly see how I have to press hard. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful, cheers! Kind regards Update: With the front-end off, if I point the AUG down, and give it a single shake down, the trigger seems to work perfectly. If I point it up, and swing down, the trigger starts going fucky. With the front end on, the trigger goes fucky regardless of whether I swing it. So I suspect the GB is moving slightly, just out of reach of the trigger bar, and with the front end on it's being pushed into that position somehow. Has anyone had this issue before, or does anyone have suggestions to fix? I was thinking I could maybe put some padding at the back to help the GB seat forwards. Cheers!
  12. Have you ever seen any Escape from Tarkov footage?
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