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  1. I'm pretty sure Scout used editing as well. I could never be arsed to check - maybe I should do, considering I'm accusing him - but I swear I've heard very distinct "hit!" samples used over multiple videos, normally whenever he's following Daedalus or whoever the celeb of the week is.
  2. You're never too old! Someone on here is pushing 70 and was skirmishing up until last year. I'm not in that area but just wanted to pop in, welcome you, encourage you etc.
  3. No clue if it's standard, but I really like all the annotations on the shell showing which parts are where. I'd imagine it's all common knowledge to experienced techs but must be useful if you lose a screw when putting the GB back together etc.
  4. Building on Lozart's post... I've played with KM at a private skirmish, someone's stag do. KM is polite enough in person to chat to, and *REALLY GOOD* at playing. We were at Strikeforce CQB - somewhat of a departure for him, he normally sticks to woodland iirc, he was consistently taking out most of my team every time he got behind our lines. He used a TM MK23, when most of the people playing were using GBB or GBBR, and managed to out-gun us a lot of the time. KM has incredible "map sense", and knows how to exploit that, moving quickly. Despite wearing one of Heroshark's custom ghillie masks, he was somehow able to blend into the CQB pallet scenery at times. Someone thought he was going out of bounds - he wasn't, he was just moving quickly enough to get to a position where someone was surprised to see him. What I've said thus far is high praise, and I think he deserves that part. However at the same time I think his choice to brand and edit his videos so they're focused on personal conflict is fucking disgusting. Even putting aside the supposed cruel headshots for a moment, KM makes an active choice to court the type of Airsofter who loves to shame or fight other airsofters - he's making his vids to purposefully appeal to people who want to see people getting whacked in the face with no facepro, or people who want to see someone take a 40mike to the face. It's antithetical to what Airsoft should be IMO. I think it's a shame he chose to take his channel in that direction, his vids from a few years back were completely different in style and tone.
  5. First of all, welcome! Stuff like this is always a bit murky, but that's definitely an SRC model yeah. I think what's happened is BB Guns have partnered with SRC to re-brand to "Bulldog" for that gun, as they're the only place in the UK that seems to be stocking them. That style - 9mm AR carbine - is quite popular from a speedsoft point of view. They might be angling to serve the lower end of that market.
  6. Seconding ComponentShop, though I always use them for batteries. Fantastic business.
  7. Some thoughts - Could you pay an Airsofter local to you on this forum £X to turn up for half a day, so they can sit around and watch you film what you need to film, using their RIFs? Seems like a quick route to a solution and it would be a business expense etc.
  8. Right, sorry I get you now - that should be a fairly simple job to install as well. It should hook into the charging handle in some fashion, sadly I'm not too clued up on the specifics! Best of luck though E: Also sorry, no clue how I didn't notice you still have a dust cover on there..
  9. Assuming you're talking about the "dust cover"? The dust cover is held in place with a spring which puts tension on the cover so it always wants to "lock" open when you pull the charging handle. If you look at the top of the breach you'll be able to see a detent where the dust cover locks into place. As soon as you pull the charging handle back slightly, if it's working it should pop open. I would check you've got that spring - not sure if it comes with the dust cover or not - if you do have it you should be good to go.
  10. I wonder whether the Dynatex BFG sear is the same size, and whether you could contact them for a replacement.
  11. SWAT are sadly very unreliable at both delivering product and replying to queries nowadays. Not quite sure about the specific issue (i.e. how would the firing pin and spring escape?!) but here's a teardown thread, if it helps: https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/208255-dynatec-dynatex-vtg-bfg-how-it-works-and-take-down/
  12. Be careful ordering from the states. Even if you're ordering legal parts, it might trigger in any one of the various systems used for surveillance and earn you a visit from the police. Try to source within the UK if at all possible.
  13. You've nailed it imo - as long as it's very clearly an IF, which is over half the gun painted in a bright colour, you should have no issues *legally* You might have issues with procedure, however, as bringing anything sensitive like that into an airport needs to be done properly - keep some documentation, receipt etc, call ahead to the airline for exact instructions on what to do. Good luck!
  14. Basic masks are NOT to protect you, they're to protect others. Not to mention the optics benefit - seeing masks outside, in public, is a constant reminder to keep as far as possible away from people.
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