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  1. 322fps with .2s is respectable
  2. I've never made a vid, don't have the recording equipment just yet. Something I don't really like about most vids I watch is how they're literally just kill-reels - not highlight reels. If I were to make one it would be a mishmash of various clips - mistakes, accidents, kills, failed attacks, blah blah
  3. That's a good point - I forgot how the retractable stocks can be an issue if closed fully. Try extending the stock fully before closing everything up, then retracting it slowly until you reach a limit.
  4. Is there no way for you to push the cable back into the stock? You should be able to connect a battery, push the battery and cable into the stock, and then close it. Does the stock have a back plate/butt pad?
  5. Fully accept I might being going against the grain here, but I think it's unfair to blame the presumably younger, more fitter players from playing at the pace they're used to. You're saying the site won't alter the game to suit you, but it sounds like they did. They did the opposite of what you're arguing against. They changed the site layout *against* the 5 or 6 players, to suit the majority - good to see they did it. A bad site owner would've just kept things going as they were. A site's games should be tailored to the players. If no one's really bothered about going for the objectives (that's the impression I get here - correct me if I'm wrong) - what's the problem with just having team deathmatch games? The end result is ultimately the same, everyone has a nice chilled game moving around at their own pace. E: Sorry Druid I misread this bit "seeing as I’m middle aged with a nackered leg and a couple of cracked vertebrae and can’t run for shit anymore are the guys who run the speedsoft sites going to alter them to suit me" I assumed you were talking about the original site still, not a hypothetical site - either way I would say that it's not really the speedsofters fault, considering they were simply playing the game as set up by the owners.
  6. So pissed off I couldn't make this one, stuck at a wedding sounds absolutely sick though, grats Seth and I'll be getting booked for the next one I can do asap
  7. Nope, you need AUG specific mags. No pics but I can take some when I get home. The MAG brand 170-round midcaps are best in my opinion, you can get them in boxes of 4 from FireSupport occasionally.
  8. Ah, we definitely differ there - I love the short barrel. It just feels so... pointable - ultimate bullpup form factor
  9. I think this is incorrect, and I think stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the AUG trigger mechanism - what I say below is only accurate to the TM HiCycle Aug, as I've only used that one The TM Aug has a 3-stage fire selector - Safe, Semi, Auto. If you're set to Semi, pressing the trigger will only allow you to press it halfway, firing a single shot. If in full auto, the trigger turns into a two-stage trigger - press it halfway, it fires a single shot. Press it more firmly, it fires auto. It's a bloody lovely way of using auto imo, because you can spam on semi, while set to auto, really easily. I really really love the TM HiCycle aug from an ergonomic/RoF/accuracy point of view. My understanding is that mechanically they're not built in the sanest of ways but someone else can pitch in on that. FWIW @Asomodai if you didn't know, you can get rid of that ugly rail attached to the bottom of the barrel. I did and it's much nicer to use now, as well as looking a lot nicer.
  10. Normally a Spectre that supports an RMR should have a cutout at the top with some screw holes - does yours have that? Post a pic if you're unsure.
  11. Yeah TBH the image does the rounds a lot more in US circles, apologies myself!
  12. The CA Stoner guy might get lucky. Quite a few international students coming over to study at the moment, and I've played with a few people from China at UCAP etc. with a tooooooon of money to burn - buying stuff up without any thought about price, just how cool it is/how it performs.
  13. Nah you're taking this too seriously - the image I posted is quite cringey and highlights how some airsofters think running about once a week with their friends elevates them to a position relative to that of people who served - all in jest
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