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  1. Eek. Eek! Fair play if it's a true story then.
  2. It's straight bullshit. Seth's expecting us to believe that a marshal is both simultaneously concerned about safety such that he'll bollock someone for using a RIF irresponsibly, but also make everyone sit down in the middle of a game, taking eyepro off if you want. Outside of the safe zone? I really, really, really doubt this happened. If it did, name and shame.
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K6H45SD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_t1S5CbMC5FGM4 Link doesn't work still so here it is ^^^ From my perspective it's an immediate no-go for the reason here: Not nearly good enough for me to invest in eye protection. For a start, FPS can jump above 420 if you're going up against people with a DMR locked to semi, or using a bolt action. So immediately you know this isn't going to protect your eyes - the most important area to protect - which is enough to say "no thanks". It doesn't mention what weight BBs they were using for testing, joule rating etc, number of BBs before failure etc. What you should consider - do you even need/want a helmet at this stage? Don't get carried away with looking the part this quickly, after a few games you'll know the direction you want to take after you've seen a variety of people with different kit etc (iirc you've only gone to one game thus far) Whatever you decide to do with regard to the helmet - DON'T SKIMP ON EYEPRO - Whatever eyepro you're buying should be rated to a sufficient standard. I can't remember the rating systems used nowadays but someone else will be able to pop in and cite what you need. Good luck!
  4. Thankfully my BFG (It's a Swat VTG actually) hadn't been used in yonks so I had around 6-7 seconds to take action!
  5. A year or so ago I rocked up to a private game with a friend, quite tired despite a good night's sleep and began getting kit ready. I primed my BFG, screwed the cap w/ 9mm blank in, and then set the grenade down to look for the pin. As soon as it left my hand I realised and thankfully was able to unscrew the cap quickly enough such that the blank didn't detonate. Oops! Genuinely an unthinking moment, as I consider myself au fait with safety 100% normally. Knocked my confidence a little but thankfully one of those things that serves as a reminder going forward.
  6. I def agree with you that Seth K is probably using this for his perma-dream of opening a next-gen airsoft site. At the same time tho it's generated a pretty nice discussion thus far ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ One thing I've been idly thinking about is whether it would be possible to add a level of incentive into the mix for genuinely winning, small prize per winning member or whatever. Probably wouldn't work too well for a straight skirmish for reasons you've already stated. Another thing I was thinking of is a messenger-esque role that could be divvied out by marshals, essentially you'd have certain people each taking a site-issued radio and trying to stick to one area of the site to keep team-mates around them updated on the specific objectives in play, steps required etc - I've found the biggest problem with playing the objective in certain games is down to how it can be hard to keep track of the objectives! People who end up securing some/completing them might never end up updating the rest of the team, and IMO that's a key part of why some people tend to regress into playing for kills.
  7. I think you've misunderstood - I didn't mean to say that the RS stock/etc was directly applicable to an AEG, but that you can get the airsoft version of the stock and foregrip separately from the RIF itself - I'm sure I've seen the foregrip being sold separately for £25 or so - Thus, no specific need to get the full pricey RIF if you just like the look. E: Having said that I'm having trouble finding the airsoft stock sold individually, just the foregrip.
  8. IIRC you can pick up the foregrip and stock separately from the gun itself, and can stick them on other ARs - if you want the looks but not the underlying gun. Always found it funny how successful the look is in Airsoft - IIRC it only exists to get around specific firearms laws in the US, maybe California - most real-steel people over there hate it!
  9. I was hoping you'd say that A friend recommended it to me a few weeks back. 60fps good enough for using "actively" - i.e. moving your head around quickly, rather than static surveillance?
  10. May I ask which model of thermal monocular you're using?
  11. "Touch sensitive body armour" - curious as to how that would work. Would a touch-sensitive vest be able to differentiate between a bb and a twig you brush past?
  12. I'm guessing the binocs you've got are "Generation 1", meaning they rely on an external, powerful source of light (this could be an infrared emitter on the unit itself, a standalone torch etc) for you to be able to see anything at all. IR emitters are invisible to the naked eye. This is great as you can illuminate where you need to go etc. However IR is not invisible to other night vision (obviously) - so if anyone else is wearing NV then you'll be lit up like a christmas tree. It's not very stealthy from that point of view. Personally I think it could be quite fun if you were to take them with you to a standard walk-on skirmish, in winter so you have an hour or so of a nighttime game. I doubt anyone else would be bringing NV with them, and if you're sticking to boundaries and not buildings you're unlikely to find someone using a torch all the time. E: I agree with @Druid799 re: them being best used on "sneaky sneaky" missions - but the more sophisticated an event you turn up to, the bigger the chance people are using NV.
  13. It's not even just gas change after chrono - First and Only's "The Base CQC" site is run fairly well in that regard - the head marshal, Woody I think, during morning brief will essentially say "We'll chrono your gas now, but the day's only going to get hotter - if we chrono you in game and you're shooting hot, you're going home".
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