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  1. I roughly, roughly agree with this - no one wants to play without their mates. Something to remember IMO is how as @Adolf Hamster says there's a lot more to balancing than just numbers. If there was a solid group of regs at the site who wanted to stick together (and I was hypothetically the show runner) I'd allow it but only if they'd be at a solid numerical disadvantage (That's made up by the stronger teamwork element)
  2. You're probably right, think I was getting my wires crossed. Good luck!
  3. As I said earlier it's not like I didn't slate him just as you or others did - but, come on - you've got to admit that the self-styled AFUK dreamer has actually managed to kinda move forward on his dreams a little - I def feel a little bad about trying to shoot him down despite him clearly putting quite a bit of work into finding an interesting location etc. I remember reading an article yonks ago, which came to mind when I heard of the good news re: Pilgrims - Jony Ives from Apple talking about how trying to work in a creative environment in the UK can be quite shite owing to how the default approach from people is to pick holes in someone's idea, shoot it down, tell them it'll never work. It's good to an extent because finding issues can improve the outcome, but not to that degree. Conversely in the US people just tend to be more supportive - will paste the article here once I've found it. Anyway yeah to sum up - I read that article, agreed with it, then years later did the very thing I disagreed with - sorry Seth!
  4. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure you're talking about the "Devilhunter CO2 mod" for conventional GBBR mags - it involves changing the fill/output valves to CO2 spec to allow for charging from Sodastream etc.
  5. If the site is running a consistent set of games (objectives, locations, etc.) over a consistent site, then IMO the only interference should be going on at the start of the day - to balance teams, because it's hard to control considering walk-on variation etc., rentals and so on. If interference is occurring past the first game or two then there's other issues causing the slowdown - in my experience it's normally spawn points changing as this often completely changes the flow of a game.
  6. # Not that I didn't slate Seth in that thread too - either way fair play @Seth_Erebor sounds like your hard work played off, interested to see some videos of the site if anyone at the next game has cams!
  7. I'd rather 10KG of training plates over 40KG of blubber
  8. The Gaol does occasional Saturday walk-on games, £35 green fee - cracking CQB/FIBUA site in Oakham. Next Saturday game is 20th July
  9. I beg you - put more effort into your posts/websites. Everything's coming across as seriously unprofessional currently. I had to google what MC Kydex is (Milwaukee Custom, for anyone else wondering) There's no mention of the branding on your site, just that it's a Kydex product - You will lose business as people won't understand the inherent quality associated with branding - what's for me to assume it's not just a shitty chinese holster you're dropshipping to me? "Kydex is more superior compared to fabric pouches in some cases because they dont retain moisture which in poor conditions will drag you down because of how heavy you kit will become. " This copy is true, probably, but your grammar is shite and means I'm not too trusting of the claims made.
  10. Pro tip - Link to your site... https://ringpull-airsoft.com/
  11. Drill a hole through the side of the cap and glue a pencil/etc in there..
  12. All this effort for a gun you're never going to sell
  13. There are a lot of variables to each site which can change what I'm about to say, so keep that in mind. I think for one to remain competitive prima facie against an AEG you will need to become comfortable with reloading often, in the field, to maintain the fire superiority you would normally enjoy with an AEG - i.e. the ability to unleash 200 rounds per engagement if the situation calls for it, owing to suppression/covering your mates/etc. The key difference ultimately between GBBR and AEG (ignoring joule creep) is mag capacity imo and I see a lot of people (including myself!) either trying to be picky with shots taken, which can lead to a drop in aggressiveness, the ability to cover your team, having to drop your guard to reload more often... Of course, there are variables that come into play. You might play at a site where games are fast and frequent, meaning you'll be caught short fewer times and can do your reloading outside of the game. You might prefer sneaking/picking your targets, which diminishes the amount of times you'll need to spam the trigger if you're good at it. CQB will mean you might enjoy a greater level of autonomy because your buddies might be closer, engagements are shorter etc. The one thing I really enjoy about GBB(r)s is being certain of that instant trigger response, it's a nice comfort in CQB. I used to use a TM MP7 and did pretty well with it. I sucked hard in open ground owing to mag capacity etc. If I go back to GBBR I've been toying with the idea of making a ready-bag, MBSS or similar, full of quick-access stuff I can reload with. BB bags, gas, speedloader etc - and basically get used to going "all out" in every single engagement with the acceptance I'll be reloading/topping up immediately after.
  14. They're not exactly reliable but for £60 you'll find finding a "good" IF/RIF near impossible. When people talk about reliability, they're tackling it from a regular skirmish point of view i.e. take it to a game and use it all day firing thousands of BBs. You're talking about plinking targets in your garden, and anything on bbguns4less will do you just fine.
  15. Your best bet will be to look for an evening game, because no site in the UK offers mid-week day games as far as I know. How far are you willing to travel?
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