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  1. VTOL VR is incredible and if you're into sims, that should be the first game you give a go, imo!
  2. What I've done in cases where the feed lips are too wide for the loader is to shave/cut the side loader walls down to size - as long as you keep pressure with your finger on the end of the loader as you load, it works well ^^ The walls in question Only do this if you've got a spare speedloader
  3. I've got a Rift, the original one, which is still pretty good - are you using it with a cable into the PC, or just on its own? If you've got a gaming PC, plugging it in will allow it to run more powerful games etc.
  4. Finally replying to this post.. Special thanks to @Lasbrisas17 for selling the PVS7s!
  5. Mongs saying "pacific" instead of "specific"
  6. feelin' cute palling around with a fellow afuk member testing out kit (including night vision) We then went on a night hike up to a radio tower/pillbox complex near Salisbury
  7. KJW P226 It's clunky, you get 2 shots before the gas vents if you're not playing in a heatwave, the finish is some extremely cheap black paint But it feels good in the hand, it makes a nice click-clack when you rack the slide, and it was my first pistol.
  8. Yeah it could be anything and I definitely don't want to appear like I'm defending ExtremeAirsoft - just providing context. It's not unheard of for a company to generate tracking slips/labels ahead of time (makes sense if you know you're shipping a product on X date), then cancel later for whatever reason.
  9. That's fine, but to clear up any misunderstanding: As GeorgePlaysAirsoft said this was genuinely a case of missing the woods for the trees; it's not about buying, or selling, it's knowing they're stolen goods. Andy from UCAP absolutely did commit an offense by buying the nods, it's just that the action of buying was packaged with the knowledge he was buying, then selling, stolen goods; buying and selling aren't mutually exclusive.
  10. TBH this can be how it works and it'll depend on vendor/shipper relationship, as well as the shipper in question etc. It's common to get a tracking number, when you pop it in on their website you get a "we're sorry, this is a valid number but the package isn't in our network yet" message, or sometimes just a "not found" message. It's confusing but it doesn't necessarily mean they were fraudulent here.
  11. What Tackle said guys, this is fairly basic stuff under the Theft Act (can't remember which year but it was the 60s) - basically if the courts can prove you likely knew something's stolen property, you can be charged with handling stolen goods. If a man walks into a pub and offers me a Rolex for £100 - something very clearly far from a normal sale of a genuine Rolex - It could be argued in court that I would have surely known it was either a dodgy watch, or stolen off someone's wrist an hour earlier. I would be prosecuted for handling stolen goods. If someone was to sell me the Rolex at a jeweler or similar, with a certificate of authenticity and any other required paperwork etc. before the police informing me the watch was stolen the month prior, I would be unlikely to be charged with handling stolen goods nor would I likely get convicted of the offense if it did go to court (imo, standard caveats apply) The same, imo, applies for Airsoft and military goods. As an airsofter with interest in military kit in general, my general knowledge around kit, where it was issued, what's surplus etc., is higher than the average person. If I were to see some AN/PVS21s being sold on Ebay for far, far less than they're worth, purchase them and get interviewed by the police, I'd imagine they would be able to eventually establish that I had a reasonable belief that those goggles could be stolen. The rest is up to the courts, and whether they can secure the conviction. E: Just checked, Theft Act 1968
  12. Sadly that's in the wanted section! E: Also, by the OP of this thread lol
  13. "The liberal left own the internet! Please excuse me while I spend my money to freely configure a new website, where I can post all the guns I want, on the internet"
  14. Welcome! Check out The Gaol. It's in Oakham, LE15 7TU
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