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  1. Seth K: I want to build a highly specialised hybrid Airsoft/Military training environment where everyone strives to be the best of the best, such that I can eventually contract my expert services out to the Ministry of Defense Also Seth K: how do i fight indoors?
  2. Not a direct answer to your question but one quick "fix" for this issue is to make sure the battery contacts aren't disconnecting - you can do this by folding some tinfoil into a small square as a buffer between battery and battery contact if this makes sense. Do this for each side of the battery and it keeps it nice and snug and could solve the issue. Plus warranty options as stated elsewhere
  3. First and Only "The Base CQC" is extremely similar to Urban Assault imo, down in Yatesbury - it's a tad smaller in terms of building size and freedom of navigation but a decent site with decent showrunners
  4. Yeah, fwiw I've found most retailers are happy to order stuff in for me if I request it, or at the very least let me know when their next shipment from $Manufacturer is due in so they can add my item to the list
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