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  1. Stark Arms Glock 17. The first foray into GBBP by VFC I think, early enough that the quality was absolute shite - sear went after 500 rounds or so leaving me with a full-auto pistol unusable in CQB, trigger safety broke around the same time and eventually the trigger wouldn't reset at all. Horrific cooldown issues too.
  2. I might catch some flak for this considering how people reacted when FB banned RIF sales, but I'd honestly wouldn't lose much sleep if they were to ban airsoft completely - might see content trickle back to a more sane format
  3. They'll most likely check UKARA, find out it's not valid, seize the package and you'll need to prove a valid defense.
  4. If the TM's reduced size is an issue then you should definitely steer clear of the KWA - same dimensions! ^^ Courtesy of WGCShop's FB page
  5. I think for as long as FB is dominant for Airsoft chat now, we're probably past peak community - Things feel very ephemeral, anything/anyone intensely popular will drown discussion out and FB algorithms determine what you see. Bad UX, hard to find old content etc.. From a tech and variety side I'd disagree, as Hitman said - I think the various exchange rates getting worse for us has definitely put a damper on the fun stuff you see being imported though, UK stores don't seem to go for brands which might otherwise be worth their time to bring in.
  6. I vaguely remember he went to Hosp for a nasty sprain, but was otherwise alright!
  7. This is the DAG game, right? I was interested to see that pop up - maybe you know more than me but I was wondering if someone from DAG went along to one of Seth's games and wanted a slice of the action, or whether they were in talks beforehand Either way, interesting that Pilgrims are fine with a one-off private game instead of Seth's offering. Maybe they're paying more than £20 per head?
  8. I can't recommend a specific mosfet, but you want one with "Active breaking" - that will stop your lockup issue.
  9. Consider saving a bit more cash and going for a Vortex Optics red dot - https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/vortex-crossfire-red-dot-sight It's 200% more expensive than your budget - but! Vortex will replace any optic you damage during airsoft, for any reason, free of charge.
  10. No problem - Basically most airsoft shops will do them for around £15 per case of 50 - here's a link from Airsoft World https://www.airsoftworld.net/380-9mm-brass-blanks-by-fiocchi-pack-of-50.html
  11. These bad boys? They should be flush, yeah. Is there a cutout in the base for the blank to sit? Could you take a photo?
  12. IIRC Andy (UCAP's owner) said in their Facebook group that the ferry is delayed - waiting on paperwork, or something to do with Brexit, etc etc - currently it hasn't left its original port wherever it's located. Greece, I think?
  13. The thing to consider WRT the TM model is that it's actually about 90% of the size of the real model. That's not a big deal to me personally, and it makes it slightly easier to carry around, but it really puts some people off.
  14. I doubt that TBH, obviously I could be wrong down the line but they've shown no sign of wanting to introduce bullshit microtransactions etc - it's a beta though so lots can change Currently you can't put certain items into the container, before or after the raid - what people would do is stick a plate carrier into the container, meaning they could carry a shitload of mags/ammo/etc in addition to what they're carrying normally - they're planning to eventually make it so you can't put *anything* into the container during the raid, but just take stuff out - which is a fantastic way to proceed imo
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