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  1. For the future - one good way to work out if an Airsoft shop is worth your time is to look their address up. If it's a residential address like Typhoon, then the chance that they're either really shit at sending out orders, or dropshipping orders straight from China, goes up massively. I'm not saying this is the case for Typhoon, but I have seen similar posts on AFUK about Typhoon in the past. Best to look for a company with an actual showroom or storefront unless you're buying a super hard-to-find item. Good luck with the chargeback/paypal claim!
  2. Think that means the CIA are onto you old chap
  3. FWIW you could totally cancel/return the order if you haven't opened the box yet.
  4. It'll be at the account level, similar to @Speedbird_666posting about the "Feedback" button disappearing
  5. I don't think cockneys know The North exists tbh
  6. If you're over 18, crack on and grab the two-tone gun. If you're under 18, your parents will need to buy it for you. Have fun!
  7. Essentially to legally sell a RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm = Painted black or whatever the real colour of the gun is) to someone, the shop owner needs to see a "defense" which is basically to prove you're buying the RIF for airsofting, or reenactment, or to use in the theatre etc. Different hobbies will have different ways of proving this. In Airsoft, the predominant way of proving this is the "UKARA" scheme, which where you play 3 games over a certain period of time and get logged into the UKARA database. Shop owners can look you up to make sure that you're an Airsofter. You h
  8. Just to hop in here - What is PME, and how should I recognise it during a game? Just so I can keep an eye out. Cheers!
  9. Not sure what the other chaps here are wanking themselves silly over but grab the JG 550 - I don't have experience with the 550 itself but JG generally make "OK to Good" RIFs in the sense that they work, QC is good, and internals are durable. Can't go wrong imo.
  10. Have you tried a different gas can? I've had this happen when the nozzle's a bit fucked. Means that nothing's actually going in. However, TM mags do tend to leak a little when filling unless you replace the o-rings as Rocket says - so it could eb normal.
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