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  1. Hi bud where is collection? Thanks shane
  2. Took delivery of a nice gate Titan advance ngrs set for my Tokyo Marui Hk416c as the MK-ZERO has given up on me. Just got to drop it all off to Dave's custom airsoft in the week 😎
  3. all Sorted now got 2 triggers sent from Germany and also ended up re-wiring the gearbox with a gate asr mosfetand fitting a asg boost unlimited 40k motor, shs piston, m100 spring and a new hop rubber and she now shoots sweet and the trigger feel and response and ROF is a lot better
  4. Cheers for all your help but I have just stumbled on a begadi hw4 gearbox witch is the same as mine but can only find parts from them in Germany so looks like I’ll order 2 to be safe
  5. Cheers bud. Do you know where I can find one as I cannot find one anywhere or do you know if I can put a different switch in to use the other trigger I bought but one that will work and still be able to put the gun in safe mode as it looks like it will only go into safe mode with the stock trigger.
  6. It’s a totally different trigger bud and have tried everything
  7. Hi all new to airsoft and the forum. I bought a second hand age and the trigger broke so I ordered a new trigger for what I think is a v2 gearbox in an m4 but the new trigger is totally different any help would be great
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