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  1. www.platoonstores.co.uk Definitely legit.
  2. That is indeed a 6mm BB firing air pistol, I assume the shop you bought it from was a gunshop and the owner was an RFD?
  3. Thanks for the positive review for Platoon Stores, but this does look like we are in some way associated with BBGuns4less - which we are not, I'd just like to make that clear.
  4. It should be herecy to add things to an MP5SD mate , they are beautiful without accessories. Hope you have fun.
  5. Bush Valley airsoft and Invicta Battlefield run the occasional Saturday, so worth looking at them on FB.
  6. Sometimes the shop comes down to the size of the van and how many players we are expecting Our shop at InvictaBattlefield is generally a lot bigger than CUFs, but sometimes in the summer we will double the size if we are expecting a lot of players. I remember you and the MP5s - great little guns I hope you did get some kills that afternoon.
  7. Thanks for mentioning Platoon Stores in your review, as you know we cover several Kent sites and on this occasion we was pretty light on product for several reasons, but that will be rectified next time. As you know we have an extensive product range here in the main shop, which we will happily bring along or deliver web orders to site for free. Hopefully we will see you here in the shop or at another site soon. Platoon Stores, Rochester.
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