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  1. Good news is that the trigger contact was causing the electrical issue so replacing just the dolly appeared to fix that. The issue I have now is that the gearbox jammed presumably because of the Reverse switch thingy... I'm also worried about the air seal in the cylinder head as it seems non existent Either way, after 3 1/2 painful hours, I now understand how the gearbox works so I guess that's a bonus Just need to do some research on how to ensure the air seal is tight and give it another crack. I also lost a shim in the process so need some of those 😩 Thanks for the advice as the electrical issue is resolved
  2. Thanks so much for the info! I've ordered the part without the wires which sucks as I don't have a soldering iron. Will reorder with the wires and then see if that replacement helps 🙂 Will also do all else that is suggested especially the spring and grease
  3. Yeah I did have a feeling that these were unrelated to be honest
  4. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any advice for one of my old guns that's stopped firing. The gun is this one: https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6354 and I bought it second hand a few months ago off of a guy at my regular site. Now it has become a spare gun for friends to use when they come airsoft for the first few times until they want to commit to buying gear. The issues started a few weeks ago whereby the trigger kept getting stuck after shooting in Semi. The trigger would Jam to the point where it was almost as if the safety was on and the trigger could not be pulled back. When putting the gun in to full auto, pulling once, and returning the Semi, the issue appeared to resolve itself for a while. Thinking it was probably something minor the gun was used again this week by another friend but some different issues appeared. The gun then stopped firing in full auto and semi altogether. The trigger would get pulled back but nothing would happen (gears/motor). There is a distinctive click when pulling the trigger back that I can't remember whether this was there previously when I used to use it or whether this has just occurred with this issue. Anyway, after messing with the trigger for a few seconds the gun came back to life and was shooting again fine for about 15 minutes. After this, the gun is completely dead. The trigger pulls, but it is almost as if there is no power coming from the battery. Now, I've taken out the fuse and tried to "Bypass" it to run a test shot but either I didn't do it properly or the fuse is fine and the issue lies somewhere else. After looking around online, I've ordered a trigger contact V2 and am going to open up the gearbox and replace this to see if that resolves the issue. If this doesn't work I'll also buy a fuse Sunday at the field and replace that just to rule it out. I'm wondering if anyone else has any other ideas if these don't work? These were just to 2 easiest things that I read about that supposedly fix quite a lot of issues like this and considering the trigger had issues and is now clicking, it makes sense to me that the trigger contacts has bust. Any suggestions are appreciated 🙂 Harry
  5. I use these with Yellow Lenses mate https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nuprol-Airsoft-Battle-Safety-Glasses/dp/B0778JH37L/ref=cts_sp_1_vtp?th=1 / https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-battle-pro-eye-protective-airsoft-glasses Can't fault them myself. Been using them for about 2 months or so. There are some slight fog issues but I have since bought Fog buster Wipes that prevent them fogging entirely. Worth a buy if you can find some that are not out of stock and also cheap.
  6. haha debatable. I drag mine along the table/my leg and it's fully winded (or maybe wound) after about 3-4 runs. Guess each to their own but I see your point
  7. Yeah planning on not letting the trends/opinions of others differ what gear I choose to use unless there is technical reasons behind it. From what's been said already it is all down to preference and no mechanical difference so all good for now 🙂
  8. Yeah I got a similar approach to this. Although I've only been playing Airsoft for about 5-6 months, I can't be arsed with reloading constantly. Also I've only recently bought 6 hi caps so maybe as they break I will transition over. maybe...
  9. Mark came off with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes. Thanks for the advice guys looks much better now
  10. Hey all, So I've recently purchased a new Krytac LVOA-S and had a comment from a friend that has put some doubt in my mind regarding Hi Cap magazines. I currently use Nuprol N-Mag Hi Caps and was planning on using them with the LVOA-S until a friend mentioned it'd be better to get some good quality mid caps. There are 2 questions I really have here as I always though it was just down to personal preference: 1. Is there any draw backs to using Hi-Caps over Mid-Caps in higher end weapons? 2. Is there such thing as a poor quality Hi Cap and good quality Hi Cap? By this I mean in terms of internals. Nuprol is Polymer and the Krytac ones are metal, are there any differences internally though? Advice highly appreciated as always 🙂
  11. £17 off Amazon!! I've been scammed! yeah will do, needed something cheap as looking at getting a 1x-4x eventually but need the funds + research to pick the right one. From what I've done so far in the garden it seems fine but will let you know how it goes Sunday.
  12. Got the LVOA-S arrive Monday and all the new attachments yesterday :-). Can't wait to head out and use it Sunday. Upgraded from a 3-4 year old 2nd hand G&G CM16 (I think this was the model) so hopefully a big improvement
  13. I've ordered some medical Alcohol wipes that I will use. I do have 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol used to clean computer parts but was worried it might be too strong and do damage to the paint. I'll give the wipes a test and if no luck use some of that to try get it off. As mentioned, will use in a discreet place first
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