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  1. Dread

    G&G mp5 jamming

    Finally my g&g bb’s have arrived and Im glad to say I have had no jamming. Guessing I had made a rookie school boy error by using non branded bb’s. At least i learnt how to strip my gun in the process, so it’s not all bad :) Thanks to everyone who had an input into resolving this issue for me Dread
  2. Dread

    G&G mp5 jamming

    To be fair it doesn’t take me long to take this gun apart and put it back together again so I try the bb’s first. however the upgrades you have suggest are first on my list, what brand of barrel and bucking would you guys suggest?
  3. Dread

    G&G mp5 jamming

    Hey guys apologies, I have only just had a chance to get out in the garden to test my gun. first of all I gave my barrel a clean, and I must say there was a fair bit of grime in there for a new gun. Then tested with the original high cap and it jammed again and again. Then I tried the mid cap just to check and it jammed as expected. So I shot a mag until it jammed and left it that way. Stripped it down to take pictures for more information. I took the barrel and hop up out and as you can see the bb is jammed just pasted the bucking lips. Then I took the barrel out of the hop up and the bb was still jammed in there. Then I even managed to take the bucking off without dislodging the bb. So I tried to push the bb down the barrel and it just stopped straight away. I had to get the jamming rod and push the bb all the way through the barrel. You could see where the bb scrapped all the way down the barrel. So I tried putting more bb’s down the barrel and some just rolled straight through no problem and others needed to be pushed through. I get paid tomorrow so I’m going to order some g&g bb’s and test them. what do you guys think? Thanks Dread
  4. Dread

    G&G mp5 jamming

    I’m using mid caps so I don’t have to wind the mags, but I’ll make sure to do that when I try it with the stock hicap mag. I don’t know anyone in airsoft, picked this hobby up on my own. I’m from sandbach in Cheshire. it is jamming up on me even with the hop up all the way down. oh yeah a rod came with it, I just thought it was for unjamming. I’ll get some cloth a clean it tommorow. tbh the midcaps are extremely tight with no play in them, so that’s making me think it’s not the mags. I did read something about midcaps having too much tension casing them to push the bb up and into the barrel, allowing room for another bb to fit into the chamber at the same time. If thats true I don’t know
  5. Dread

    G&G mp5 jamming

    Would a mag cause it to jam in the barrel though? again sorry my knowledge isn’t great. i do have a feeling it’s the bucking but just confused to why it was all working fine and then just suddenly started to jam up
  6. Dread

    G&G mp5 jamming

    I have not cleaned the barrel cus I only got it brand new a month back, but if it may help then it’s worth a go. What’s the best way of cleaning it? No not using bio’s, tbh I’m using non branded 0.2g’s of eBay.
  7. Hey guys I have a g&g mp5 which I bought last month. I have not played with it yet but have been using it in my garden. It all worked perfectly fine out of the box. I bought some mid caps for it and they worked perfectly fine. However over the last couple of days it has been jamming up on me. Sometimes I can keep shooting at it will unjam by spitting out 2 or 3 bb’s and then it will continue to work fine until it jams again. I have also noticed that every now and then a shot will be very underpowered and go half the distance or just stray right off target. I am going to retry the hicap that came with the gun to see if a magazine problem and I’m also gonna buy some better bb’s to rule that out. This is the first gun I have owned so my knowledge isn’t great. I have opened the gun and took out the hop up/barrel to perform the drop test and push test. I noticed that if the barrel is pushed the slightest bit too far into the hop up, it will fail the drop test because the bucking sticks out. I have set it up now so that the drop test works. Then I tried the push test and I don’t know what force is needed to push the bb past the bucking and down the barrel but mine needs quite a push and even when it is pushed past the bucking lips the bb gets stuck by the nub even with the hop up on the minimum setting. I am going to test again tomorrow but does anyone have any advice to offer. Thanks Dread
  8. I have done some research and found out that the charger should take 3.3 hours to fully charge my battery. So I did this and tested again, the battery lasted around 200 shots. Then I charged the battery for several hours and it’s lasted around 500 shots. So I’m still confused to whether it is the battery or the charger and why the charger is saying fully charged after 15 mins. anyone got any ideas? Thanks Dread
  9. Battery - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/9-6V-1600mAh-2-3A-Cranstock-type-NiMH-battery-AEG-Airsoft/371308356660?hash=item5673b3e434:g:gl4AAOSweW5VMrXT Charger - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Battery-Charger-4-8v-to-12v-Packs-NiMH-Mini-Large-Tamiya-Vapextech-UK/371352785886?hash=item567659d3de:g:b08AAOSw~ZdVfsTG Cheers for the heads up 👍
  10. Hey guys I have a problem but I’m unsure if it’s because of my battery or the charger. Basically the power of my battery isn’t even lasting a 100rnd magazine before it dies. Both were purchased of eBay brand new in January so I don’t see why I’m having this problem. The only thing I have noticed is that when I put the battery on charge, the smart charger flashes 1 red bar but about 15mins later it’s has 4 green bars showing, indicating that the battery is fully charged. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Dread
  11. This is just in case anyone has the same problem in the future. I found a site that had the nuprol mags in stock but they did not last long. By the time I came to purchase a few, they had gone back out of stock. So my advice is if you find some in stock, don’t hesitate to buy them like I did and get them ASAP. So i did some more research and found these CYMA mags which had a review left saying they fit the G&G mp5. I purchased 1 to try and can confirm they fit and feed perfectly fine, however it is extremely tight which hopefully will loosen when it wears in. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CYMA-MP5-100Rds-Mid-Cap-Magazine/dp/B00BAY11OO
  12. Yeah I came across the plastic mags, but would really like some metal ones as I’d prefer the added weight. I shall keep digging around the internet, if I find any I’ll drop you a link. if all fails, I’ll have to get the plastic mags. Thanks Dread
  13. Hey guys, I have a brought a G&G mp5 but it has came with a high cap. I’m really not a fan of high cap mags due to the whole winding the wheel business. so I’m looking to purchase some mid caps. I have searched google and can’t find any that say will fit a G&G model. I’m looking for the long metal mags rather than the plastic or stubby ones. If anyone could help me out then at would be superb. Thanks Dread
  14. Hey everyone I am looking to take my brothers to play cqb but I’m unfamiliar with what sites are located in the West Midlands. They live in Birmingham and I live near crew, was looking for a good site that’s anywhere inbetween the two? Thanks Dread
  15. Hey again guys, My rail and magazine got delivered today... was so excited to get home from work and test them out. Loaded a mag up and inserted it into the gun, went in and fitted perfectly. Outside I went to fire the gun and bang... the back of the slide just blew completely off I don’t understand how using a different mag would have caused this to happen? so now I’m left with 3 mags, a rail and a bust gun. What would be my best option here. Do I buy the new sigma Sw40f that comes with a metal slide and an extended mag or do I take a loss and buy a different pistol where parts are more available? cheers dread
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