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  1. Would they fit in a bigger magazine pouch? Sorry my gun knowledge is terrible, maybe a rifle mag pouch? To be honest I don’t know, because I had this gun for Christmas in 2018 and haven’t used it yet due to hard saving for a wedding. The only site I have played at is FAO the vault in bury, it’s a single shot site and the allowed rate of fire is very low, something like 1 or 2 shots a second. So I can imagine not getting through many mags there but I do wanna try other site where I can push the gun harder and hopefully get through a fair few. i suppose I could buy 1 and use it at the start of each round and then go onto singles if needed
  2. I was looking at the attachments to double up the mags but then I wasn’t sure how they would fit in a pouch 😐
  3. Yeah I do have combat trousers but want to get a pouch ASAP so like Mogaly674 suggested, I want to practice at home so I can get my reload to be as fast and efficient as possible. I do have a couple of months or so before I play next, so I should have time to get a pouch as it’s next on my purchase list 👍 My mags so far...
  4. In all honestly, I just looked up how to use it on YouTube. 5 min video or so and that’s was it, they aren’t complicated at all 👍👍👍
  5. I don’t know if just me but I feel uncomfortable giving myself a callsign as I’m far too new to this hobby/sport, having only played a handful of times. But I guess it won’t hurt putting my initials on the bottom. tbh I was thinking of getting one of these and just attaching it to my everyday belt, as I don’t have any tactical gear yet (part from goggles, mask and gloves) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Viper-Elastic-Double-SMG-Magazine-Plate-Pouch-Airsoft-Molle-Evo-Mp5-VMPLSMG/372647947074?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180816085401%26meid%3D4672370971294154ae7ac899154a317a%26pid%3D100970%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D372647947074%26itm%3D372647947074%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100970.m5481&_trkparms=pageci%3A6b5e2e62-4b5c-11ea-9e64-74dbd18070f7|parentrq%3A2adcf9a31700a4e922675789ffe357e2|iid%3A1
  6. Yeah I’ll use one of these when I get round to getting one, but still think I’ll drop them mag in a stressful situation. What’s a callsign? unfortunately I can’t paint the tops of the mags because I am already in the process of filing them down as they are that tight, they don’t even drop out yet.
  7. Thanks for everyone’s advice, I’ll be sure to pick up some pullers and put some coloured tape on the mags (I’m assuming electrical tape?) I only play cqb at the moment as I own an mp5, so I haven’t got to worry about tracing around the woods looking for them. Like other people have suggested, I’ll most likely only want to drop the mag in a hectic situation and then pick it back up before moving on. Thanks again for everyone’s input 👍
  8. Just had to research what these are, had never heard of them. Will have to pick some up 👍 Now I just need to get my mags to drop, they are so god damn stuff atm
  9. Hey all, This may be a silly question sorry, but I’m still pretty new to airsoft so please don’t shoot me 😆 I see people in videos just dumping their mags when reloading, I’m just confused to the possible damage that this does to the mags. In general, do these people not care about it or are they using very cheap mags? Because my mags are metal and aren’t cheap at £15-£20 per mag, so I’m reluctant to do this even if it is that much faster. Thanks Dread
  10. Well thank you to everyone that has helped me to fault find my problem and giving me a lot of helpful advice along the way. If I could give some advice to anyone that stumbles across this post in the future, then it would be to not bother buying a cheap charger to begin with (even if your funds are scarce, like mine were) and to just wait till you can get a decent one. I have heard about the deans over tamiya, and I will be sure to do this when I start upgrading the gun, but I need to get a few more pieces of kit first. Can’t be running around with my mags in my pockets 😆 Thanks again everyone Dread
  11. So I got to test my gun out this evening and I’m happy to say everything is working as it should (finally) filled my three mags and emptied them without a problem, felt good to see what my gun can do for the first time, now I’m excited to use it next time I go. I also put the battery back on charge to see how much it had used/how much it had left. It had used about 350a to shoot the 3 mags, so I’m guessing I’ll get 12 mags out of the battery before it’s empty, is that about right for a 1600mah battery? Thanks Dread
  12. My charger finally arrived today 😁 Set it up at 1.6a and left it to charge, an hour later and it’s fully charged (battery felt a bit hot though) unfortunately it’s too late to head out into the garden and try it, but I’ll give it a test as soon as I finish work tomorrow
  13. Thank you for linking me, I was struggling to find the right one because all I could see was eBay stuff, which I’m already wary off. going to purchase one now, will update when it arrives. Thanks all Dread Thanks for the info. I’m gonna get that charger which handles lipos as well, so I’ll change to 7.4v lipos when I next need a battery 👍 would I still need a mosfet with 7.4v lipos?
  14. Unfortunately it’s just me so can’t borrow a charger. I’d like to go the lipo route but I’m only a beginner so it’s not an option yet as I need to learn all about upgrading, mosfets, re-wiring etc before doing so. Plus I have heard that my guns gearbox is prone to cracking, another reason to keep to Nihm batteries for now. I shall have a look into the skyrc thank you 👍 Thanks Dread
  15. Well unfortunately I couldn’t return the battery as it was past the return date, so I went ahead and ordered a different branded battery. It arrived today, plugged it into my charger and..... the same thing happens 😕. Surely the charger is faulty? Or have I ordered 2 faulty batteries on the bounce. Is there a way to bypass the smart part of the charger? Or is it not recommend? Thanks Dread
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